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High relationships

High relationships

Perennial rivalry can play in the city when real professionals are taken for business. The Chrysler-Building skyscraper, built in 1930, is one of the symbols of New York and the fruit of fierce competition between two architects.

Skyscrapers Manhatthen And today they can sort with heights of Dubai, Bangkok, Shanghai or Singapore and in height, and in originality, and in the grace. The Chrysler-Building project was ordered to architect William Van Elene former Senator Reynolds. The building should have become the highest in America, and since construction in the country went throughout and skyscrapers literally grew up like mushrooms after the rain, the pace was asked almost space. Chrysler-Building was built with unprecedented speed – four floors per week. Closer to the completion of the shock construction building, the building was equal to height with a skyscraper of Architect Craga Severrans. Now Building No. 40 on the famous Wall Street is called Trump-Building, then it was more known in the inhabitants of Manhattan as a Bank-office-Manhattan-Trust Building.

Wang Helen and Severrans were once friends and even worked together. But their ways were separated, and, as it often happens to colleagues, they have become sworn rivals from good friends. Severransov became aware of how many floors in the future skyscraper Wang Elena, and he decided to smear, adding a three-year-bilding of 2 feet of height.

Perhaps if there was no personal hostility between the architects, Chrysler Building in New York So it would be one of the dozens of the skyscrapers Manhattan.

High relationships

But rivalry brought their fruits. Van Helene arrived in Severrans: receiving permission from the city authorities, he completed the building with a spire height of 38 m. Thus, in 1929, Chrysler Building became the highest building in the world. The architect managed not only to beat the opponent, but also to create a unique architectural monument in the Art Deco style, which became one of the symbols of New York. The architect thought out not only a common style, but also used many non-standard design solutions. For example, the ornament on the tower repeated the motives developed by designers for caps of wheels of the Chrysler brand machines of the time, and the unique glitter of steel arches still amazes the guests of a big apple.

Unfortunately, in the rapid 30th long enjoy the triumph of the architect was not destined. In the desire to exceed each other, Wang Helen and Sevens seemed to be absolutely not noticed around the grand projects. In less than a year later, the highest building of Manhattan became the skyscraper Empair-State Building, surpass which for several decades only the notorious twin towers were able.

High relationships

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