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Kopulety Resort

Kopulety Resort

Cowlety ; Resort city, located on the Black Sea coast of Georgia. This is one of the main cities Adjara and major youth resort. Cowlety Successfully competes S Batumi, And the service in the city is much cheaper. There are many elite multi-storey complexes and small hotels, bars, restaurants, where you can not only eat, but also have a good time. Excellent conditions have been created for tourists. The city has a large private sector, which is located directly by the sea. Private sector and large hotels complement each other and create an unusual flavor.

Beaches and climate in Kopuleti

Climate in kopuleti amazing. ZIma is pretty warm, and in the summer there is no exhausting heat. Tourists Manyat Beautiful Beach and Net Sea Water. The beach here is quite comfortable. Due to its length, it stretches for 10 km, there are different sections here. There is a large pebble and there is a small. There are sites where there is something similar to the sand. On the beach nice to spend time not only Adults, but also Children.

Sights of Cowlerty

The biggest attraction of the city is National Park, which is called Mthirala. A park Located in the mountain gorge. In the park, tourists are given the opportunity to independently go through the route and reach the waterfall and mountain lake. Tourists have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the lake and swim under the waterfall. The city is a big park Cycinatel. Entrance to the park is free. This is a big amusement park. It works in day and night. At night there is especially beautiful and crowded. When lighting lights, the park looks fabulously.

V Cowlety there is still a natural reserve. He is rather similar to a large park, where many branched trees, in the shade of which love to hide tourists from the annoying sun. In the northern part of the city there is a large pine forest, which is an important attraction of the city.

Kopulety Resort

V Cowlety There are several sanatoriums where kidney diseases, liver and cardiovascular system are treated. In the evening, it’s nice to walk along the embankment, where it smells like sea and fresh coffee.

Entertainment More B central beach. Here they can have a good time adults and their children. On the embankment a lot of attractions, bars, nightclubs and discos. Walking on the embankment, tourists love to enter local cafes. Here they try the dishes of Ajara cuisine. Ajara Kitchen and Local Drinks They fell to taste. Favorite dishes of tourists became Adjara Khachapuri. In the cafe you can taste dishes and other countries. In a big honor, tourists are chestnut and tangerine honey, which can be purchased at a fabulous low price. Tourists love to just walk along the embankment in the evening, where it smells like sea and fresh coffee.

Affordable and good service attracts in Cowlety More and more tourists from different countries.

Kopulety Resort

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