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Holiday of dancing eggs

Holiday of dancing eggs

In late June, four days of Barcelona will observe how the eggs dance. The holiday of dancing eggs (L’Ou Com Balla) will be held within the framework of another traditional holiday of the Body of Christi (Fests del Corpus Christi). These are the oldest city celebrations of Barcelona. For the first time, Corpus Christi was celebrated in 1320.

Missets, though important for the then and modern Barcelona, ​​but not the most abundant for events. Main events – holiday of dancing eggs and procession Corpus Christi.

They begin traditionally on the day before Ivan Kupala – Catalan – San Juan – June 23. On this day, the fountains of the inner courtyards of the oldest temples and the Cathedrals of Barcelona decorate with flowers, and a raw egg is placed on a beating upwards – the water makes it "dance" and does not give to fall and crash. Crowds of tourists and pilgrims are going to look at this fascinating spectacle. This year, "dance sites" for eggs will be 6 temples and museums of Barcelona. First of all, the Cathedral, the inner courtyards of the Santa Anna church, the Basilica of the Immaculate Concepcio), the arrival of Sant Jeroni de Montbau, as well as in the Museums Frederic Mares) and in the historic archive of Barcelona (ARXIU HISTORIC De La Ciutat De Barcelona – Casa de l’Ardiaca). See "Freaky dance" can be from June 23 to 26 from 10 to 20 hours.

Holiday of dancing eggs

The holiday of dancing eggs is mentioned in Barcelona chronicles since 1637, but its origin is not known. On one of the versions, the "Dancing" egg embodies the sublime importance of the parties, on the other – the completeness of the spring, the outbreak of life.

These days in many museums will be held days of open doors. In particular, the Barcelona Barcelona City Halls and Giants of Barcelona will be played in the building of Barcelona – traditional participants of all urban holidays and processions. Main from which – Procession at the festival of Corpus Christi. It will be held on Sunday – June 26 and starts in 19.45 from the Cathedral.

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