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Paris literary

Paris literary

Start a walk on literary places of the left bank with the trays of bukinists on the embankment of Augustines who loved Ernest Hemingway so much. In Zahuda, Beat Hotel, which is now called Relais Hotel Du Vieux Paris, in 1950 he gathered writers and artists Alain Ginzberg, Jack Keruac, William with. Berrows.

On Odeon Street in the house number 12 Once located famous Bookstore Shakespeare & Company. His mistress – American writer and Publisher Silvia Beach lent the book by Hemingway, and in 1922 he published a cult novel James Joyce "Ulysses". The store was closed by the authorities during the occupation, when Beach refused to sell the Nazi officer the last copy of the "Pominok by Finnegan" Joyce.

James Joyce with his wife next to Shakespeare shop & Company

Ernest Hemingway with his wife, too, next to Shakespeare & Company

Cafe Les Deux Magots and CafĂ© de Flore on Saint-Germain Boulevard – Favorite places of post-war intellectuals of the left shore of Jean-Fields Sartre and Simonon de Bovwar.

In 1930 in the attic on the sixth floor of the house number 36 on the street Bonaparte lived Henry Miller. It described this Paris dwelling in "Letters to Emile".

In the cheap Hotel D’Alsace, now L’Hotel, Oscar Wilde died in 1900. His last words were: "Or I, or these nasty wallpaper in the flower".

His first Paris night in 1921 Hemingway spent in the 14th room Hotel d’Angleterre.

In 1925, William Falkner lived several months in the now chic Hotel Luxemburg Parc, and Hemingway spent his last years in Paris, in the house number 6 on Fer Street. In 1928.Scott and Zeld Fitzgerald lived in the house number 58 on Vaugirard Street (VaugiRard). And nearby, in the house number 27 on the street Fleur (Fleurus), lived Gertrude Stein. The famous artists and writers – Matisse, Picasso, Marriage, Gauguin, Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Ezra Paunda held regularly at her salon.
Pound lived in the house number 70bisna street Notre Dame de Shan in an apartment scored by Japanese paintings and packaging boxes. On the same street, in the house number 113, the first Hemingway was above the sawmill.

Paris literary

4. Literary address of the Latin Quarter.

Apartment James Jois. Take a look at the house 71 on the street Cardinal Lemuca. When in 1921 the Irish writer moved to Paris, he lived here in an apartment under the "E" leafer, overlooking the courtyard. Here he finished editing Ulysses.

Apartment Ernest Hemingway. In the apartment of the house 74 on the street Cardinal Lemuca from January 1922 to August 1923, with his first wife, Hadley lived Ernest Hemingway. Repeatedly at the bottom was the popular Bal Au Printemps dance club, which Hemingway described in the novel "and the sun rises".

Mansard Field Verena. House Room 19 on Descartes Street. It was here that he died. Do not believe incorrect information on a memorial plaque.

Guesthouse George Orwell. In 1928, Orwell lived in the house 6 on the street in de ferment in a cheap board, interrupting random earnings. About the guesthouse and about the street he called "Golden Cockerel Street", read in his book "Pounds Likha in Paris and London".

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