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Holidays in China Shanghai

Rest in China: Shanghai

Shanghai often referred to Eastern Paris, And indeed, this is the most European city China. Far East Financial Center It is largely owed by our emigrants who come here after the revolution and civil war. Our compatriots opened many enterprises, shops and even founded drama theatre. In this city there for some time Alexander Vertinsky. In one of the Shanghai seams, you can even find a monument A.WITH. Pushkin. But this, of course, is not the only one Sightseeing of the city.

Monument to A. WITH. Pushkin. Shanghai

The most mysterious and mysterious place Shanghai – Multi-level Longhua Pagoda. This building has almost 2 thousand years old, It enters B Buddhist Temple Complex. In the temple is located library with rare books, Antiques and art objects. Around the monastery smashed Peach garden ; In the spring, when the trees flourish, the pagoda looks just magical.

Multi-level Longhua Pagoda. Shanghai

Tenerbashnya "Pearl of the East" – the most visited attraction of Shanghai and one of The highest buildings in Asia. Top level ; "Space Module" ; represents a viewing platform on which at the same time can be 1.5 thousand people. The first floor of the tower takes Museum of History Shanghai, and the bottom sphere – Entertainment center "Space City". At night "Pearl of the East" It has a completely fantastic view due to the unique illumination designed specifically for it.

Tenerbashnya "Pearl of the East". Shanghai

To get acquainted with historical Shanghai, as he was in XIX century, enough to go outside Fanbin (Old Street). In stores, some of which More than 300 years, For sale Antiques, Tea, Flowers And a lot of all. But the most important thing is that the appearance of this street has not changed for a long time and tourists have the opportunity to move into the past.

Holidays in China Shanghai

Shanghai, Fanbin Street

Nearby is located Garden Yu-Yuan ; Garden of joy, dated middle XVI century. It represents several sections separated by arches. It is surprisingly harmoniously combined with architectural and natural elements, ponds and stone courtyards. On the way to the garden is located Shanghai Bazaar, Where are sold Tea, spices, souvenirs, silk and bamboo products.

Garden Yu-Yuan, Shanghai

China has its own little Venice – Located in Shanghai District of Chibao. This is the location of the intersection of two rivers, where the channels and bridges connecting small islets form a small city on the water. However, this similarity with Europe ends, otherwise here is the most distant China here. Ancient wells, narrow streets, charming, quite like toy, bridges, a small embankment, swaying on the water boats, Chinese music, coming from restaurants, twitter crickets – All this creates a unique atmosphere of antiquity. And when the famous are lit here in the evening Chinese lanterns and their light is reflected in the water, it seems that you get into a fairy tale.

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