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Brno History

Capital of the south of the Czech Republic more than 1000 years. Brno repeatedly held the defense, so the translation name of the city – «armor» – Completely natural. Residents did not support the gusites in their war, for it Brno twice was in siege and, only due to the fortress walls and the courage of the inhabitants, was not defeated. Several religious currents were viewed on Brno: But in the 16th century, Protestantism received distribution here. Residents do not want the influence of Rome and the Board of King Ferdinanda.

In the middle of the 17th century, the city tried to conquer and Swedes. But they also failed to do (Brno held the siege for four months). Legend says that the Swedes promised to remove the siege if the city was not seized until noon. When the watch of the Cathedral of Peter and Paul called noon, the Swedes in the heat of the battle did not notice that the time was less than an hour. But the Swedes were detained: the siege was removed, and since then the clock of the cathedral is noon calling exactly 11.

20 years after the siege of the Swedes, the inhabitants were destined to be another test – Osmanov’s attacks, but they were repulsed. And the Penglish troops were forced to be reted not Solono Baby after another 100 years.

The fortress of Spielberk continues to be a stronghold. I must say that his walls have sustained a lot. But the city was forced to accept the army of Napoleon, when on the walls of the spires were mawed shutters.
Grow and develop the city begins in the second half of the 18th century. The population has gradually grew. Industry has become developed. By 1840, the railway branch was launched to Vienna. By the end of the century, the theater on electricity will be built, university founded.

History Brno for tourists Travel guide

By the beginning of the 20th century, more than 100’000 people live in Brno, and the city becomes not only an industrial, but also the cultural center of the South of Czech Republic. After World War I, Moravia becomes part of the Czechoslovak Republic.

During World War II, Brno was very destroyed, and looted by the fascists. The city was released by Soviet troops on March 26, 1945 and began restoration.

History Brno for tourists Travel guide

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