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Historic attractions of the Krasnodar Territory

Historic attractions of the Krasnodar Territory

In this article I will tell about the most interesting historical sights of the Krasnodar Territory, as well as about its main pride – Dolmen.

Memorial Complex Small Earth

Where is

Novorossiysk, Embankment Admiral Serebryakova.

Why it is interesting

Visit to this memorial complex – a tribute to the feat of Soviet soldiers during the Great Patriotic War.

The memorial was created on site of a bridgehead, whose defense lasted 225 days. Here in 1943, a surgery for the liberation of the city began.

For the defense of this small bar, 70 thousand Soviet soldiers sent here. The exact number of dead is unknown so far.

Central Complex object – Memorial in the form of a nose of a ship.

His half is closed at an altitude of 22 m above the ground. The museum is open inside.

To the memorial leads an alley of 225 poplars, one for every day of defense.

Footprints and trenches are preserved on Earth around the memorial.

Despite the large number of visitors, it is always quiet here and calm. On the other side of the bay you can see the city. Especially attractive looks panorama of the city after sunset when lights are lit.

How to get

The memorial and other historical attractions of the Krasnodar Territory can be reached by city public transport, the nearest stop – "Small Earth". Buses number 1 and 41m, trolleybus number 7, bus number 7, 10, 21, 22, 27, 28, 31, 38.

our gates – Monument of Ottoman architecture

Where is

In the southern part of Anapa, on the territory of the Park 30th anniversary of Victory.

Why it is interesting

ours have become our only in 1828, when Anapa was liberated from Ottoman Iga.

That’s all that remained from the fortress built in 1783. The fortress was the main stronghold of the Ottoman Empire in the North Caucasus. The slave market worked here, hence the management of military actions to seize cities.

our troops sought to destroy the fortress, but it was not easy to break through numerous fortifications. In 1791 Anapa fell, which forced the Turkish side to enter into a peace treaty. Under the terms of this Treaty of Russia, the Crimea departed, and Anapa remained belonging to the Ottoman Empire.

With its aggressive foreign policy, the Turks have repeatedly violated the terms of the contract. This led to the fact that in 1827 Russia announced the war of the Ottoman Empire. In 1828. our army took the fortress and city. Since 1829, Anapa became part of Russia.

There are many monuments dedicated to the events of those years in the our gate. The fortress gate themselves received the status of the monument of the Ottoman Military Architecture.

How to get

The path on the territory of the Park of the 30th anniversary of the Victory to the our goal passes through the embankment. You can reach the park on bus numbers number 2, 7, 25.

Holy Trinity Cathedral – the oldest temple of Krasnodar

Where is

Krasnodar, Central Microdistrict.

Why it is interesting

This is the oldest cathedral in the city.

The first thing tourist will appreciate – the uniqueness of architecture. Red brick walls with exquisite patterns, green dome and towers of towers make the temple unlike other cathedrals.

The first chapel house was opened here in 1902.

Solemn consecration of the whole temple occurred in 1910. In 1934, the temple was closed due to religious repression. During the Great Patriotic War, the Germans opened the temple, but at the end of the war he was again closed. Soviet power took away all relics from the clergy: icons, decorations from jewels, even furniture and candelabras.

In those years, many icons were destroyed, and frescoes on the walls, stained glass windows on the windows. Return of the status of the church – the merit of local residents. They achieved this in 1990. Unfortunately, part of the spiritual heritage is irretrievably lost, but at the moment the Cathedral returned the former majesty.

How to get

Cathedral is located in the city center, not far from the Kuban Embankment.

Nearest stops – "Ul. Gogol "in the Kuban Embankment and October," Ul. Gorky "in October," Oktyabrskaya "on Gorky," Pashkovskaya "in Kirov. To these stops can be reached on any transport that runs through the Krasnodar central microdistrict.

Lermontov House Museum in Taman

Where is

In Tamani, not far from the bus station.

Why it is interesting

Mikhail Lermontov stayed here in 1937 towards military service.

Lermontov himself responded to this city unflattering and called Taman "the most bad town of all seaside cities" (quote from "Hero of Our Time").

The mood of the poet is explained, the upcoming service was actually a reference. He caused the nogerness of the king with his poem "on the death of the poet", which dedicated to Pushkin. Later Lermontov will make Taman one of the places of action "Hero of Our Time". The main character of Pechorin also falls into these edges with reference.

The museum opened in 1976. Initially there were few exhibits: 30 paintings and ancient Cossack chicken cooker.

Now in the museum is a large exposition. There are manuscripts and drawings of Lermontov. In one house, the household items were preserved, which used the poet: ranging from furniture and dishes, ending with the tanks and icons.

How to get

Nearest stop – "Archaeological Museum". Before it can be reached by bus number 453.

About the natural attractions of the Krasnodar Territory Read here.

Dolmen Krasnodar Region

Dolmen Krasnodar Territory are known worldwide. There are about 2.5 thousand dolmens here.

Not all the dolmen are well preserved, only piles of stones remained from some. These are the most ancient historical sights of the Krasnodar Territory.

Below will list the largest preserved dolmen.

Jubgian Dolmen – the most affordable

Where is

Village Dzhubga Tuapse region.

Why it is interesting

This dolmen appeared in the III century. NS.

Construction size – 2.5 m x 1.5 m x 2 m. There is a circular window in stone.

According to one of the versions, the dolmen served as a place for the ceremony of the ancient Adygs.

How to get

Finding Dolmen is simple, it is only 500 m from the bus station.

You can only get to Jubgi on the vehicle. There is no railway. Dolmen is located on the street cooperative. This is the territory of the former sanatorium near the Jubga Turbase.

Volkon Dolmen – the only monolithic

Where is

Not far from the village of Volkonka Lazarevsky district.

Why it is interesting

According to some information, this is the only preserved monolithic dolmen in the world.

Such structures are called Megalithiths. This is a solid slice of sandstone, in which the cavity, hole in the wall and the ladder to this hole.

The height of the Dolmen reaches 4 m, from above – flat. According to the estimates of researchers, it is about 9.5 thousand years.

Dolmen are considered acoustic structures. Volkonsky confirms this theory.

According to one of the versions, the wind falls into the cavity. From this are formed sounds of different tonalities. Volkon Dolmen really buzzing, it can be heard. In addition, it is located in the seismically active zone, from which sound waves resonate stronger.

Next to the big dolmen there is another, smaller.

Historic attractions of the Krasnodar Territory

One of the local legends says that these Dolmen are brothers.

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Legend is such: a young man who fell in love a poor girl. His brother ordered to forget about the beloved. But the young man decided that it would be better than a stone than to live without beloved. And immediately after these words turned into dolmen. His brother did not carry a bitterness of loss and also appealed to the stone. The girl turned into a stream, the water in which is cold at any time of the year.

How to get

The Volkonsky Dolmen can be reached by train.

Need to go to the station "Volkonskaya" and go along the main road village up. The road will take about 20 minutes.

If you go by car, then after departure from Lazarevskaya to Sochi, you need not to miss the "Volkon Dolmen" pointer. Immediately behind it, there is parking where you can leave the car. Walking on the signposts will take a few minutes.

Psekupsky Dolmen – the most mysterious

Where is

Not far from the towns of Fanagori, Unnamed, Pyatigorskoe, Saratov, Hot Key area.

Why it is interesting

Psekupsky Dolmen are as many as 20 buildings. Unfortunately, many of them are destroyed.

It is known that they appeared in the III-II centuries. BC. All Dolmen are very massive. Approximate weight of each plate – 40 tons.

At the sight of these structures, the question arises how they could be built without special equipment? But many of them are located in the mountains on a decent height.

How to get

How to get to Psekupsky Dolmen – a difficult question. They seem to be specially hidden from man.

These are the most hard-to-reach dolmen in the edge.

Sometimes they are found by chance.

There is a belief that Dolmen is hidden from people, do not submit them to themselves.

In fact, travelers often track their route on the map and understand that they were a few tens of meters from the dollar, but did not see it.

The following coordinates are known:

  • 44 ° 30’58.84&# 8243; from 39 ° 6’56.44&# 8243; in – the village of Fanagori. A trough-shaped dolmen is located in the glade Gavril Kirassi at the northern part of the village. Construction assigned number 1544. Previously, he was hollow, now the land is looked. Local residents searched for treasures in it and tried to preserve the dolmen after excavations from destruction;
  • 44 ° 24’27.40&# 8243; from 39 ° 7’23.47&# 8243; in – the farm Afanasyevsky post in the village nameless. A dilapidated big dolmen at the river doggy, number 1545;
  • 44 ° 36’27.40&# 8243; from 38 ° 58’25.96&# 8243; in – west of the village of Pyatigorskoe. You need to go up the River Pyatigorka (Thamashinka). Number 1546;
  • 44 ° 42’13.75&# 8243; from 39 ° 13’7.72 "B – Stanitsa Saratovskaya, the left bank of the River Psekups, excavated in the 30s of the last century bribed dolmen. Awarded number 1547. Dolmen partially destroyed. It was assumed that it did not have a hole that is in similar facilities.

Sometimes hard to accessibility is rather plus than minus. These dolmen rarely have people. There is no garbage and ribbons on trees that tourists tie into memory. It is said that only in such places Dolmen retained their true energy.

Dolmen in Pshad – the most numerous

Where is

In the valley of the River Pshad. The village of Pshad is part of Gelendzhik.

Why it is interesting

In the vicinity of the village of Pshad not only a lot of waterfalls, but also about 70 dolmens.

There are also trough, and tiled buildings of different configurations. Some dolmen stand next to each other and form complexes.

The largest dolmens have names and destinations.

About it tells signs. For example, Dolmen Maya attracts love and helps to keep it. Torus – attracts good luck and gives self-confidence. Khan – heals and helps to gain peace of mind.

How to get

This is a popular tourist place. From any city of the region, you can come in the excursion group.

Dolmen can visit the independently starting point – the village of Pshad. Nearest city – Gelendzhik. From it to Pshada can be reached by bus number 106, 107, 109. You should go to the center of the village and navigate the signs.

The first will meet Dolmen "Mother’s Heart".

It is located within the village of Kuban Street.

The following on the way – "Selfish". This is a Dolmen complex. From them the path along the stream leads to "Patriarch". These are the most affordable pshad dolmen. To see the rest, you need to go through at least 3 km.

Thank you for reading my article about the historical sights of the Krasnodar Territory. I love my land and I will be glad to see you visiting.

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