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Kentaur from the past

Kentaur from the past

Psychologists advise you to catch emotions, but what to do if you are a panda and people do not understand your language? You can try to inflate cheeks. Few people can resist the fluffy and funny face.

Context of the situation we, alas, do not know. Perhaps this red panda asked to play with her. Or maybe she did not give her an additional portion of snacks. Pandas – Large Gourmet and Gourmet. Like big pandas, the red love bamboo, but they are more selective: I look for the most delicious and gentle shoots, which can spend up to 13 hours a day! And this is not the only feature. It turns out that there are two different types of red pandas: Himalayan and Chinese. They differ in the brightness of the fur – more saturated wool in the Chinese red panda.

Can animals generally express their emotions? We recently answered this question.

To hypnosis are ready

You can easily look at three things: how the water flows, how the fire burns and how the eight-skinned ellipseographer Archimedes works. Perhaps I will add the fourth point: how someone is trying to say the "eight-skinned ellipseographer". Yes, this device is not only cool soothes the nerves with its measured movement, but also can help train diction.

Ellipsographer, or the Archimedes Network, is a mechanism that transforms reciprocating movement to ellipsoid. The exact history of the invention of the device is unknown, like its author. It is simply named after one of the most famous scientists and engineers of antiquity. Maybe the ellipseographer created even a scientist not even a scientist, such as a leukoplaster or a ballpoint handle. And in this selection of "my planet" talked about the inventions of the antiquity we use so far.

Kentaur with Mantichoroy

The our State Library proposed to play with feminifies. How do you call, for example, a bentaur of a female kind? It turned out that in the XVIII century there was a separate form – "Kentaur". Pictured a centaur with hair just below shoulders and breasts.

Miniature with this amazing creature – one of 98 in the encyclopedia of Metropolitan Damascus Studit "Physiologist". In addition to the centaur, in the book you can find images of existing animals, such as rhino, bear, hedgehog and foxes. The latter is sitting at the tree and looks at the bird: for the plot of Basni Krylova, there is not enough cheese. But hedgehog the author described like this: "Looks like a pig face and tail". Next time you find the hedgehog, look. Perhaps we really do not know about them. There are in the book of Damascus and mythical creatures: Manthors, Dragons, Aspids. Learn more about non-existent monsters and their habitats can be here.

Disneyland for ferret

Ferrices – Very Yurik and Active Animals. They constantly need to be in motion, exploring the territory around. Therefore, for home ferrets, which are called Far, we need all sorts of labyrinths, lazal rubber, houses and ropes. In a word, everything that can enrich their habitat and entertain.

Kentaur from the past

Ferreta from our video descent on the stairs is a trip to the vesizer tunnel. It seems that the further the animal is moving along it, the longer his body becomes. Foods and the truth has such supercopiness – a very flexible and long torso that is well stretched.

By the way, if it seems to you that your cat sleeps too much, then get to know the ferret. He sleeps for 20 hours a day. Cat – from 12 to 16 hours. How do other wild and pets sleep, we told in this material.

Cherry to Cherry

Guess what it is? A little bit like a pumpkin, a little bit on the Bulgarian pepper. And in fact – Pitanga, or Suriname Cherry. This berry is more familiar to us cherries: from 2 to 4 cm in diameter against 8 mm, but not a relative – ordinary cherry and Surinamskaya belong to different detachments.

Pitanga is rich in vitamin C, it is often used in baking. Because of the bones, Suriname Cherry has a bitter taste. To get rid of it, berries are cleaned, and then several hours fall asleep with sugar and remove into the refrigerator. Grown pitan and those who do not like it eat, just for beauty. You can meet it in South America, as well as in India and Israel.

Recall another cherry – Sakura, for the flowering of which thousands of tourists come to Japan.

Kentaur from the past

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