Kitty nyu-nyu!

Handing kittens: Nyau-Naya!

Spaniards are attributed to dogs the sound of "Guau-Guau", Bangladeshns are recorded by Lai as "Huu Huu". The Chinese and the Japanese are confident that the dog is the sound of "Van-Van", and Koreans are heard by "Man-Man". The French have several options for writing Laya: "UA-UA", "VUF-WUF" and "Zhap Zhap". The peoples of South Africa dogs are talking to the sounds of Blough Blaf, VUF-WUF and KEF KEF. Albanian and Romanian dogs bark, as if warned: "Ham-Ham!»Hungarian and German pets seem to be surprised:" Wow-Wow!»Italian and Bulgarian dogs prefer the sound" Bau-Bau ". Arabs and Turks of dogs utter "Howhhh". British and American four-legged – especially big – sternly: "VUF-WUF!"They have in stock and other expressions:" Raf-Raf "," AF-AF "and even" Bau-Wau ". Little indoor dog in English tanking "Yap-Yap" or "Yip-Yip".


European roosters are about the same way: in France, they scream "Kokorico", in Spain and Germany – "Kikiriki", in Italy – "Cockkod", in Holland – Kukleku, in Denmark – "Kikiliki", in Finland – "Kukkokieku". The most original sound makes a rooster in English: "Kok-a-Dudle do!". The roosters from the Faroe Islands ("Cakularako"), in Iceland ("Haglago") and Turkey ("U-URY"). The farther from Europe, the more diverse options: Vietnamese rooster shouts "O-O-O-O", the Japanese – "Kokekokko", and the Philipps – Tritkilike.


In almost all languages ​​of the world, the cat meows traditionally – "meow", only writing is different. But there are tailed and striped ones that do not meow, but nyutuky: Japanese cats are crying "nya-nya", Latvian and Greek say "Nyu-Naya", Vietnamese publish the complex sound of "NGOI", and the Ukrainian almost yielded – " Notifling.


Most of the peoples of the world imitate the shape of a cow, like us, "Mu". But there are other options: Japanese – "Mo-Mo", Finnov – "Ammu", at the Dutch – "bu", and in Bangladesh and at all "Khamba-Khamba".


Kitty nyu-nyu!

Pigs are grunt in the most diverse way: the Dutch – "Knor-Knor", from the British – "Oink-Oinka", in the Germans – "Grunz-Pryntz", from the French – "Gruran-Goraran", from the Japanese – "Bu-bu". As you can see, nothing like the domestic "Hrew-Hrew".


Japanese frog squabs "Croo-Caro", Turkish – "Vrak-Varka", Polish – Kum-Kum, Italian – Kra-Kra, Greek sing, almost like ours, – "Brequek Kwax-kvax". Most Europeans have frogs quacate remotely reminds the familiar "Kva-kva", and in America, the song Frogs and Zeb are transmitted by the sound "Ribbit".

How to suggest a cat?

"Kis-Kis" – such an appeal to cats is used in Finland and Sweden. Spanish, Dutch, Greek and Portuguese cats dance "PS-PS" sound. Similar calls are used in Turkey ("Pisi-Pissy"), England ("Puss-Pusy"), in Georgia and Moldova ("PSU PES"). In France, cats are called "Mo-mine", in Spain – Misu-Misu, in Germany – MIC-MIC, in China – "Mi-Mi". American tailed and striped respond to Kitty Kitty Kitty, Czech – on the "Chi Chi Chi", Japanese – on the "Shu-Shu-Shu", and Estonian – to "Kisu-Kisu-Kisu". If you call the French cat, you can whim, and if Belgian – Put.

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