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Kemer (Kemer)

Kemer (Kemer)

Kemer (Kemer) – The resort city on the Mediterranean coast in Turkey is located 42 kilometers south-west of Antalya. Population – 17,300 people (2000).

The city is located on the slopes of the Tavrian Mountains, who approached the very sea.

Until 1960s, Kemer could only be reached by sea. But when Antalya began to turn into a major international resort, a highway was laid here. And already in 1990, Kemer turned into one of the largest tourist centers.

Kemer is located in the historical area, which is known as Lycia, the land of which stores traces of Alexander Macedon, Anthony and many other great commander of antiquity.

In Kemer and in its surroundings there are many different hotels – from modest family boarding houses to luxurious five-star clubs. The resort area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKemer includes areas: Beldibi, Goeinyuk, g. Kemer, Kirish, CHAMYUVA, TEKIROVA.

Bus records between the villages are very well developed, and until late evening, you can take a small fee for a small fee by public transport.

Hotels here are conventionally divided into two categories: lovers of relaxing rest are stopped in some. Bars, restaurants and discos are in the center of the resort, and in small resort villages. Kemer nightlife lovers offers a choice of several best on the coast of discos (Aura, Inferno, Budda), a variety of coastal bars and restaurants.

Kemer (Kemer)

Bathing season in Kemer continues from May to October.

In the northern part of Kemer is «Yoruk Park», Live ethnographic exposition dedicated to the history of the Turkish people.

Not far from Kemer lie The ruins of the ancient port city of Fazelis, where the remains of the port walls are preserved, the amphitheater, the paved road leading to the Arian Arc, Acropolis, as well as the ruins of water pipelines, bazaar space and bath. According to one of the legends, Alexander Macedonian was buried there.

At the foot of the mountain Olympos (Takhtaly, 2400 m) There are ruins of another monument of antiquity – the city of Olympos, which was founded in the III century to. NS. And before the arrival of Romans served as a shelter for pirates. Was destroyed by an earthquake, the ruins of baths and basilics were preserved to this day, as well as numerous tombstones and sarcophages.

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