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History Shumen for tourists Travel guide

History Shumena

History Shumena started in the oldest times as the history of the fortress. Interestingly, one of the main attractions of Shumena – His famous fortress – Arval as much as in 4 «Stage», Starting with ancient times and ending with the epoch of the Middle Ages. However, it was established that the story of Shumen began even earlier: so, the settlements were recorded here even in the era of the Bronze Age, and the tribes of the Thracians lived here.

At different times, the Romans and people from Byzantium, Bulgarians and, of course, the Turks lived in Shumen.

Shumen developed as a feudal city in which there was a castle and an inner fortress. The churches functioned here, a variety of workshops were opened (it is about the XII-XIV centuries). During this period, Shumen was an important military center, the city’s economy was developed excellent.

Interestingly, the story of Shumena before was the story of a completely different city – Simeonisa. The current name is the city only in the XIV century. Interesting versions of the origin of the city name: It is believed that it comes from the word «noise», that is, foliage or spare.

History Shumen for tourists Travel guide

After the Turks conquest, the Military Pole Shumeman only increased. Many Jews, Turks, Tatars and Armenians moved here.

In the XVIII-XIX centuries. History Shumena – This is the history of a major craft center. Due to this, the city began active development of cultural life.

When Shumen was freed from the Turks, initially it was waiting for an inevitable decline, but with time the Shumen managed to get up again. In 1882, a beer plant operating and understood in Shumen.

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