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Medina Yasmin Khammamet

Medina Yasmin Khammamet

Medina Yasmin Hammamemet is not a classic medina (the center of the Arab city, protected by the fortress walls), and the artificially created shopping center under the open sky, where you can visit the parks of attractions, shopping galleries, cafes and restaurants. Outwardly, it is very similar to the classic medina, some tourists even confuse it with the old Medina Hammamet.

In this article, we will tell you all the interesting things about this medina. Prices and other information in this article was updated in March 2020.

A bit of history

Official name – "Medina MEDITERRANEA". The object began to build in the 90s together with the active development of the Tourist Zone Yasmin Hammamet. Architect Abdelwahab Ben Ayed tolerated the plan for this reconstruction of 40 years. In 2003, the first visitors entered the gate.

Total area – 5 hectares (rectangle with dimensions of about 300 150 meters). There are many establishments on this area.

How to get

Medina is located in the very center of Yasmin Hammamet resort. Most hotels in this resort are easier to walk (within 15 minutes walk) than to go. Focus on Google Maps, see the distance to your hotel.

If you go far or just do not want, you can use local taxis. The trip from Yasmin Hammamet will cost no more than 8 Tunisian dinars, from the hotels of Old Hammamet is no more expensive than 15 dinars, from the resort hotels raided up to 25 dinars.

Opening hours, income price

Medina open 24 hours, but shops and amusement parks, naturally, closed at night. Entrance to Medina itself is free, where you saw for the entrance to the shopping center?


Entertainment parks

All of them here are four and about each we told separately. Read our reviews: Carthage Land, Aladin Park, Ali Baba Park and Aqualand Water Park. But there are several more institutions that are better called "cultural and entertainment".

The attraction "Barbarossa" is dedicated to the famous Tunisian pirates – Hyreddin and Jeep Barbarossa. Tunisians know them very well, the ours do not know. On this attraction, visitors float on the boat and look ashore, where the figures depict scenes from the life of pirates.

Attraction "Palace 1001 nights" is similar on the principle, but travel on it on foot, and figures show arab fairy tale. For ours who do not know the French language, these entertainment do not imagine, nothing is clear.

The filmpectacle "Odyssey 3000" shows the story of Tunisia. Tunisians were able to "shove" their story at 21 minutes, as they say, "brevity – sister of talent". The figure 3000 denotes 3000 years of the country’s history, we recall that the first Phoenician colonies in Tunisia began to appear in about 11 century BC – just 3000 years ago.

Another entertainment is arranged only in the evening, it’s a Shaventsware Show, which is combined with dinner. Tickets for this event must be booked in advance, but in our, the organizers do not speak. If you can write a letter in English or French, then write on Sheherazed @ Medina.Com.TN.

The show consists of belly dancing and Tunisian national dance, all of this show during the evening animation in hotels. Dinner dishes can be ordered separately on the site, which has no our version and is not foreseen.


Full Museum in Medina is only one and called "Museum of Civilizations and Religions". The museum building copies the classic North African Mosque of 9-11 centuries. The Museum itself promotes religious tolerance, here the exhibits show the lives of three religions in Tunisia – Islam, Judaism and Christianity.

Cafes and restaurants

Them in medina more than two dozen. Unfortunately, the quantity does not always go into quality. Most establishments are ordinary cafes with pizza and sandwiches, gas production and ice cream. There is one full-fledged Libyan restaurant and one real Italian restaurant.


Recall that Islam strictly prohibits gambling gambling. But in Tunisia, there are 4 casinos (information for 2020). One is on the island of Djerba, two in the Sousse and one in Medina Yasmin Hammamet. Assortment is not great – Roulette, Black Jack, Texas Hold’em.

Hotels and conference rooms

Almost a third of the Medina Square occupy hotels. They are here four: Hotel Solaria & Thalasso 5 *, Hotel Belisaire & Thalasso 4 *, Hotel Diar Lemdina 4 *, Hotel Residence La PAIX 3 *.

For beach tourists, these accommodation hotels do not represent. Prices are high to the sea far, no all inclusive. Ask: why do they need? Respond. In addition to hotels, in Medina there are several conference rooms, the largest capacity of up to 500 people. Medina planned as a venue for conferences, symposia and other events. Hotels were planned to accommodate participants.


The big market in the very center of the medina is called "Soke". It is located on two floors and is conditionally divided into four parts, called "Furovki".

"Fouroka La Gowlette" is made in the style of Tunisian Jewish architecture. This quarter market is designed to preserve and show the architectural and cultural heritage of the Jewish communities of Tunisia.

Syrian Fondo Ale Chemide – Quarter of Damascus Tables.

Fouro Bagdadi – Quarter of Masters of Ceramics and Glass from Iraq.

Medina Yasmin Khammamet

Fontuk Marrakesh – Quarter is dedicated to Morocco and skin processing craft and weaving weaver.

The range of most shops is no different from ordinary souvenir shops. There are some merchants who sell really handmade things. Such items will be suitable if you want to bring something exclusive from Tunisia, but the prices are "biting".

Where to go near the medina

If you want to buy souvenirs, and the prices in the medina are not satisfied, then leave the main gate (with elephants) and turn left. Along the street there will be many shops, including shopping center Costa Mall. Find many Fix stores with a good assortment.

If after the input does not turn to the left, and go ahead (right hand will be the El Mouradi Hammamet hotel), then you will get on the famous beaches of Hammamet. You can swim and visit one of the local restaurants, where there are more portions, and the prices below.

If you went left, then then the Costa Mall will be a port, where even more shops, restaurants, cafes and there are several shopping center, including Blue Ice, where Tunisian beer and wine are sold.

Important advice to tourists

– Alcohol in Medina is not selling anywhere if the beer wanted, go to Blue Ice;

– In the amusement parks you can not carry: food, drinks (except for simple water), hazardous items. At the entrance will have to undergo control;

– There is a real hammam here;

– On the territory arrangements and show artists: acrobats, dancers, musicians, swallowing fire and children’s animators. Unfortunately, there is no schedule, or it is simply not published. See around, if you’re lucky, you will see a free view;

– Walk around the medina, the walls look great, around a lot of greens, beautiful statues and almost no annoying merchants and pseudo-chefs from hotels. We wrote about these characters in the article "How to buy in Tunisia", and the photo of the Medina and the surrounding area, see the gallery below.

– Smoking in Medina can be everywhere, except indoor premises. These are general rules of smoking in Tunisia, who are few observing;

– Medina has its own application for Android and iOS, download, and the phone will suggest where to go and what to do. Unfortunately, the application in English and French, the our version is not.

– If you want to save on transport, you can drive from Yinda hotels or Medina (old) Hammamet on the local Louiez (minibus) for 1 dinar. How to use, read in our article "Luzhi (minibus) in Tunisia".

– There are often crowds of people inside, so beware of pockets. Also move along the streets near Medina dense, so be careful when moving the road. About the dangers for tourists read the article "What you can not do in Tunisia".

Good entertainment in Yasmin Hammamete, and read our other useful reviews about Tunisia (Links below).

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