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Hiking tour to the lake

Hiking tour to the lake

Tungur – Akkem – Kara Tairek – Kuchurla – Tingur. It was this route that we passed in 5 days (not counting another day spent on the radial to the glacier not far from the Beluhi Mountain).

Day 1

Went from the "Vysotka" tourist, ignoring GAZ 66 and adopting the challenge of the first pass Kuzuyuk (from Alt. "Bird foot"). The road was dirty enough, broken all the same 66. Height of the outlet point – 1400 meters above sea level.

The place for the night was chosen near the mountain stream, under the birch.

Day 2

Having passed a few kilometers through the forest, got out to the Akké River (from Alt. "White foam river"). The river really justifies its name Рamazing white water was like milk rather. It is a pity that the photo do not pass it.

Day 3

Closer to the noon, they got up to the desired point – the Mountain Lake of the Akkem located in the foothills of Beluhi at an altitude of 2000 above sea level. Also white Akkese lake is even colder and even more beautiful than the river.

Day 4

Was dedicated to radial pickup to the glacier near Beluhi. Further the glacier go we did not risk – no experience, no gear.

Day 5

The first day of the path in the direction back. The way home was lying through the passage of Kara Trearen (from Alt. "Black Forest Little Natka"). I do not know why small but black for sure. On the top were only stones and snow.

On the way to the top we opened the real alpine meadows.

It was the most interesting object (according to the author). Pass with a height of a little more than 3000 meters above sea level presented us with unforgettable views of the surroundings, the opportunity to visit the clouds and feel like a conqueror, albeit small but vertices.

At the peak of Kara Turec there is such a building of the spot. Here, tourists and locals leave tolerances in the form of ribbons, beads, shoelaces, rings. We left candy and lace.

On the descent from the passage we were waiting for good weather again.

By the way, the sunny weather accompanied us throughout the path (and the truth was honestly drank every evening).
By the evening we went down to the edge of the forest, where they did (by the way, not having a single bear).

Hiking tour to the lake

Day 6

The day of a complicated descent on the dirt road, according to which we often simply rolled on the fifth point. Closer to dinner got out to the Kuchurla River – the river with amazing blue, even turquoise water.

On the rocks, along the river, found petroglyphs – carved images on a stone basis.

The nature of the western slope in places was such.

And this is her gifts – gold root and strawberries.

In the morning of the next day we were on the basis, where the path was lying home.

Our tired sneakers, which in 5 days passed a little more than 100 km, then in the mountain, then from the mountain.


The author of the article was not ready for difficulties (constantly wet, dirty sneakers, lack of habitual living conditions), often Gundela, cried and even afraid of bears. But all this turned out to be nonsense – empty fears and ponts compared to the fact that the mountains gave us. And they gave us an unusual experience of testing themselves, beautiful views and rest (yes, it is a vacation) from a bay civilized world.

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