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Hitchhiker in Armenia for 4 days. Part I.

Hitchhiker in Armenia for 4 days. Part I.

For many Armenia – the Soviet little country lost in the mountains, where delicious peaches grow, sell good brandy and "In general, that you lost there?!". A smooth account, we had about the same vision of the situation, but a couple of photos and inexpensive tickets corrected the course of events.

Flight from Perm with a transfer to Vnukovo took about 8 hours. The average price of tickets for a person – 12 thousand.rubles excluding shares and discounts.

Yerevan met us quite a new convenient airport and a minibus to the center for 17 rubles (200 drams). The city is incredibly colorful. At first we felt like white corners, but it passed immediately after exploring the seller of kebabs in the eatery. I did not meet people who, with such a frank patriotism, talk about their country. He told us and that settlements on the territory of the real Yerevan 300 years older than Rome, and that the local volcanic tuff (by the way, it was because of most buildings from Tufa Yerevan called a pink city) export around the world, and that they all Very love our.
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First night – Yerevan – was dropped back in Perm. For the room for two, we gave about 800 rubles (10,000 drams), the host also included the host of the hostel – Arthur – who advised everyone and all on any issues. The company of Iranians, which, turn out to be, in large quantities come to Armenia for sex tourism and Alco-Tresh-party. Women remove the Chadra, Parajan and all the other shawls, men do not change especially, but in anticipation of the Armenian Night become somehow talkative. From one of them we learned that they and sister came to Armenia to get visas in the United States, but after decided to stay. As Arthur told, many say that "Allah does not see here".

The next day we drove 33 bus to the southern tip of the city, got up on the track and miraculously caught Mercedes, who brought us straight to the choir of Virap, although he was driving slightly. We chatted for a long time and when the conversation went about the delicious Armenian fault, the Camille gave us a bottle just like that. This is the first of the infinite manifestations of generosity and kindness of Armenians.

Choir Virap – the best observation deck on Ararat, where on the legend Noi came from his ark. We were not lucky to see both tops, but small Ararat was visible well. From Yerevan about 40 minutes. In the church itself there is an underground prison, where, by giving, Gregory, the enlightener, healing the Armenian king and engraded Armenia in Orthodoxy.
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On the hill Choir Virap fate accidentally reduced us with the guys from Moscow, who traveled around in the same direction as we and they offered to rotate about 200 km to the Goris. We could not refuse))

On the way, we drove into Noravank (120 km south-east of Yerevan), which is in the long and narrow gorge of the Arpa River. It was built in the XIII century, after which, like most Armenian monasteries, was destroyed by Mongols and Turks several times. In general, Armenians have an interesting attitude towards such places. For example, whole classes of graduates arrived every year. They are photographed, sing songs and leaving. In conversations, we realized that many waiting for the weekend to go here and relax spiritually.

Hitchhiker in Armenia for 4 days. Part I.

At the edge of the cliff peacefully sits the graduation class and the songs picks up)

Since we are biologists, there will be photos of a variety of animals that we have seen.

By evening we got to Goris (240 km. from Yerevan). The next day, also on the travelers got to Wings of Tatev – the longest cable car in the world, which leads to the monastery of the monastery of 9-13 centuries. At one time, there was even a university here, but at the moment it is an incredible beauty of the place where the waterfall leaves from under the sheba monastery, and lives a good-natured minister of the church, who is photographed with everyone.

Cheerful minister of the church and parishioners (Dasha as if not with them :))

In fact, we did not even think of moving through the hitchhiker, and this is our first experience that has succeeded. We came across exceptionally responsive people, we traveled both at Lexus, and on the excavation lawns with an open body (see. Photo). But no one refused, the track did not have to stand longer than 5 minutes. We were fed, they saw, solved the problems with housing – and all because we just arrived in their country, just sit now with them and speak. Many did not speak English from the 70s, and they had tears wrapped around when they remembered the Soviet past, service, old friends.
There was such a feeling that all these people are not yet spoiled by money. They do not have oil towers or deposits of gold, but are forced to be sincerely surprised by patriotism and stories with adhere to their culture, writing and love for the Motherland.

Hitchhiker in Armenia for 4 days. Part I.

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