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Kemer – historic resort city

Kemer – historic resort city

Kemer is one of the historic resort cities of Turkey. It is located on the coast of the Mediterranean coast. Warm climate, beautiful natural landscapes, mountains, sea, neat beaches, historical values ​​and reasonable prices – attracts more and more tourists. Beautiful hotels such as Millennium Palace http: // hottours.IN.UA / Products / 34401922371 /, make everything to tourists perfectly spent time here.

Not far from the city lie the ruins of the ancient pore town of Fazelis. Here and the paved road, and the remains of houses, ancient amphitheater, Arch Adriana, the remains of market premises. This place is definitely worth a visit. In the 7th century BC, this city was founded by Greek colonists. In order to visit this place, it is enough to rent a bike and go to the road. You can, of course, use and public transport, but it will not be as interesting as a bike trip.

Ancient city of Olympos is part of the National Park. However, getting on the excursion is not so simple. You can be content with seeing the ruins of the city from afar. All this is due to the fact that the city has not been preserved very well, but it is not treated to recover it, so in order for the city to finally disappear, tourists are trying to close.

The Belfi Cave Complex will shit tourists with its beauty and greatness. In addition to the fact that the caves themselves are incredibly beautiful and landscapes around them are simply stunning.

Kemer - historic resort city

You can order an excursion to the mountains in order to enjoy local species. And to see as much natural beauty as possible, it is worth going on a tour of the jeep safari. Such a walk with the breeze will enjoy the nature and landscapes that many people do not notice in everyday life.

Many entertainment places are concentrated in Kemer. These are restaurants, bars, cafes, discos and clubs, and water parks, cinemas, summer sites, outdoor activities and more. All kinds of entertainment are available on the beach for vacationers: yacht riding, parachutes, hydrocycles and much more.

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