Metro Museum in Budapest

Metro Museum in Budapest

In Budapest, there is a very cute, pleasant and low-transmitted Metro Museum.

He was made on one of the unused old branches. It is quite difficult to find it, but you can – input from the underground transition of the station DEáK TéR, through the modern customer service center. If you do not find (and you will not find, as we did not find), ask any employee at the station, they will tell. He has even a network page.

The museum is small, but some very homely, with love made. Budapest metro is actually one of the oldest in the world (1896), and one of the most traditional. True, there was only one branch, and then she was in the only number and existed until 1970, then began to build only then.

On one of the new lines, by the way, our traditional cars of the city of Mytischinsky plant go.

The museum has two cars with an old line, made specifically and exclusively for Budapest, and in them wax figures of passengers and conductors of that time.

At the entrance meets the controller. By the way, in the Budapest modern metro there are a lot of them, and they honestly check tickets at the subway entrance. Apparently, however, it is enough for them to show something similar to the passage, and you will miss you.

And behind him – and the driver. By the way, the car is interesting because it is represented in the form that he was at the time of the last flight. And the last flight was in 1973 (!!) year. 77 years of work in the subway!

Unfortunately, the wagons are exhibited at the station so that it is almost impossible to take pictures of them.

And here are passengers.

Original external connection system for contact rail, as I understood.

Metro Museum in Budapest

And view from the other side.

By the way, the wagons were locked outside. So, in simple.

And if you make an interest and please the Museum’s minister (what happened to us), then you will open the car and allow you to shoot it from the inside. And even get off with the conductor 🙂 the following two photos (and header) – from the inside. By the way, the conductor is reminded me of a single familiar blogger 🙂 only me?

The second car is already more "Modern" species, leather seats.

And so they look actually in models.

On the model it is clear how low the subway – built it by the method of open peak – dug and covered on top.

Metro Museum in Budapest

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