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Family Values ​​or Villars for Children and Adults

Family Values ​​or Villars for Children and Adults

Hardly in all Alps there is a resort more suitable for recreation with children than Villar. Marked by the prestigious label Families Welcome, which gives the Swiss Federation for Tourism, the region of Villar Griend-Dyabler has become one of the three Family Friendly seats in the French part of Switzerland, along with Nenda and Crane Montana. This honorary title of Villar has been carrying ten years and confirms it every two years, proving his compliance with the strict requirements of the thirty-walled document. And all this is not just formalities. Arriving in Villar with children, we immediately decided to arrange the resort "Family Test Drive". Report results.

First, in the apartments shot through Interhome, we were waiting for children’s chairs and cribs. This agency also marked Families Welcome label, so it provides the necessary children’s things on request. If you removed the owner’s apartment directly, then this is also not a reason to drag from Moscow a playpen and stroller. In the neighboring Villar Village Grión, you can rent a chair, stroller, bed or playpen. Moreover, even toys and books can be left at home – in the tourism office there is a magical cabinet, up to top of the literature, puzzles, sorters, board games and other toys for children of all ages. And if for chairs and others will have to pay, then toys are issued on bail completely free. And by the way, our trip to the tourism office has turned into a real performance – on the threshold we met the cheerful fox in Vil, the symbol of the resort, drawn by the famous local multiplier derib. Friendly office workers took turns taken to voice Vil, forcing our children to laugh.

If you prefer to live not in apartments and chalets, but in hotels, it is worth paying attention to two marked hotel label: Eurotel and Hotel Du Golf. The prestigious sticker on the wall at the entrance says that the hotel took care of the game room, the changing area, the children’s menu and the stools in the restaurant. Open a couple of years ago, five star Royalp is also considered one of the most convenient for holidays with children. Despite the spacious game, a cinema, a hall with video games, a special spa-menu for children from 6 years old, the hotel was not certified as a family, as there are no windows in the game room. Such a strict commission! But we checked, in Royalp, really, very happy to children, so we boldly recommend it along with officially recognized family hotels.

With accommodation figured out, go ride. The resort has an excellent offer – a free ski pass for children up to 9 years. In two main ski schools are engaged with children from three years (there are our-speaking instructors), snow children’s kindergartens are open at the top (Jardins de Neige) for the smallest. In general, all local riding zone seems very cozy and safe for riding with children – wide, well-trained tracks and thickets of friendly Christmas trees Somehow immediately instill peace of mind and confidence.

If you want to ride without children, you can leave them for a short Jardin de Neige at the top or in kindergarten La Trotinette below (for children from 2 months to 6 years). Those who have not booked a place in advance in La Trotinette or prefers to ride Grionea, it will be useful to learn about the L’Arbre de Musique L’Arbre de Musique. In addition, Villar has long been famous for its international private boarding schools who arrange winter and children’s camps or even just ready to take a child to themselves for several days, teaching him languages ​​and skiing.

Particularly exciting parents who do not want to give a child to the group, the tourism office offers a whole list of babicitters from 16 to 40 years speaking different languages. True, except our.

Family Values ​​or Villars for Children and Adults

For walking with children here, too, everything is very competently arranged. Next door to the CLUB MED, a small children’s area with a small slide and baby elevator. Absolutely free. Here you can drive on sledding or, taking a sledge with you, climb to the intermediate station COL DE SOUD, on which the train-lift stops and from there to descend along a three-kilometer simple route. Also on the map of the resort there are special children’s routes on snowshoes and trails for strollers walking. Many adult walking routes on foot or snowshoes are also suitable for walking with wheelchairs or sledding. It is especially nice that these trails end up often in some stunning restaurant with a dizzying view. Such, for example, a restaurant on Mount L’etable, to which you can get, having passed the forest road of half an hour from Gryon. For adults there – cheese fondue and Vali wines, and for children – a whole farm with a donkey and a cow, separated from the restaurant area with a large transparent glass.

It is believed that in winter kids are mostly busy with their parents with riding, but during the autumn and winter holidays for children, there are all weeks of animation with creative courses, excursions to the water park and salt caves. In summer, guides, dressed in forest elves and other fabulous characters, take children to mountain trips. During such walks, the guide will tell children about the cheats of fox and teach the fire without matches. Calendar of these activities can always be found in the tourism office, which also flops information about special events in hotels. So, for example, in the recently bristol, the chef spent a culinary master classes for children, and in hairdressers, they trained children to cut and lay the hair.

In general, it seems that about children in the villa think is hardly no more than about adults. What are such minor, it would seem details. In restaurants, you will definitely give pencils and coloring, and the chef almost certainly will come to your baby to shake your hand and ask, the macaronam is preferred by a little gourmet. Going to the bun in the center of the city, you will connect to a large exhibition about the life of bees with detailed illustrated signs. The exposition is made specifically in order to turn the walking parents with a child into something cognitive and interesting. The topic is updated every year and most often devoted to nature. In a brochure in English, prepared by Turofis, you can read in detail about the family advantages of the resort. On the first page of this book for the peace of children even placed contacts of children’s doctors with names and mobile phones. Seeing it, I finally relaxed and assured that this resort about everything already, as you should have thought to me.

Family Values ​​or Villars for Children and Adults

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