One-day Highing in the resort village Elenite, Bulgaria

One-day Highing in the resort village Elenite, Bulgaria

Tourists who are going to relax on the beaches near the Bulgarian Sunny Beach, should not miss the opportunity see Bulgaria through the eyes of her inhabitant, fisherman, forester or just lovers of wildlife. The proposed one-day route will result from quite civilized Village Elenite On the high rocky Cape Emon right to the post of Navy, to the tinted remote from the world, the village of Emon with his three dozens of homes, but also with a good hotel, to the old church and to one of the best beaches of Bulgaria.

The beginning of the road: Gate in the style of "Mutro Baroque"

Total route length to Irakli Beach – About 20 km (For those who are not ready to limit ourselves to Cape Emine).

By bus you can get to Parking before the village of Elenite. Then, returning to the highway, walk to the pompous gate (Bulgarians call this style in which building Sunny Beach, "Mutro-Baroque", which means "Roger-Baroque", style – KICH, as it were, cortifies the face of the truck).

Soon you need to turn to the classic rural equestrian road, places with rings, stony seats. From the gate there is a steep rise and after 100 m, on a triple fork, you should keep the right road. "To keep the right road" ; General rule for all fork on all route to Cape Emine.

Boxed and small beach

  • Through 3.6 km the road passes through the abandoned PRAYRANSHOVA. In front of it, the road has 2 branches that lead up in the mountains, but you still need to keep the right.
  • 5 kilometer road descends to the bottom of the ravine. If you go on the bottom of the ravine to the right, you can find yourself on a small stony beach. This is a wonderful place to relax and swim. Most likely, snakes that live here, scare and wage. However, most of the local snakes are harmless.
  • From here you can return up the ravine and continue to go along the trail to Selu Emona. But you can straight from the beach along the eastern slope of the ravine and on the steep path on the shore go back to your trail.
  • Next on the way will meet more Many paths, But the tourist should be keen to the right and go towards Northeast and East.
  • On the 9th kilometer, passing through a small hill, the trail leads to southern outskirtsSela Emona.
  • One-day Highing in the resort village Elenite, Bulgaria

Emona village and Cape Emine

The names and villages of the Emona, and Cape Emineu with naval post and the lighthouse occur from the Greek name Mountain Stara Planna.

In Emon, if Homer was not mistaken, one of the secondary participants of the Trojan War Born Tsar. In Byzantine, Emona was City with Pier.

In the place of this lighthouse with ancient times was Fortress Aristomeum, Which in the Latezantic Epoch was captured by the Duke of the Savoi’s Duke and for a whole year there was a garrison of Savatsev (Duchy in medieval France), while the inhabitants of the Emons were not kicked out in 1367. But after 30 years, the fortress was captured by the Turks and soon ceased to exist as military fortification.

Lighthouse was built and opened on December 15, 1880, the height of its tower is 9.4 m.

Not far from the village there is an old Church of St. Nicholas, Built as part of a male monastery that existed from the X century. It is connected with her a legend about the Greek sailor, saving from shipwreck and built this church in 1848. The church is considered a historical monument.

At the end of the nineteenth century, the Greeks living here were Set Bulgarians, Suites from Turkey. Then it was not considered ethnic cleansing.

Cape Emine – Extreme Eastern Mountain Stara Planna systems, The Bulgarian section of the European pedestrian trail e3 ends here.

According to the plan, this trail should be brought here to the south, go through the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea and end in the Turkish territory, in Istanbul. In the meantime, its marked site ends at a rural area, which is also suitable for the only asphalt road, Connecting Emonu with Burgas Highway – Varna, however, this road is in poor condition.

To the beaches of the resort Irakli

If tourists want to continue their campaign, then in a few dozen meters you can see Big shield with the scheme of the reserve, from which their path will continue to the magnificent beaches of the resort of Irakli.
After 5 – 5.5 km of crushed terrain on a small and very beautiful beach called "Peshov Kolyba" (there is a small structure) you can start swimming, and do it periodically along the way to the Irakli complex.

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