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Mesa Verde – Ancient Rock Park

Mesa Verde – Ancient Rock Park

Review-Guide to National Park Mesa Verde. Answers to questions that see where to live, how to get, how much is the weather and other. The map is attached.

general information


State: Colorado, USA

Distance from Mesa Verde (Visitor Center):

    – 555 miles / 888 km (9 hours) – Through the Grand Canyon (southern part) – 280 miles / 448 km (5 hours)

  • Page – 226 miles / 362 km (3 hours 40 minutes) – 138 miles / 221 km (2 hours 40 minutes)
  • Park Goseneck – 112 miles / 179 km (2 hours 10 minutes) – 11 miles / 17 km (15 minutes)
  • Durango – 36 miles / 58 km (40 minutes)
  • Moab – 125 miles / 200 km (2 hours 5 minutes) – 130 miles / 209 km (2 hours 15 minutes) – Prior to Visitor Center

Short description: Mesa Verde – Park, famous for his scolish houses and more primitive ancient dwellings – The ruins of the settlements of those who live here are once Indians. Buildings belong to 600-1300. On the territory of the park you will see the most well-preserved samples.

Will delight Mesa Verde and lovers of panoramic species, though, some can find them not too picturesque.

Mesa Verde - Ancient Rock Park

Schedule: Park takes guests daily throughout the year.

Visitor center:

Chapin Mesa Archeological Museum:

  • from May 23 to September 1 – From 7:30 to 19:00,
  • from September 2 to November 1 – from 8:00 to 17:00
  • from May 23 to October 18 – from 8:00 to 18:30,
  • From October 19 to November 1 – from 8:00 to 17:00.

The cost of visiting:

  • Ticket for a car and all passengers – 15 dollars (from May 23 to September 1) and 10 dollars (from September 2 to December 31 and from January 2 to May 22). Ticket is valid for 7 days.
  • Individual ticket (For those who came to the park on the bus as part of a non-profit group, bike, motorcycle, or came on foot) – 8 dollars (from May 23 to September 1) and 5 dollars (from September 2 to December 31 and from January 2 to May 22). Ticket is valid for 7 days.
  • Mesa Verde Pass/ Mesa Verde Annual Pass (Subscription) – $ 30 (valid during the year from the date of purchase, applies only to a visit to this park);
  • General annual pass/ Annual Pass (Subscription) – 80 dollars (valid during the year and applies to all parks included in the National Parks system).

By purchasing Annual Pass / Park Pass, you can visit any national parks of the United States during the year from the date of purchase. This subscription is beneficial to purchase, if you have the plans to visit more than 4-5 parks.

Park size: Mesa Verde in itself is very large, but the part that is in the field of view of tourists, not so extensive. Get the whole park on the car in a few hours.

Several conventional parts can be distinguished:

  • Part of the road from Visitor Center to Far View Area (North Rim)
    Along this segment, several viewing sites are scattered, which are inspected along the movement.
  • Wetherill Mesa Road
    Driving along this road you can also see several viewpoints, and at the end to visit Step House and Long House – Rock houses.
  • Chapin Mesa Road
    This road leads to an archaeological museum and scooped dwelling SPRUCE TREE HOUSE. Also take the beginning of several pedestrian trails.
  • Mesa Top Loop
    Ring road passing by different types of housing, allowing to trace the development of local ancient settlers.
  • Cliff Palace Loop
    Road leading to cliff house rocks and Balcony House.

Details about attractions in this article.

Andriusix rolled along North Rim, by Chapin Mesa Road and Mesa Top Loop. Information about other places is reference in nature, you can clarify it on the official website.

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