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Mediterranean secrets

Mediterranean secrets

Fale Mediterranean night, impregnated with coniferous, lavender and other bare failed flavors with scattered stars and unhurried rustle waves under legs. Almost the mountainous islands darken, and the lighthouses wink boats.

Describe Croatia – the case is hopeless, but I venture. This country is located in a mountainous location on a beautiful rocky coast and the islands of the Adriatic Sea. According to Kusto, Adriatic – the cleanest sea is not only the Mediterranean, but also of the world. It is about 1778 km and it is in its waters of 1185 islands. Croatia is considered one of the last eco-friendly places. With such an untouched virgin nature, we, city inhabitants, are confronted, unfortunately, only on the pages of trendy tourist journals or in the cinema.

Croatia, being between the Alps, Panonia and the Mediterranean, combines the harmony of rare, striking, unique beauty of nature. Croatian coast is known to the largest number of sunshine in Europe. It is enough to note that the average water temperature in the summer reaches 25-27 degrees, and air – 30-31. Unusual transparency of the sea viewed off the coast to a depth of 50 meters. Is it worth talking about the picturesque mounted bays, the fancy islands, the ancient mysterious castles scattered along the hills of Croatian tarnare, the thick forests of the Gorsky Cotar, the endless Slavonic fields, thermal sources, national parks, lost among the mountains of quiet towns. Is it possible to observe the waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes without trepidation. Who stands at the sight of Brown – Archipelago, which is not far from g. Pula in Istra. It can be said that this is one of the most exotic corners of the Mediterranean, where rare species of animals and plants have been preserved and the rich cultural heritage of the past centuries.

Positively, it is impossible in several sentences to describe this fabulous edge.

Oddly enough, the sea, rocks, a huge number of islands, forests and plains fit only within a radius of 100 km. In such a small territory, such wealth, which are not available to other large countries focused in Croatia.

The very paradox is that all this is just a few hours drive from the center of noisy, crowded Europe, the historical past and the present has absorbed Croatia culture.

Croatia, perhaps, the only European country where cultural traditions of the East and the West were seated under one roof and intertwined, as well as the Northern, Central and South Mediterranean Europe. Of course, this is reflected in amazing monuments of world importance, in how naturally combined in the territory of one small country medieval churches, triumphal arches and ancient amphitheater, ancient cities, castles and modern tourist centers. A small country has become a keeper of a huge world heritage.. Schipan Island (Renaissance Epoch), Cathedral in Sibenica (XV in., The only cathedral in Europe built from stone slabs), a chapel in Trogir, plot with his Diocletian Palace, Halp Theater, many of the European Renaissance Epoch of the Summer Residences of the European Kings and Kings, Pre-Springs and Other Titled Persons, which combined the most important cases for the benefit states with pleasant rest, and much more.

It is not surprising that Croatia takes a worthy place in a number of cultural and historical centers of Europe and that great people were looking for inspiration and peace in nature in Croatia. Among them – Shakespeare, to. Goldoni, J. London, Bernard Shaw, Agatha Christie.

List everything that is rich in Croatia, it is impossible. Obviously, business people, yachtsmen, climbers, mountain tricks, avid fishermen (about 350 species of fish are held in the Adriatic Sea), religious people (in Croatia there are many holy places with age-old traditions of pilgrimage), gourmets (the country is rich in the best rare fish species , lobsters, oysters, as well as many varieties of wines), seeking privacy, sports fans (about 15 thousand in Croatia. Tennis courts, annually at the end of August, international tournaments are held), especially the water polo, the admirers of cultural traditions and people who are tired of the urban fuss will find holidays and lessons in the soul.

Mediterranean secrets

Those who prefer to combine active swimming with acute sensations and excursion program can go to the Pula, where excursions are organized, giving a unique opportunity for reasonably for relatively little money (about 40 dollars.) Visit. Venice. An exciting 2-hour walk on a cozy ship on the Adriatic Sea and. Magic city with luxurious palaces and canals, delightful architecture, Italian cuisine will take you into your arms.

Croatia has a huge tourist potential: a profitable geographical position, the purest sea, the abundance of monuments, delicious, environmentally friendly products and, of course, tourist objects. In Croatia, today there are about 480 hotels, 77. Turkas, about 40 ports.

According to justice, appreciating the prospects of Croatian resorts and realizing that flight aircraft in Zagreb may not be enough, many our travel agencies and airlines are ordered to Croatia charter flights. Charters fly in Pula, Dubrovnik, Split, which makes it much easier for moving and flights.

. The sun wakes up somewhere around the corner, the awakened sea is sleeping sleepily, spreading at his feet, the stars are pale in the blue sky, the magic silence is interrupted by the screams of intoxicated freedom of birds.

Is it possible to tell the human language about the divine and pristine beauty of a small but a fabulous country.

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