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Masada Mountain – Mystery of the Jewish People – Netanya, Israel – Tourist Blog

Masada mountain, on which the fortress is built, is located on the eastern outskirts of the Jewish desert and is a natural elevation of 450 meters high above the dead sea. The peak of the mountain is a flat rhombid area of ​​650 m for 300 m.
Joseph Flavius ​​in the book "Jewish War" says that in 66, with the beginning of the first Jewish war (big uprising) Masadu (turned into an unpromal fortress by Herod the Great, who died in 4 to our era! – That is, until the famous beating of babies in Bethlehem!), captured the rebels of Sicaria, fled after the fall of Jerusalem in the 70 year.NS. The Tenth Roman Legion under ************* Flavia Silva approached Masada from Jerusalem and besieged her. For 73 years.NS. 8 thousand Roman warriors stood around the fortress by eight camps. Initially, they built a blockade wall, but seeing that the rebels do not surrender, the siege shaft began to construct, according to which the taran was rolled. Joseph Flavius ​​reports that on the night of the 15th nisan, the leader of the rebels of the Elaza Ben Yair said in front of the Jews a fiery speech and encouraged them to die free people – prefer death to painful and shameful slavery. When the Romans broke into the fortress, they saw the piles of the corpses of men, women and children. Joseph Flavius ​​refers to the story of two women who hid with five children in the cave and told the Romans about how men killed their wives and children, and then by lot – each other. The last of the 960 besieged podzhiga fortress and committed suicide.

Some with distrust relate to the book of Joseph Flavia, since he himself was a Roman, and the book was written clearly under Roman influence.
Our guide – Ada from Kyiv (lives in Israel for 10 years) – expressed doubt about the mass suicide, since it is not the tradition of a Jewish ideology, which considers suicide to the sin big, rather than the murder.
Is it not the reason for the survival of the Jewish people who managed to preserve their tongue, their traditions and their faith?

On my question "What is the reason for the survivability of the Jewish people?"I could not answer any guide. Perhaps thanks to his pragmatism, the desire to survive in spite of everything, even by taking the living space!
That I did not dare to make Moses, and drove 40 years of the Jews in the desert, made Joshua, whoaves the promised land promised by the Philistines.

Our guide of glory (from Odessa, lives in Israel for 18 years) confirmed my assumption about the pragmatism of the Jewish people as the reason for his survivability, as well as the functionality of the Old Testament, saying that the Bible is a collection of law laws (survival rules).
Romans, as you know, destroyed, among other things, comfort. All known lead Roman water supply. Men spent a lot of time in the baths, which had a negative impact on their childbearing function (eggs, as it is known, harmful overheating). Women used Belil, which also included harmful lead.

So what is the reason for the unique survival of the Jewish people?

The most famous explanation of the vitality of the Jewish people is his Godbragurance.
Jews one of the few peoples who not only survived, but also retained his faith and his own language, their traditions and religion! And this despite the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in the 15th century at Ferdinand Aragon, Jewish pogroms in the 19th century and the Holocaust in the 20th century.

Masada Mountain - Mystery of the Jewish People - Netanya, Israel Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

The whole story of the Jewish people is a struggle for survival!

"If we do not defeat the desert, the desert will win us"! – said the first President of Israel. And the meaning of these words is not only a straight line (95% of forests in Israel man-made, where the water hose is added to each bush), but also portable – to defeat the desert in himself means growing spiritually!
It is easy to see that people first do something, guided by the principle of functionality (necessity, convenience), and then invent an excuse or justification.
Curious how was elected a prophet Samuil Future King David – a simple shepherd.

Many outstanding people had Jewish roots. This is Vladimir Ulyanov (Lenin) along the grandfather of the grandfather, and Christopher Columbus (on the mother’s line), and even Hitler (there is a version that his grandmother gave birth to the son of Alois, when he worked as a servant in a rich Jewish family in the Austrian city of Graz, and the child of the child is Someone from the members of this family), and many others.
Judaism does not recognize reincarnation – life is given only once, and nothing will no longer. Perhaps this is determined by the behavior of those who professes Judaism?

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