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History of Syracuse for tourists Travel guide

History of Syracuse

History of Syracuse Began in the old days: according to the testimony of archaeologists, the residents of Syracuse were contacted by representatives of the Mycenaean civilization. Note that the year of the foundation of Syracuse is considered 734 or 733 BC. It is believed that the founder of the city was Corinthian Archives.

Interesting the origin of the city name: in translation it means «Salt swamp». Subsequently, the city began to call Sorskos, after which the name was reduced to Syracuse.

Initially, the city of Syracuse was founded on a tiny island called Orthigi, but then he broke and spread even to the mainland territory. In time, the city turned into a major Greek colony.

In the V century BC.NS. The socio-political crisis was played in Syracuse, since all political levers of management, as well as land ownership were concentrated in the hands of local oligarchs. Then the power in the city received a tyrant named Gelon, which turned out to be a very competent ruler. It was with it that the territory of the city was as expanded as much as possible, also the theater appeared during his board in Syracuses and the active development of cultural life began. By the way, the famous poetess Safo was a native of the name of this city.

History of Syracuse for tourists Travel guide

History of Syracuse includes systematic war with local tribes and Siculo, and systematically organized an expedition to the islands of Corsica and Elba. Syracuse also remember the bloody Peloponnesian war and the Sicilian.

Today, Syracuse – an attractive tourist resort, popular, primarily due to ancient sites. There developed great excursion tourism.

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