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History photo Attraction Victorian lady

Story Photo: Victorian Lady Attraction

In October 1829, a certain Sam baggy for nicknamed Yankees Litter, became the first famous man who successfully survived the jump in the Niagaru River. He jumped only from the foot of Niagara Falls, but this act for those times was considered suicide. He gave the beginning of the tradition of Sorvigolov, trying to go through the waterfall and stay alive.

However, the new hero, or rather, the heroine appeared only 72 years later, in 1901. She has become an elder school teacher Annie Edson Taylor. To the 63th anniversary, she approached without funds, without loved ones (her husband died in the civil war, she buried her son even earlier) and without much health, but with a huge desire … no, not to glorify, but earn.

To overcome the waterfall, a woman chose a huge elongated barrel, the mattress was placed inside. The design for the beginning was tested on a cat, and that successfully driven in his improvised Batiskfe (this is the animal you see on a barrel near Anni in the first photo). That the authorities did not prevent the conceived, and the public was properly prepared, Annie acquired impresario, some Frank Russell. Desk date appointed October 24, Annie’s birthday.

Russell broke out: newspapers were sent to the headlines about the mysterious lady, who decided to commit suicide in front of the crowd.

October 24, 1901 Assistant team delivered Annie Taylor a little above one of the sleeves of Niagara Falls. She was helped to climb a barrel, twisted the cover, the bike pump was injected inside the air, cloging the hole with the plug, and moved to water. The journey turned out to be short: here are thousands of people watching how the powerful flow of water drops the wooden vessel down, so he disappeared in a spray cloud and foam, and after a minute I snapped out of the water below.

History photo Attraction Victorian lady

Amazingly, Annie Taylor was separated only a small wound on his head. On the 63-year-old lady collapsed Glory: autographs, photos, interviews. Plan worked? Yes and no.

Impresario escaped, taking a barrel with him, with the help of which brave American planned to earn, arrange all sorts of performances across America. The money that Taylor was able to earn on the conquest of Niagara Falls, as a result, went to pay for the work of detectives, and did not have to find Russell. The next 20 years, Taylor mined the livelihood, arranging meetings with fans who told stories from his life. She died in 1921 in poverty and was buried at the Cemetery of Oakwood, not far from Niagara Falls, on the so-called "plot of cascaders".

The story of Niagara just began. About how the place that the world famous for the whole world has turned into a decoration to the film on a technogenic catastrophe – in the material "My Planet" "Fall of Niagara".

History photo Attraction Victorian lady

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