Mexico, Yerve-El Agua – Mexico, Mitla petrified waterfalls and antiquity in one day

Mexico, Yerve-El Agua – Mexico, Mitla: petrified waterfalls and antiquities in one day

The plans for today it was to get to the town of Mitla and thermal sources of Jerve-El Agua. Both are not far from Oaxaca and one from her side. First stage – get to Mitla. You can do this in two ways: either by bus from the 2nd class station (16 pesos), or on a taxi route (25 peso per person). About the second way we learned only in the evening, so we went by bus. On the way about 40 kilometers, the road is good, so I got fast.

The plans for today it was to get to the town of Mitla and thermal sources of Jerve-El Agua. Both are not far from Oaxaca and one from her side. First stage – get to Mitla. You can do this in two ways: either by bus from the 2nd class station (16 pesos), or on a taxi route (25 peso per person). About the second way we learned only in the evening, so we went by bus. On the way about 40 kilometers, the road is good, so I got fast.

Attractions Mitla We left for afternoon and first went to look at Ierway-El Agua. Thermal sources can be reached by bus per 40 peso per person (about 10 kilometers. If in a straight line, all 15 on the mountain road).

Minibuses to Yerve-El Agua are upgraded pickups with booths, in which shops are traditional. If you wish, you can take additional cargo – for example, some grandfather bought a galvanized iron in Mitla and immersed in a minibus. Something on the floor, something under the roof hung – Any whim for extra money.

Local landscapes are amazing – solid hills and even small slides. All this against the background of rare vegetation and cacti. On the way there was some kind of post charge for something incomprehensible, 10 pesos with a person. Looks like something connected with the protected area.

On the territory of Yerve-El Agua, you can not just go to admire, but also stay here to spend. Rates on the poster: just enter 25 pesos; parking 50 pesos; Rent some kind of cabin rooms 160 peso; Stop in camping 40 peso with man.

In theory, it would have to come here only for scenery. After a long stay in the city, they are very close to the place.

And here are our friends cacti. Although we have seen enough of them, but still we still pay attention to their shapes, coloring and length of spikes πŸ™‚ Here they prevail just those elongated.

Hierve El Agua – Ceing Mexican Pamukkale (http: // www.Golden-Monkey.RU / TURKEY / PAMUKKALE), but smaller. Here, too, thermal springs with a large content of various mineral elements, which, gradually laying off, form pretty cute "White Mountains". Yes, and with such pools.

Somehow very cool these pools and landscape.

A little away there is still a small cascadic with sources – we will reach them a little later. Such things are better from watching, as they are not visible on top.

Sheboldasik first went to check – how cold water. On its conclusion, cool.

Here is one of the sources. He was carefully pregnant so that no one would accidentally shut up melts πŸ™‚

In the pools, there are several pieces here, the water is beautiful, which I would call green. Surely Sheboldasik would come up with some other name, it can with a dozen shades of alone only to call.

Near mineral deposits look like this. In this photo, for some reason, they are some kind of orange, actually a little lighter.

Another pool. It was him that I saw in the photos before that, right here with this tree.

Walked towards the cascades that were visible before. On the way, you can admire those from which you just left. Natural Pamukkale.

There was a single source, not even fenced. Nearby, the truth was the sign, the next following: please do not break anything, well, poaaaaluist. I do not understand almost anything in Spanish, so I can be wrong))

Sheboldasik did not take risks, and I still bother. Not so cold water, perfectly refreshes.

Lord is great! – says the inscription above the store with a small assortment. In my opinion, I have already seen this, only the case was in Syria and it was about Allah. And portrait, of course, was not (well, you know that Muslims are not accepted to depict the licks of the saints).

I will note that we got back in a passing minivan, which took tourists on excursions. It would be possible on a minibus, but they are sent only as it fills, and no one has made a company for 40 minutes of waiting. But this very minivan caught, for which we paid as a minibus, 80 pesos (for two).

If you suddenly get together in those edges – it is not necessary for the hitchhiking. Almost all cars that go to Ierway-El Agua, filled with people. I think it’s just the people of families goes to rest. By affairs in the other side, few people need.

Oh yeah, we returned to look at the local archaeological zone. The entrance costs 43 pesos, it works up to 5 pm.

The archaeological zone of Mitla is divided into several parts, the north, southern and some other. North with south literally contact, divides them only a street with souvenirs sellers. It is the southern part that is carefully fenced, check tickets at the entrance (they are bought at the entrance to the northern zone). Here we found some structures, employees, apparently, tombs.

Distinctive feature – such drawings laid out by stone.

Can be clogged on a small room than we did not fail to take advantage. Tired of all the sights from watching.

However, inside everything looks like this. Then you mean "closer" – I even said loudly. So, go to admire. But the tenaks, a little more cool than outside.

Real de Piece – as if we were again in the castle of Krak de ChevalΓ© (there is such a Syria).

The church, which looks out of the bushes, is located just in the northern part (block).

Here it is! I love all sorts of entrances leading unknown where. Especially if they leave somewhere underground. Climb or not climb – we think with Sheboldasik. However, I lie – do not think of course climb!

As a result, it turned out that there is a small passing and fenced small branches from him. Apparently, there someone was buried. Very wet and stuffy. Quickly got out of there, SHeboldasik even take a picture of the interior forgot.

Cactus classic. Just like them and love to draw when they remember about Mexico.

And such cacti is very convenient to use as a fence. I would not be wading through them, honestly.

We did not go to the church, because already quite tired. We have not yet dinner today (and almost 5 hours), so they went to search for food. At least takosov.

Mexico, Yerve-El Agua - Mexico, Mitla petrified waterfalls and antiquity in one day

Food did not find it, but found a whole market with souvenirs and local clothes. Surprisingly – Is it really bumping?

For the first time they saw the most natural Tuk-Tuk. So called such products for movement, very common in Asia. In Mitle, they seem to completely replaced a taxi.

Poor goat is trying to find tenaks. Let noisely because of the construction site, but cool.

The only information on the bus station in Mitle is this sheet with rates for buses. Judging by the date, they have not changed for a long time.

Having learned the Schedule from the only employee of the bus service, found that we have another 20 minutes. Finding the store-snack across the road from the road from the road bought a couple of taxos. In these parts, they are more reminded by Shawarma – quite large. What, hello, lunch.

After the snack drove the route taxi, the driver of which joyfully informed that to the center of Oaxaca, the domain of us for 25 pesos with a person (remind, the bus is worth 16 pesos from the nose). Agreed. On the way, he took a couple more people. Rather, three, but they soon came out. I got much faster than bus, and even almost to the house.

Our adhere on the map

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Gonzalo 28.04.2014

Hey Guys! This Is Gonzalo (From NY). I Hope You’re Doing Great, I Saw Your Pictures and The A Amazing! I Guess Your Really Having A Good Time πŸ™‚


Helena thirty.04.2014

Hi guys! It is difficult to add something to the delightful impressions of the created by nature. But I found something. It’s about the ornament of stones. Elements of this ornament – the strongest protection symbols from Aztecs. Pay attention to the frame 15:51. The profile of a man’s head is stylized, and a hand raised and covered with a squeezed fist over it. Well, remember how in a fight or boxing cover your head from the blow. Blanket lay out a more understandable option and a little text to it. According to the result of reading here and there, you may want to buy something as a gift-guard your loved ones or yourself. I brought my son a bilateral suspension of silver with Turkese (turquoise) and Malachite and this triple ornament. I recommend paying attention to.

In Mexico, Turquoise was considered a stone of gods. The leader of the Aztec Montesum was a skillfully made snake covered with a mosaic from turquoise. There are many legends associated with this stone.

My family has its own personal. It is said that turquoise – bones of people who died from love. Therefore, people believed that a gift from turquoise reconciles spouses and guards love in the house. My grandfather gave my grandmother with turquoise earrings. Once she noticed that he appeared on one of them "Pautinc" And she began to pale. The grandmother took them off and removed from the eye with a lot, as it felt something wrong. Grandfather was unloaded that they melt forgot where he put. After a few months, grandfather died. And the stone in this earrings crumbled into powder. Now I have only one memorable earrings with a cob. My grandmother died in a dream.

Malachite – the otnarny mascot for children, like their own behalf: he gives children a priesthood, develops curiosity in them, emphasizes talents, that is, contributes to detection. The biggest stone should have numerous curls, like lambs on water or a mustache waters, and in generally reminded both the color and the "composition" of greens – soft and beautiful. This is a mascot of people who are not very lucky in life, which is not enough happiness, without which a person is done with melancholic and sad. Malachite – Amulet of wise people, beating them and warning, people who know how to listen to tips and draw conclusions from microscopic comments. Malachite attracts people to her owner, so he is a lonely mascot. This is also a magic stone, the stone of alchemists, and it requires constant communication with his master. It is good for writers, artists, journalists, travelers, for everyone who needs to behave correctly in any situations: Malachite contributes to the purification of emotions, enlightenment of perception, peacefulness. Energy Stone is very strong. .

How the leakage absorbs negative energy, why the stone follows at least once a week to put under the stream of flow water, at least 1-2 minutes. He acquires the energy well if the stone leave for the night on the friends of the crystals of mountain crystal, amethyst, etc. Minerals. Malachite harmonizes all human energy flows. Malachite helps pregnant to enter the child, promotes prosperous childbirth, helps children in almost all diseases. Stone is used as a powerful antidote, although he himself is poisonous. Malachite contributes to the overall regeneration, establishes in the body the processes contributing to rejuvenation, doctors vision and is used in cosmetic and eye ointments. The stone skillfully lowers the radiation background on the ground, helps with leukemia and removes heavy elements from the body. He loves his master, and everyone can individually agree with Malachite almost everything he wishes.

It is considered a stone health. Gives a man wisdom, hemita. Dark green Malachite was a talisman, reinforcing and supporting the spiritual forces of his owner. It was considered. That Malachite amulets bring good luck in affairs, guard and protect against the danger of small children, and a talisman in the form of a solar disk in a copper frame brings happiness.

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