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History of Parnass for Tourists Travel Guide

History Parnassa

The history of Parnas is closely connected with the mythology and history of ancient Greece, especially the sacred oracle, which is still kept on this holy land in Delphs. Name of Mountain "Parnassus" Comes on behalf of the hero, who founded the city at the foot of the mountain, but as a result of flooding was soon destroyed. Then the locals began to go to the mountains, where they founded a new, modern Parnassus. However, the first name of the city was Licuria, and even today it is consumed along with the name "Parnassus".

The role of Parnass throughout the story was great. Parnaal was the reunification site of the tribes of southern Greece who fought with Persians, and the mountains played a decisive role in the revolution of 1821, shelters the Greek population from warrant Turks. In 1938, Parnas became called the Greek National Park, the territory of which occupies 3513 hectares and is protected by the state.

History of Parnass for Tourists Travel Guide

According to legends, Appolon founded Delphs precisely on the place where he fought with a dragon Pyfon, who pursued the mother of Apolona. Great God defeated the dragon and left him in the cave, where he built an ancient city. After death, the dragon still extended a couple, and in the city there was a gap, from where the couples and went out. The strong air was so strong and fading that the Greek predictors – Pythies sat down at the cleft and breathed with these couples, falling into the trance and telling the fate of people and the whole world. Initially, Pythies were young girls, and then in their place began to elect and older women. Local residents believed that Delphs are the center of the Earth.

History of Parnass for Tourists Travel Guide

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