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Kerkira – Capital Corfu

Kerkira – Capital Corfu

Kerkira call the Greek city and island, which is the capital of Corfu. The city itself is a quiet, small area and cozy place.

The main feature of Kerkira is that the city resembles something small Italian cities. It is worth noting that Corfu somewhere around 400 is located in Venice. And therefore tourists can meet here a huge number of all kinds of cafes, souvenir shops, vaulted colonnades.

It is also important that Kerkira tried to capture many other states, including the Ottoman Empire and even the United Kingdom. And with the arrival of the new owner Kerkira was susceptible to restructuring. Today, Crekir has historical traces from Venetian, the British and French.

You can move around the territory of Kerkira with public transport and taxis. Among other things, tourists can rent a car or quad bike. On the territory of the city and the island you can find international car rental services. But it is best to book a car in advance, especially this fact should be taken into account during the holiday season.

To stay in one of the hotels in Crekir, tourists should know which one is best to choose. Some of the hotels are suitable for the budget option, and some of them are luxury. The most popular are Kerkira hotels like: Corfu Holiday Pyliz, Hotel Palace Corfu and many others.

Cracking is rich in exquisite cuisine and every tourist can make sure that. Here prepare dishes Mediterranean cuisine. Often it is dishes from vegetables, meat, seafood, olives. Which, in turn, seasoned with fragrant spices. In addition, tourists can try the unchanged glass of wine.

It is worth noting that in the territory of the island you can find a huge amount of psarotavern. This is, above all, the establishment, whose specialization includes food prepared from fresh fish. The most popular meat dish is Suvlak. This dishes are prepared from the raggy pork, and besides that, the meat of the rabbit is added in the wine sauce. The main dish is considered Vegetable salads. These dishes are perfect for healthy food lovers.

But those tourists who love desserts can try a huge amount of varied fruits and sweets. The most common drink Kerkira is coffee. Because of the hot climate, it is often cold together with lemon and pieces of ice. If you choose an alcoholic drink, then the best in Kerkira is considered White and red wine, which is made of fruits of local vineyards.

Kerkira - Capital Corfu

Due to the fact that Kerkira was under the rule of many states in due time, then here tourists have something to see. In the central part of the city you can see and enjoy the beauty of narrow in the width of the streets whose roads are covered with cobblestones. The city itself is divided into several quarters and which differ from each other with their architecture.

In Kerkira, you can meet two fortresses, one of which was founded in the time of the authorities of Byzantium. Any tourist can be in one of these fortresses. In addition, it is worth visiting the area called Paleo Frurio, where various concert events are constantly held.

An important attraction of Kerkira is rotunda entitled Maitland. This facility was built in honor of Kamissar Kerkira.

Among other things, the look of tourists can introduce Palace of St. Michael, as well as George, The once residence of the British governor.

Kerkira is an amazing and interesting tourist city of Greece, where you can enjoy the taste of Mediterranean cuisine, as well as try the best wines. In addition, tourists can spend the night in the best hotels in the city, visit unique and amazing local attractions and simply enjoy the beauty of local nature.

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