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Mausoleum Mao Zedong in Beijing – in a crystal coffin and under the red flag

Mausoleum Mao Zedong in Beijing –
– in a crystal coffin and under the red flag

We do not know whether Pushkin’s creators of Mausoleum Mao Zedong read. But there is a great Chinese leader in a crystal coffin, and a memorial complex in the center of Tiananmen Square in Beijing really resembles a mountain. But there are no chains there.

How to get

From any place of Beijing to Tiananmen Square is easiest to get in Beijing Metro. Near Square are at once two stations Tiananmen East and Tiananmen West – Choose any. The area you will not confuse with anything, and the mausoleum is in the very center.

Attention! Working hours

Please note that the mausoleum is open to visitors only from 8 am to 12 days, and on Monday it is generally closed. Consider this when planning your excursions in Beijing.

In such a short time inspection, there is nothing surprising. Body saving requires constant procedures that occupy a lot of time. We can say that the Chairman of MAO is all the rest of the time.

Two days later, the mausoleum works on a special schedule – this is December 26th (Mao Zedong’s birthday) and September 9 (his death day). These days there are too many visitors here, and we do not recommend tourists at all trying to get into mausoleum.

The price of entry and rules for visiting Mausoleum

View on Mao Zedong can be completely free.

Inside the mausoleum you can not carry bags, camcorders, cameras, food and drinks. Also can not be in the mausoleum in the headdress. Things can be left in the storage chamber across the road, for which you will have to pay 20 Chinese yuan. If you do not want to pay, then just leave one person with things outside, probably someone Chairman Mao will not be interested.

The entrance is located on the north side, that is, from the outside of the Forbidden City. Focus on a large column (in the photo on the left), it is right in front of the mausoleum. If you arrive on the subway, you will go to the entrance. Output, respectively, on the south side. Get ready for queues, as you wanted to look at the leader a lot.

A little about the history of this place

Mao Zedong himself did not want to be placed in Mausoleum. He wanted his body to be cremated, but the Communist Party decided otherwise.

Construction was just a grandiose, and the memorial was erected in just 7 months. The best materials brought from all provinces of China. More than half a million people took part (in most cases symbolic) in construction. The official opening ceremony took place on May 24, 1977.

The biggest mystery

There are rumors that the body of Mao Zedong is really cremated, and a very high quality wax sculpture lies in the mausoleum. Perhaps this is connected by a strict ban on photographing the body of the leader. In any case, a visit to this attraction is a great chance to look at it with your own eyes and make your opinion on this subject.

What to watch – Northern Hall

The first floor is divided into three large halls. You will enter the northern. This room can be called a "reception room". In the center there is a large marble sculpture with a 3.5 meter high. How it is not difficult to guess, she depicts Mao Zedong itself. He sits on a chair, throwing his leg leg. Such a posture from the great leader of China we did not expect.

This place where the Chinese bring flowers to the departed leader. Near the statue there are special holes where you can put bouquets.

Behind the Statue of the Chairman Mao is an interesting element of the interior. First, it seems that this is a picture, but coming to the closer, you understand that it is engraving. It is called "Motherland" and depicts mountains and sea bay.

All this makes an interesting impression. We are accustomed that in such places everything must be performed in the style of socialism. This is when the leader is depicted in the heroic or calling people to the struggle pose. Or when the engravings are depicted by communists going into battle for the ideals of the revolution. And then there is nothing of it.

What to watch – central hall

Mausoleum Mao Zedong in Beijing - in a crystal coffin and under the red flag

It is here that the coffin of the Great Leader Mao is located. Coffin, as we have already spoken, made of crystal. During construction, the government conducted a contest among all the profile enterprises of China. Of the 20 options chose this – production of the 608th glass factory in Beijing.

The body of Mao Zedong is dressed in a gray suit, and on top put a red flag with sickle and hammer. It is the coffin from crystal gives tourists the opportunity to see Mao well even from the distance. In this hall, be sure to observe silence. Protection here is serious, can drive.

What to watch – South Hall

Southern Hall – Last During the inspection of Mausoleum. From here the way out will lead you to the street. In the hall itself you can buy souvenirs, but nothing more interesting here, only a few pictures with images of different places in China.

What to watch – Second Floor

A simple visitor to get to the second floor can not, not. If you seriously decide that you need to look at these halls, you should contact a travel agency. Only organized groups allow the second floor.

The second floor is a large museum of the History of Revolution and the Communist Party of China. Different halls are devoted to the 6th most famous workshops of the Communist Party, including one hall of Mao Zedong. Here are collected manuscripts, personal belongings and photos of these people.

It is difficult to say how interesting it will be interested in an ordinary our tourist. We think you should not regret that you will not get here.

After inspection

You go back to Tiananmen Square. You can continue sightseeing. To the left of you will be the National Museum of China, and on the right of the House of Folk Assembly. Both of these buildings are open to tourists. Deploying 180 degrees and passing forward, you will go to the subway and to the forbidden city.

This place in Beijing can be considered a record holder in the number of attractions, do not miss the chance to see them. And do not miss the chance to read about them on our website (Links below).

Mausoleum Mao Zedong in Beijing - in a crystal coffin and under the red flag

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