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May Sariang

May Sariang

The provincial town of May Sariang lies on southern way From Chiang May to May Hong Sonu. Most often travelers pass Maa Sariang or make a short stop at night along the way. But, for those who are looking for a real non-neuristic Thailand, May Sariang may be an absolutely pleasant surprise.

Picturesque views. AdventuresIncultures

The city is small and very atmospheric. Here you can rent a room in a pretty guest house overlooking the river and spend the days of walking on foot or riding a bike or a bike in the picturesque surroundings. Tracking to the villages of the high-mountain tribes here is more authentic than in the Becpecker and, moreover, in Chiang May.

Do not miss in May Sariang

  • Take a walk or go on a bike to May Sariang, looking into local tiny temples.
  • Admire the views and feel the atmosphere of Wat Chom Thong ; Temple on Mountain located south-east of the city.
  • Relax, taking a bath on hot springs.
  • Stroll along the pedestrian trail of Salavin National Park, watching the Flora and the fauna region
  • Highlight, at least one full day on the tracking to the highland villages.

Wat Chom Thong. Jen Shafer

Tracking in May Sariang

Tracking in May Sariang (in t.C. In Salavin National Park) ; This, in fact, why it costs to stay here for a couple of days. Information about possible routes can be obtained in any of the guest-khauzov. Tracking usually start with groups from 4 people (in the unreasonal with groups there may be problems), duration from 1 to 2-3 days old with overnights in high mountain villages. The peculiarity of local trackings in their authenticity ; In the routes, there are few visited villages of the highland tribes of Karen and Lava, t.E. here everything is truly).

Cultural exchange during tracking. Joël Mayer

Five-minute pass. Joël Mayer

Local villages. Agnès Moragues

The hot springs

Hot springs Mae Um Long Luang Hot Springs are located approximately 30 km from May Sariang (10 km from Chiang May, turn to Mae Um Long Luang), you can only get in your own transport. Very pretty quiet place, you can swim in large pools, which are filled with mineral water from sources.

MAE UM LONG LUANG HOT SPRINGS. bluey22, tripadvisor

MAE UM LONG LUANG HOT SPRINGS. bluey22, tripadvisor

Pedestrian trail in Salavin National Park

In Salavin National Park (Salawin), to which from May Sarian can be reached on a motorbike or by car, a pedestrian trail is laid, which can be stroll independently, without accompanying guides. Price exit the path ; Order 100 TBH, the length of about 2.5 km, markup leaves much to be desired)

Pedestrian route in Salavin National Park. Jen Shafer

Salavin National Park. Ken Marshall

Surin Waterfall and Sunflower Field

One of the highest waterfalls of Thailand Waterfall Surin and Mae U Kho Valley is located close to each other to Mae Hong Sonu. It makes sense to stop, traveling by car or motor. Waterfall can be viewed from the observation deck. Valley is especially interesting in November ; It is at this time sunflowers bloom here.

Waterfall Surin. Geoff B

Sunflowers in Mae U Kho Valley. KLA3950

Orientation in the city, choice of housing

May Sariang ; The city is very small. Most hotels and guest houses are located in the central part of the city along the river, many with views and terraces on the river. Local restaurants and cafes, bicycle rental and moto-bikes, as well as local tour offices ; Everything is near.

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May Sariang

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Our choice in May Sariang

Riverhouse Hotel ; Not the cheapest (for May Sarianga), but one of the most pleasant accommodation options in the city. Good clean rooms, good restaurant, located on the terrace over the river, parking for cars and bikes, good Wi-Fi. Rent a motorbike and learn about the trackings in the tour of the office near. Book in advance in high season!

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How to get to May Sariang

May Sariang lies on a circular route Chiang May ; May Hong Son ; Chiang May, about 190 km from Chiang May and 160 km from May Hong Sona. The road is largely mountain-serpentine.

By car

On the car or motorbike start from Chiang May in the direction of Mae Hong Son better precisely in the direction of May Sariang, spending the first day in the National Park of Doy Inhhanon, which is located on the way from Chiang May in May Sariang.

You can rent a car online, pick up in Chiang Mae or at the arrival airport. Look for options and book the car here (the system is looking for the databases of local car rental companies in Chiang May).

Alternatively, in Chiang May, you can also rent a car with a driver (cost of about 50-60 $ / day plus payment of gasoline and tips), ask in guest houses or tour offices Chiang May.

On motorbike

Circular automotive route can also be driving on a motorbike (cost 10-20 $ / day, depending on the chosen bike). You can rent a motorbike in Chiang May on arrival either in advance online (see options and prices here).

By bus

Chiang May in May Sariang daily run large tourist VIPs ; Buses (see. Schedules and online tickets here). Flight local buses and mini veins leave in May Sariang from Auto Station Chiang Mai Arcade Bus Station. On the way of about 3.5-4 hours.

By bus to May Sariang, you can also get from / in May Hong Song (about 3 hours).

May Sariang

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