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Features of negotiations in Chinese., China Blogs and travel notes tourists on tourist

Features of negotiations in Chinese. – , China – Tourist Blog

Several times I had to participate in negotiations with Chinese partners.

The prelude to the negotiations is a peculiar ceremony from semi-cloths, wide smiles and long shaking hands with an indispensable image of joy and delight on faces. Something reminds Meeting Chatlanina with boys from the film "Kin-Dza-Dza". And, of course, the mutual exchange of souvenirs, business cards, and the business card must be filled with two hands. "Courtesy, nothing worth", "courtesy does not require reciprocity", "Nothing, attention – all" and others.

Throughout negotiations, they nod heads, agree, and ultimately it turns out that the essence of the question did not understand, or understood, but in their own way. If something is wrong, try to take an iszor. Keep pause, "swing the pendulum", in order to cause excitement, uncertainty, ultimately counting on concessions. Some comrades, sunset pants, stroke their feet below the knees.

In the negotiations there is necessarily a person who does not interfere with the course of the negotiations, but something writes in a notebook. This party secretary controls the process.

If negotiations go fine, the working day ends with an abundant feast, which, besides negotiators, have some other people from.

The head of the delegation at the table usually begins to a meal. If this is a fish – you need to start from my head. All this is noisyly welcome under the approving exclamations. Drink, especially in northeastern regions, a lot. The closer to the center the less. Toasts ends with an expression "Cambay!", ("bottoms Up!").

In the capital, the nail of the program – Duck on Peking. Live duck in the cage makes a cook, shows, gets approval and carries to the kitchen. Unlike most Chinese dishes, which are prepared on open fire, roasting in the oven, at high temperatures, under an appetizingly roasted ruddy crust layer of fat. Serves a variety of soups from shark fins, turtles, snake. Especially appreciated soup of swallow nests that are collected on rocks in coastal provinces.

Features of negotiations in Chinese., China Blogs and travel notes tourists on tourist

First give to try, then ask, liked the dish, or not, and then already say it was. There are confusions.

Dinner in a restaurant. Serve a dish with spices and under marinade, similar to thinly sliced ​​beef tongue. They say this delicacy is especially useful for men. I ask the host: Madame, what is this delicacy? She says embarrassed: Well, how to put it, beef organ. After lunch, ask the translator: what it was? What does he answer: nothing special, bovine horseradish.

Another thing is informal atmosphere, especially when Chinese comrades came to us. In an informal setting, not to ceremonies, you can easily crush the bubble "Kososososovka", talk "For life". Communication is often conducted without Tolmach, in gestures and with the help of English, about the same level, Level Zero. Mutual understanding is full, like Kuzmich with Finn. In conclusion, everyone sing "Moscow Region".

We accept the Chinese delegation. The waiter serves a cooked chicken that needs to be cut with hands and windows with water to solve fingers. The head of the Chinese delegation with an appetite eats, after which he takes a leader with water and cracking from pleasure drinking. The remaining members of the delegation, looking at the head, also cracking drunk glands.

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