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Other Greece. Ideas for holidays

Other Greece. Ideas for holidays

You have already heard of the Dodecanese Islands? No? Well then remember the main fact ; Sunny days a year here 350. The archipelago is not as popular as Crete or Mykonos, but it’s just a plus!

Yes, you have to make at least one transplant to get to one of these islands, change the plane to the ferry, and maybe not one, but how nice to be Magellan ; at least in dreams!


In 1981. The Greek Parliament Patmos was called the Holy Island, and in 2006, UNESCO officially recognized Patmos by the World Heritage Monument.

The island, though small (the population is about 25,000 people), but is considered one of the most "impressive" due to the beauty of his wildlife, it is a rocky and almost unpleasant. Patmos consists of three parts, each of which is connected to the rest of the narrow sleeves width of 2 km. human. The main bay of Porto Rock is the port of the island.

The characteristic feature of Patmos is a lot of capes ; Be sure to visit Kumanas, Vimvakias, Gerana, Hero Calana and Gapaua, with them open amazing beauty views of the Aegean Sea are also impressive caves, the most important of which is the cave of the apocalypse, followed by the caves of Kinopa, Apolla, Arapakia, Sikias, Aikias, Fouraca and Focuspilles.

Until recently, Patmos was considered an island for relaxing lovers. Today, this is not aware of it. Each tourist will find here everything that the soul wishes: picturesque taverns, centers with Greek music, cafes, bars Ancient settlement of choir has its own unique atmosphere ; In the summer there is a nightlife, but monasteries get along with all bars and clubs. Pathmos is literally impregnated with religiosity, here more than 150 monasteries and churches. For example, the monastery of Jonna Theologian was founded in 1088 and since then it never ceased to serve.

One of the numerous mills in the choir restored to the money of the Swiss patronage and again makes flour. This is almost the main attraction Choir with a wide audience ; Tourists take home package flour, and local schoolchildren get acquainted with the historic Crafts of the Motherland.
The choir itself reminds Santorini and Mykonos, who have long chosen tourists.

Patmos can be saved on a ferry from Piraea, from the islands of the North and Eastern part of the Aegean Sea, from Kavala, Cyclades, Rhodes and other Dodecanese Islands.


Nisiros, one of the smallest islands of the archipelago, Slanged by the young volcano Stefanos. It is active to this day, however, the last eruption happened total 150 thousand years ago.Scale and greatness It is best possible to understand a bird’s eye view, rising to the viewing platform to the church of the Prophet Ilya. You can get there from the village of Nikia. However, you can also go down to the crater of the volcano ; feel the puzzleness of mail and hydrogen scented aroma .mmmm..

In the village of Nikia, there are only about 75 people (it is winter) and about 300 in the summer. Majority Dachnikov come from the US and Australia to spend summer holidays here.

On the island there is a large number of attractions, some of which about 2500 years.

Almost all the sights created by human hands are located in the administrative center of the island ; Mandraki City: Here you will find the Cathedral of the 14th century in the Gothic style, the monastery of the building of the 17th century, Nisiros Museums: Volcanic and Archaeological ; They present the whole history of the life of the island, the ancient, approximately 4-5th century buildings, the Acropolis of Paleokastro, the ruins of the ancient city of Nisiros and the Pumise deposits ; one of the sources of income island, in addition to tourism.

In the town of Emborios you can look at the luxury gardens of olive trees, visit the healing mineral springs and the cave with steam. Also here are the ruins of the Venetian fortress and the monastery of the Virgin. Long to stay here will not be released here, because only a few families live in the city, two taverns work, and there are no hotels. If you decide to swell here, then you can rent a room from local residents.

Next to Mandraki, on the coast, there is another port town ; Pali. This town boasts its authentic seafood cuisine. If you at least once with local seafood, you will like the rest of the local guests to say that the best kitchen of Greece ; right here.

The experienced travelers and hunters for volcanoes must advise visit Nisiros at least once in life. Here you can take a picture of not one hundred masterpieces, returned from civilization and swim on volcanic beaches.

Other Greece. Ideas for holidays

Since Nisiros Island is located far away and has no airport, then you need to get here on a yacht or ferry. By time, the road from the islands of Kos or Tyos will take about 50 minutes. The proximity of the Turkish coast, about 20 kilometers, will allow you to get here not only from the territory of Greece.

Another option to visit Nisiros is the acquisition of an excursion. In this case, the departure comes from any point of Greece and can take up to 10 hours of time.


The only public swimming school in Greece is here. Also is also known for the fact that here with the seabed got the wash. Being here, you can make excursions to Tendo, Pay, Pserimo (privacy and relaxation islands, where there is no tavern and cafe, but there are unique beaches), as well as on other Dodecanese Islands.

Taverns, cafes, cinemas, rich nightlife, many cultural events, folk festivities, festivals ; Mountaineering and scuba diving ; make up a rich list of entertainment programs for the day. Not in vain say that there is everything on Kalimnos and for every taste

Kalimnos – a relatively naked island: there are almost no greens on it. The only plant, which is relatively in sufficient, is a mountain chamber. Easy Chabrya Honey – Delicates and Island Pride.

Almost every second island in Greece has the right to claim the "second most beautiful sunset" (the palm of the championship confidently keeps Santorini). Kalimnos is no exception. "The most-most" sunset here is the sun, sitting above the artistic circuits of the island of Telendos.

Thanks to the geological characteristics of Kalimnos, it was hardly a cult destination for modern climbers. Every year international competitions under this sport are held here. Officially, no titles are assigned to them, but in one way or another, almost 10,000 guests are attended by the island every year precisely for climbing.
In 2017, the climbing festival on Kalimnos will take place on October 6-8. The event has long ceased to be pure sports: the organizers arrange a rock concert, lectures, children’s classes.

To get to Kalimnos faster on the flight catamaran of Dodekanisos Seaways, who begins his way from Rhodes and goes to Patmosa, making stops on the Islands Simi, Kos, Kalimos, Leros and Lipsi. From Spit to Kalimnos sail 35 minutes.

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