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Pafos resort in Cyprus

Pafos resort in Cyprus

The city of Paphos is the capital of District Paphos and all Western Cyprus, although the city is even small in Cyprus standards – about 50,000 people. This is one of the largest resorts of the island with a magnificent variety of hotels, beaches and entertainment for tourists. All this will be talked in detail in our article.

Paphos is not one resort, but three

Before talking about hotels, beaches, pluses and minuses of rest in Paphos, we must tell – what exactly is usually understood under the phrase "Resort Paphos". This phrase "hides" at once three completely different resorts – Kato Paphos, Coral Bay and Aphrodite Hills.

In Distric Pafos, there are also the resorts polis and wipes, which guidebooks and tours search sites are usually separated. Read about them our detailed article "Polis and Lachy".

Spa zone Kato Paphos

The city of Paphos consists of two parts.

The first is the old pathos, he is the top pathos (as it is located on the hill), he is Kthim Paphos. This is an administrative center, the majority of the city’s population lives here.

The second is Kato Paphos, he is the lower pathos, he is a new pathos. It can be said that this is a tourist zone. Here are located hotels, restaurants, beaches and main attractions of the city.

Kato Paphos – the oldest resort area in the western part of Cyprus. The active construction of hotels and infrastructure began in the 80s. After the division of Cyprus in 1974, when Famagusta (the main resort of Cyprus) was in the Turkish side of the island. Greek Cypriots began to attract investments on the development of new resorts. Paphos became a priority direction, because it is on all from the division zone, that is, this region for the Greeks-Cypriots was then the safest.

Most tourists on vacation in Paphos do not go beyond the limits of Kato Paphos and do not even suspect the existence of another part of the city.

Resort Zone Bay

This resort began to build at 00, when Kato Paphos was already filled with hotels. For the new resort, we chose a place entitled "Coral Bay" ("Coraal Bay") at 6 kilometers north of the city of Paphos.

Here is a beautiful nature, in the rocks on the coast a lot of interesting caves, and the beach Coral Bay boasts soft white sand. The large resort from Coral Bay did not work, as the local beach is only 600 meters long, a lot of holidaymakers do not fit.

Hills Aphrodite Resort

Like Coral Bay, the resort of Aphrodite Hills began to build at 00s, but on other reasons. Cypriots wanted to create a premium resort, because nothing of the kind in Cyprus existed.

The resort of Aphrodite Hills ("Aphrodite Hills") is in a very beautiful place, a plateau in a kilometer from the sea. Aphrodite Hills is 25 kilometers east of the city center, 4 kilometers in the west of the rock Aphrodite.

In the center of the resort there is a five-star Aphrodite Hills Hotel, around the villa, golf course, restaurants, shops, SPA salons. Night price in Aphrodite Hills Hotel – from 200 euros.

Where is Paphos

District Paphos is located in the western part of the island of Cyprus. See the map in our article "Cyprus map with resorts and airports".

How to get

In Paphos, there is its own international airport, but there are few flights here from Russia, almost all airplanes from Russia land in Larnaca, what we talked about the article "Flights to Cyprus".

If you relax on the way (Pactene Tour). From Paphos Airport to the hotel you will drive 15-20 minutes. From Larnaca Airport to go about 2 hours.

If they arrived alone. From Paphos Airport to the hotel, you can take a taxi, 15-25 euros will cost a meter, read about the tariffs in our article "Taxi in Cyprus".

Or order a transfer in advance, it will cost 25-30 euros.

Cheaper by bus 612, which leaves from the airport and drives through the entire waterfront Poseidonos Avenue, where hotels are concentrated. Ticket price – 1.5 euros, read our article "Buses in Cyprus".

From Larnaca Airport Convenient to the bus "Shuttle Airport Larnaca-Airport Paphos". Next by taxi or bus according to the instructions above. Transfer from Larnaca Airport to the hotel in Paphos will cost about 150 euros.


At the coral Bay resort The big beach is just one, it is called "Coral Bay Beach". The beach is small, only 600 meters long, and in the summer months it is always crowded. North along the coast there are several small "wild" beaches, the most famous of them – the beach of the Kafizis.

At the resort of Aphrodite Hills There are no beaches at all. Tourists go to the nearest beach in The Zias Beach Club for 15 kilometers.

On the resort of Kato Paphos There are no problems with beaches, there are 5 kilometers of beach stripes. Its large part of it is equipped, there are toilets, showers, dressing cabins, umbrellas and chaise lounges (charge).

In the West, the beach begins with Municipal Baths Beach, further to the east of Anykes Beach, then Vrysoudia Beach, then Sodap Beach, then Pachyammos Beach, then Rikkos Geroskipou Beach, and in the east beach ends with the Yeroskipou Municipal Beach zone.

All these beaches are "one person", it is even difficult to highlight some of them among the others. Beaches Alykes, Geroskipou, Municipal Baths, Vrysoudia and Pachyammos awarded the "Blue Flag".

Such location beaches with a long stripe convenient for tourists. From the hotel, go to the nearest, and if he doesn’t like something (many people, noisy, there are no free chairs), then just go to the next beach.

If you want to relax on a good and small beach, you do not regret money on a taxi and go to Faros Beach. This beach is in the west of the archaeological park, it is far from the locations of the concentration of hotels, the beach with a length of almost 2 kilometers.


At the coral Bay resort Only two large hotel – Crown Resorts Horizon 4 * and Sentido Thalassa Coral Bay 5 *. But here are two hundred villas and apartments for tourists.

At the resort of Aphrodite Hills Only one hotel – Aphrodite Hills Hotel 5 * and several dozen villas and apartments. Hotel in the photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

On the resort of Kato Paphos Several dozen hotels of all categories "Stardiness". Most are along Poseidonos Avenue – Streets running along the sea. Hotels along Poseidonos Avenue almost all have 4 or 5 stars.

Important Council! When buying a tour or booking of the hotel, be sure to see the location of the hotel relative to the beaches. Often sell tours in hotels that are distant from the beach a few kilometers, or even worse – are in old pathos.

Paphos – Aphrodite City

Settlement on the site of modern pathos existed in Neolithic (Stone Age). Judging by the archaeological finds, the inhabitants of Cyprus of those times worshiped the goddes of beauty and fertility (the ability to childbear), the name of this goddess is unknown. The most famous statuette of this goddess – Dissan Idol can now be viewed at Nicosia Museum.

In 13-12 centuries d.N.Eh in Cyprus began to move the Greek-Ahaeis (Myckens). Local cults were compatible with the cult of goddess Aphrodite. Paphos became the central place of Aphrodite worship not only in Cyprus, but also in the entire antique world.

In the 12th century, the Ahaseians built the Sanctuary of Aphrodites, the excavations of which tourists in the village of Kuklia are watching. This sanctuary mentions Homer in the poem "Odyssey".

Love for Aphrodite is noticeable now. The large water park in Paphos is called "Aphrodite", the resort of Aphrodite Hills, several hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops are named after. In Distric Pafos, there is a rock Aphrodite, a firmware bathing and adonis bath. Let’s talk about the attractions in detail later in our article.

If you are resting in Paphos, do not be surprised by the name "Aphrodite" wherever it is only appropriate, the statues of Aphrodite in souvenir shops, the guilt "Aphrodite" in the store, Aphrodite cocktails in the bar.

Attractions and entertainment

Almost all interesting places for tourists are located in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKato Paphos. If relaxing in Coral Bay, or any other distant place, or prepare to fork out for a taxi or spend a lot of time on buses.

Aphrodite Waterpark

Boasts a balanced set of water entertainment for both children and adults. Attractions Super Volcano and Wet Bubble deserves only the highest ratings.

This water park is very well connected by buses 611, 612 or 606. Ticket prices are low when compared to other water parks in Cyprus, – 30 euros for adults, 17 for child. You can save 15% if you buy tickets through the official website.

Half a day of unbridled fun guaranteed, moreover, that the water park is located directly in the hotel, for a long time do not have to go to the area, and some hotels are within walking distance.

Read more in our article "Aphrodite Waterpark".

Archaeological Park Kato Paphos

It is considered a major historical landmark of the whole island of Cyprus. It is an archaeological site of the city of Nea Paphos, flourished in the Greek and Roman era.

The ruins of the ancient city were not built up on top of new homes, as often happens. Now the whole area is available for inspection.

The greatest interest is the large collection of Roman mosaics, which are dispersed in different villas and houses. The most interesting thing here with a good guide, who will talk about each house and found objects and mosaics.

convenient to the archaeological park reached by bus 611, 612, 631 or 606. Entrance ticket – 4,5 EUR.

Tsarist tombs

The largest ancient necropolis in the Paphos region. In Cyprus, it is not a record size, but certainly the most beautiful. That’s the beauty of archaeologists named it "Tombs of the Kings" and the kings buried here have not yet found.

From the 4th century etc.N.e buried here know and aristocracy of the ancient city of Nea Paphos. In total there are 8 large graves. Unfortunately, have not clarified the names of authors of tombs, so they are called by numbers. Here you can see firsthand the elements of the burial cult of ancient Greek.

To get from hotels will have to take two buses or to prepare for the cost of a taxi. Login – 2.5 euros.

Read the details in our article "Tsarist tombs".

Peter Tu-Romy

A large vertical stone next to the shore indicates the place where according to myth appeared on the light of the sink of the goddess Aphrodite. Watch photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

According to reference, you can coordinate if sailing around the rock. How many times it will be possible to hit the rock, you can become younger for so many years. Officially, swim in this place is prohibited.

Another belief reads that if we tie a ribbon on one of the trees near the beach, you can return your loved one.

True it or not? You can check ourselves. Rock Aphrodite is 25 kilometers east of the city of Paphos. You can drive by bus or taxi.

Pafos resort in Cyprus

Read the details in our article "Rock Aphrodite".

Bathing Aphrodite

This place is located far from the city of Paphos, it is closer to the city policy. You have to get on two buses, but visiting for free.

This is a small pond near the rock. Watch photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge. By myths, in this pond performed the ablution of the goddess Aphrodite. Here with your favorite adonis, they spent time. Here Adonis died in his hands his beloved, wounded by the wap during hunting.

Undoubtedly, this is the most romantic landmark of Cyprus.

In addition to the pond, tourists can sunbathe and swim on Aphrodite Beach Nearby, wander around the rocks.

Read the details in our article "Bathing Aphrodite".

Saint Neophyte Monastery

One of the main destinations for pilgrims in Cyprus. The monastery is built next to the cave, where the Holy Neophyte lived 60 years. It also keeps his power to which pilgrims seek to touch.

Monastery acting, now there are 10 monks here.

In the monastery you can see the most beautiful frescoes written in the life of the Holy Neophyte. You can dial the holy water from the local source.

In the museum of the monastery you can see the frescoes, icons, manuscripts and a scent golden relief, which the monastery presented the our emperor.

Peninsula Akamas

Akamas is a real treasure for nature lovers. Located 30 kilometers north of the city. This is a National Park of 230,000 square meters.KM.

Here tourists are waiting for indescribable beauty – plains, rocks, mountain trails, gorges, wild beaches.

39 species of plants – endemics Peninsula Akamas (grow only here), 128 species of plants and birds – endemics of Cyprus. For naturalists of the best place in Cyprus not to find.

Tourists are moving here on foot or on mountain biking. The most famous hiking route is an adonis trail, 7.5 kilometers long.


The largest Zoo of Cyprus and the number of animals and in the area – 10 hectares. He and the most expensive – 16.5 euros for an adult, 8.5 euros for a child.

In addition, the zoo is located away from the hotels of Kato Paphos, behind the resort Coral Bay. You have to make up for buses, go more than 1.5 hours.

The most interesting here – birds, their more than 1000, total 200 species. Also 40 mammalian species, more hundreds of reptile species. Collection of parrots and poisonous snakes One of the richest in Europe.

An interesting fact that the zoo appeared from the private collection of birds of Christ Christophore. In 2000, Mr. Christophore decided to show his wards to the public, and in 2003 the zoo was opened for everyone.

Kings Avenue Mall

The largest shopping center of the city, although in Moscow or St. Petersburg standards, he pulls only on the "average". There are 120 stores, including Sklavenitis supermarket. Most stores are clothing and shoes, including world brands: Mango, Lacoste, Zara and others.

From familiar ours Fast Foods: Burger King, Cinnabon, KFC, Pizza Hut, T.G.I Fridays, Taco Bell.

Even in Kings Avenue Mall there is a cinema, children’s entertainment center Looney Land and Play3R5 Arcade slot machine.

The shopping center is conveniently located in Kato Paphos, not far from the embankment and hotels. You reach the bus station Kato Paphos on the bus 606, 611, 631 or 612, then sit down on the 618th and reach the shopping center (stop "AP Pavlou 9").

Wine tours

Very popular entertainment in tourists in Cyprus. Usually, the tour lasts one day or even half the day. Tourists are taken into 2 or 3 winery, where you can taste many varieties of wine. Tour price – from 40 euros.

Some tourists manage to drink wine on these 40 euros, and even more. Especially love to "beat off their money" the British.

ours are not very loved by wine tours. Our tourists seem to be obliged to buy the proposed wine after tasting. In fact, no one obliges anything anything.

There are two world famous winery – Sterna Winery and Sodap in Paphos.

Do not miss the chance during such a tour to try the most famous Cypriot wine – Commandary, we wrote about it in the article "Cyprus Alcohol".

Have a good holiday in Paphos, and read our articles about Cyprus (Links below).

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