Kitchen of Hungary

Kitchen of Hungary

Hungarian cuisine, contrary to established opinion, is distinguished by a wide variety and fantasy in the preparation of dishes, a large saturation, an abundance of vegetables dishes and the use of a large number of the most diverse seasonings. The most famous dish is undoubtedly goulash. But this is not at all the roast meat and vegetables, with whom many associate this name, and skillfully cooked thick soup, the tradition of manufacture of which goes back to the nomadic past Magyar. For their excellent taste, Hungarian Goulash is often called "Tsarist peasant soup" And this is not an exaggeration.

In addition to the goulash, you must try fish soup "Halasle", Parquets from chicken, delicious homemade roast "Pirklet", "Turosh Chus" – Hot noodles with cottage cheese, sour cream and cracker, beautiful dishes made of vegetables, famous Balatonian dishes from fish and above all – ear, as well as a goose liver of all imaginable ways to prepare. But the most popular tourists with Hungarian dish are most likely the cabbage rolls – besides the delicious minced meat, they differ from the cabbage familiar to us, and the fact that they are extinguished in a cabbage cake with pepper, paprika and onions, and when applying on the table is also watering sour cream and Purchased stucks.

Sweet dishes deserve separate attention. The most traditional desserts – Roulet-Retach with all sorts of fillings, pancakes "Gundel", Biscuit-chocolate galyushki in Schomoyki with whipped cream and famous chestnut cream with cream.

Menu must be supplemented with high-quality Hungarian wines! All over the world are known for their excellent Tokay Ace, Golden Badachon Wines "Badachoni Rizling", "Surkebarat" and "Keywords:", Fine "Ottonelle Musktetai" and "Abashari Rizling" and red "Egri Bikver" (Famous "Bull Blood"), "Medina", "Merlo", "Tsweigelt" and "Kabarnaya-Frank", as well as sparkling wine "Curley".

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Kitchen of Hungary

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