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Holiday shooting in a rooster in Perast

Holiday shooting in a rooster in Perast

In mid-May, the annual holiday shooting in the rooster is held in the Montenegrin city of Perast. He is devoted to the historical victory over the Turks in 1654. In that distant day, Perasta residents managed to repel the attack of the troops of Turkish Pasha and save the same from the attack of the enemy not only their city, but also the neighboring.

Traditionally, the holiday opens with the procession of boolean sailors under the sounds of the city orchestra, which is invited from the city of Kotor or Tivat. Participate in the role of a boil sailor in a national costume may not. To do this, you need to be born in Perast, to be a real Peraschanin (resident of the city) and come from the family of sailors. Therefore, the composition of the official procession almost does not change every year. Mostly in the role of headsets are older men, young people are rare. Women in the presentation perform the role of wives of sailors.

In Perast, which is known for unique architecture objects, about 300 people live. Before the summer of summer, its streets look deserted, in the city there is only one restaurant. But on this day, many inhabitants go on the embankment, passersby and just tourists flock on it, who accidentally learned about the holiday. Cafe break the doors to everyone, and on the coals, Sachh is languishing – the traditional dish of Balkan cuisine – meat that steals several hours in the boiler on coals.

The spiritual orchestra arrives in the city of Perast on the sea taxi, controls them the consistently young girl conductor. Elegant shape, white shirts and captain’s caps look on the musicians very effectively. Viewers in advance occupy spaces on balconies.

After the procession on the Orchestra orchestra and boolean sailors, all participants in the holiday move to the main square of the city near the Church of St. Nicholas. Near her wall lay out an old musket, with the help of which was defense more than 350 years ago, and a saber, which was killed by Turkish Pasha.

In the yard gather servants of the church, viewers are placed around. They want to look at the Balkan Kolo (circular Slavic dance) in the execution of boils. For the idle viewer Kolo, something resembles the dance of the handholes with white scarves in his hands. At this time, children run out behind the courtyard, and small boats with tourists are approaching the shore.

Holiday shooting in a rooster in Perast

Holidays in Montenegro are often held, but the historical event on May 15 in Perasta is one of the most spectacular bay in the Bock. At this time, there are few tourists in the city, and before the start of the season there is still a month. So you can enjoy the spectacle without fuss and in comfort.

After the completion of the dances in the Church of St. Nicholas passes Mass. Those who wish can pass to the service, and all the rest are given the opportunity to make a photo photo with a header or a big brass tool. The holiday takes place in the homely friendly atmosphere. Residents of the city of Perast are perfectly familiar with each other, many of them are in distant or close relationship.

Mesa lasts a little less than an hour. At this time, cooking for the main event of the holiday – shooting in a rooster. Rooster symbolizes the Turkish fleet, possibly due to the similarity of the red crest and the Turkish little fez. Birds are tied to the board and descend on water at a distance of 300 meters from the coast. In the rooster should be hit by one of the headsets – the indigenous people of Perast. However, everyone also makes it possible to shoot a target from an old musket. For 3 euros, the arrow provides a chance to pull the trigger three times.

By tradition, the winner gets Shugaman (Towel) with the inscription "POBJEDNIK U Gadanju Kokota. PERAST "(winner in the shooting on a rooster. Perast). While the hero surrounds the crowd, a rooster is solemnly carrying a boat to hand his winner. He must take a bird in his hands and go with her on the central street of Perasta under the sounds of the city orchestra. Also, according to tradition, the winner should give a barrel of wine (50 liters), which he must cose with citizens.

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