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Family holidays on the Black Sea coast where to go with children except Anapa Tourism Articles from

Family holidays on the Black Sea coast: Where to go with children except Anapa?

The Black Sea has long been a favorite place for family holidays. A huge amount of entertainment for both adults and for children will definitely not leave indifferent. Water Parks, Zoo, Dolphinariums, Attractions, Yachting, Diving, Turns and More — All this will give you an unforgettable impression.

For family recreation, such resorts are best suitable as:

  • Dzhubga;
  • Kabardian;
  • Gelendzhik;
  • Divnomore;
  • Lazarevskoye.

These resorts are suitable for families with children of absolutely any age. They are distinguished by many entertainment. For example, a pingguinarian and entertainment center «Jurassic Park» In Dzhubga, Crocodilla Farm and Dinosaur Park in Kabardinka, Amusement Park and Dolphinarium in Lazarevsky and much more.


Kabardinka – This is a place where water warms up faster, and the sea is one of the cleanest. Due to this, rest here begins in early June, and ends only by mid-September. A significant advantage of Kabardica is that the beach is absolutely from anywhere in the village can be reached in just 10-15 minutes.

Family holidays on the Black Sea coast where to go with children except Anapa Tourism Articles from

Entertainment enough for children, and for adults. The most difficult thing is to choose what to visit first. You can enjoy architecture in «Old Park», Visit Inverted House, Oceanarium, Dino Park or admire landscapes on sea walk. In the evening, there is no noisy disco on the beach, this is another plus, if you are looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday.


If we talk about Dzhubga, then it is the closest resort of the Black Sea, so ideal for those who do not like long roads. The beach area is well landscaped for a comfortable stay:

  • Sun loungers,
  • locker rooms,
  • Shower cabins.

Entertainment on the beach will not let you miss you nor to your children. Trampolines, water rides, walking on the boat along the coast — all this at your service. The sea is quite warm and clean, and the entrance to the water is suitable even the smallest, since the bottom is smooth and does not have sharp drops.


Lazarevskoye can please you with clean shore and air, as well as interesting leisure for children:

  • aquapark,
  • amusement park,
  • Horse row,
  • Excursion to Dolmen.

Amazing nature and good weather are perfectly combined with beach holidays and entertainment.

Take a look at these resorts, they do not give way to Turkey or Egypt, but by nature, freshness of the air and the purity of the sea even won. Your children will be delighted, and you will enjoy a comfortable stay with your family.

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