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Medicines in Thailand – Thai counterparts in pharmacies that take a guide to Phuket

Thailand and medicine – what to buy in a pharmacy

If you feel about your road aid kit seriously, take everything you think right. In fact, it turns out that most of the famous drugs or analogs are sold in Thailand. Their cost may not be quite humane. To avoid the advantage, you can only take the most rare in Thailand or narrow-profile. The rest if required to buy on the spot.

Pharmacy in Thailand is enough anywhere, there are always one of the network pharmacies Boots or Watson’s in shopping centers. Below is a list of Thai drugs, analogs and those drugs that are not difficult to find in Thailand. In any pharmacy, the pharmacist has a book of drugs and analogs – MIMS BOOK. Enough to write in the Latin active substance, and the pharmacist will pick you up analog. In any case, I advise you to make good insurance in Thailand and, if necessary, contact the hospital, avoiding self-medication.


From the usual not "Green", Miramistina, Furatcilina. It is very difficult to find chlorhexidine, it is sold only in solutions to rinse the oral cavity, occasionally in large pharmacies you will meet Hexene, Chlorhex, Bactricide, Chlorhexidine for outdoor use. Iodine is called Betadine. Sell ​​medical alcohol of blue (Alcohol), manganese (Potassium Permanganate), hydrogen peroxide (Hydrogen Peroxide), antibacterial wipes and hand gels.

Separately, I note the antiseptic Pises Powder powder with sulfanimide and Tanin. Among Thais, it is popular as a remedy for acne and acne. Powder can be used as an antiseptic for cuts, wounds, ulcers and burns. It is enough to mix water powder and apply to the affected skin, pre-disinfected. In the wet climate of Thailand, any cut long heals, and with Pises Powder the process will go faster. Powder is suitable only for outdoor use. In pharmacies can not immediately understand if you just say "Pisis Pauda". Better write the name on paper sheet or show the photo above.

Dressing agents

Pharmacies have patches (Plaster or Patch), including bactericidal (Bactericidal plaster), sterile bindings of different sizes (Sterile Bandage), cotton wands (Cotton Swabs), Elastic bandages (Elastic bandage), Wat (Cotton), salvory (Normal SALINE SOLUTION). My tourists praise ordinary patches, they say, they are better than in Russia.

Wound-healing means

Take with you if you need: glue bf, balm lifeguard or ambulance, they are not sold in Thailand. Sometimes in the pharmacies of Boots you will meet Spray Plaster Sprock, and in other pharmacies – Opsite Spray. Easy can be easily found Creamers-analogues of Bepanthen First Aid, Dettol Antiseptic Cream, BacteDene and Antibacterial Banocin Powder. And Bepanthen Ointment will help you with burns like our panthenol.

In the case of flexible wounds, you need to immediately contact the doctor. In the tropical climate, not only local antiseptics are used, but also put injections of antibiotics. Silverzine or Silverderm will discover the cream in the hospital. It is used in serious burns, ulcers and for the prevention of infections.

Mazi from stretching and bruises

Gels and creams with diclofenac (Voltaren and analogs) can be bought in pharmacies. Thais themselves used balms on Tiger Balm herbs, Siang Pure Balm and other ointments. Boxers Muay Thai recommended Namman Muay Thai Boxing Liniment and Neotica Balm. From bruises, hematomas and varicose cream Hirudoid. And if the back muscles hurt, I recommend Ammeltz Lotion Yoko Yoko. In it, in addition to essential oils, contains nonivamide, which quickly removes pain. I take this lotion with me in retreats in the temples, when you need to spend a few hours in one pose.

Anti-informal means

In Thailand, no powders and pills for breeding in hot water are sold: Terravel, Antigriarppin, Anvimax, Coldrels. No on sale such drugs like Biseptol and Arbidol. Cold is accepted to treat paracetamol or immediate antibiotics. FA Talai Jone Herbs Capsules. And you can buy DECOLGEN (Ferwex Analogue).

Fa Talai Chon from cold and flu

From sore throat and coughing

In any stores selling the famous Natural Antibiotic FAH Talai Jone (Fa Talay Chon). These capsules are called Fa-Talay-Chong and contain Andrographis Paniculata (riddled and products) and are used for any colds, flu, temperatures, cough and throat pain. There are many cough syrups in pharmacies: Herbal Thai Yoki Cough Syrup, Leopard Brown Mixture, Bisolvon and Disol (bromgexine analogue). From Thai Tablets, you will find Mucosolvan, Simusol (Lazolvan, Ambroben analogues). Rinse the throat is better than solid soda and salt. Salt sold in any 7-11, soda (Baking Soda) – in large shopping centers.

Spray from throat pain

On sale you can find a great spray Kamillosan M based on chamomile, Betadine with iodine and Snake Brand. In 7-11 selling Lollipops Strepsils, MyBacin, Fisherman’s Friend. Thais often use balls on herbs (Herb Cough Drop), which can be bought in any mini-market 7-11, for example, Abhai Makham Pom Cough Drop or Takabb Anti-Cough Pills. Such balls helps well when the throat and pain in the throat, cough, including dry. The composition is usually licorice, bug and different other herbs. Need to be dissolved 2-4 balls 3-7 times a day. Herbal balls can be given to children if a specific taste is like. Some brands have balls with peach taste, lemon sorghum, mint.

Herbal balls from cough

From traditional medicine from cough Thais drink tea with Bailem. In Thai call him "Motum". The medicine is sold in a dried form in shopping centers. Taste nice and sweetish. In Tea, you can add ginger and lemon juice.

From a runny nose

Pharmacies many nose drops: OxyMet (analogue of ostrivine), OtRivine (Analogues of Custom and Orryvin), Nasolin. Thais themselves love different jars with herbs and a pencil inhaler. Such scents from a cold in Thai are called "I-house". The composition usually includes camphor, menthol and eucalyptus oil. They are used for influenza, cold, bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, sea disease, pneumonia.

Antipyretic and painkillers

Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin), Paracetamol (Paracetamol, Panadol, Tylenol, Sara), Ibuprofen (Ibuprofen, Nurofen) freely sold in pharmacies of Thailand. Citramon, Pentalgin, Spasmalgon, Ketanov, Baratgin, if needed, take with you. They can be pronounced in Thailand without a recipe. With migraines and strong pains, buy Gofen 400, CaferGot (coofer analog), imigran.


In pharmacies, you will find Toverine, Drotaverine and Deolin, but no-shops are not. Better to take it with you. From other antispasmodics you will find: Buscopan and Vacopan (analogue of a buckopan).


Allergy Drugs in Thailand Many: Chlorpheniramine (Analog Supratine), Carinose, Halodin, Loranox and Lorsedin (Analog Claritin), Cetihis (Analog Zyrtek), Telfast.

Means from mental

You can easily find dimenhydrinat (analogue of the dramina). Use one tablet at a time, the medicine cause drowsiness. Gomeoopathic drugs like air-sea in Thailand.


Medicines in Thailand - Thai counterparts in pharmacies that take a guide to Phuket

Motilium (Motilium), activated carbon (Activated Charcoal or Ca-R-Bon), Glucosole Solution Powders (Electrolyte Beverage Powder) will help. Diarrhea Use Loperamide, Disento, Imodium (Loperamide Analogue), SMECTA. With heartbuilding and increased acidity, Diasgest, Maalox, Antacil, Acicare in tablets.

From Thai drugs in 7-11 selling mentholic milk "Flying rabbit" (or paint bin in Thai). It has been saving children and adults from gastric disorders, pain and consequences of poisoning. As part of Salol, menthol and anise oil. One tablespoon of white milk will instantly get rid of heartburn, and other symptoms will be held after 20 minutes. To improve digestion, take Pancreatin (counter mezim) or combizym.


Most grocery stores sell herbal slimming tea – Fitne Herbal Tea. It includes the leaves and pods of SENNA, causing a laxative effect. From medical drugs you will find Emulax Bisacodyl (Analog Bisakodil), Duphalac (Duhalak Analog) and Thai Tablets with Herbs Agiolax.

From herpes

All well-known acyclovir (aciclovir) are sold in Thailand in the form of cream and tablets. From Thai Medicine, look for cream on the grasses of Cream Payayor ABHAIBHUBEJHR.

From otitis and diseases of the ears

If ears got sick, use s.M. OTO, Sofradex (EQUIPMENTS AND SOFRADEX), OTIPAX (Analog Ottipaks). In some cases, it is better to immediately contact the hospital on insurance, where antibiotics will immediately write down.

Soothing means

Analogue of Valerian – Valian-X capsules, in liquid form it is not. There is also no Corwalola, New Passita, Validol, Walocordin. In pharmacies sell pills with hunting extract Blackmores Hyperiforte. The stronger and effective means is melatonin. It is also sold in pharmacies.

Valerian in Tablets

Repellents and after mosquito bites

This good in all stores and pharmacies a lot: sprays and creams OFF, Sketield, ledmonrass extract, anti-mosquito bracelets. If you still bite insects, use balms on herbs or Calamine Lotion. By the way, Calamine Lotion in Thailand is worthwhile kopecks, unlike Russia. If you often buy it in my homeland, you should bring with you from Thailand. Lotion also helps with a windmill, as there are no greenes, when there is a survey and other skin allergies, not leaving traces. Separately, I want to mention the cream after the bites of Sistral mosquitoes, it helps in the most difficult cases, if you are allergic.

Funds from sunburn

Lotions after tanning and gel with scarlet vera are sold in pharmacies and supermarkets. Note Medical preparation from burns Burnova Gel, which perfectly copes with strong burns.

All drugs described above are published for familiarization and are not 100% recommendations. Before admission, consult with the pharmacist, read the instructions and contraindications. I wish you to be healthy and rejoice in holiday in Thailand!

Medicines in Thailand - Thai counterparts in pharmacies that take a guide to Phuket

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