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Fallos protect Button from the evil

Fallos protect Button from the evil

Far country Bhutan in Himalayas is famous not only by astounding mountain views. It is only worth going off from the only airport of the Kingdom of Paro towards the capital of Thimphu – and the eye is invariably stumped into bright images of phallus, in a set applied to the elevated walls of houses, shops and dining rooms.

Often, phallic symbols are fighting for the place under the sun with the eastern dragons and advertising posters, on which Bollywood actresses are extolled by the delights of soft drinks.

Fallos honor many nations: Buddhists worship in India and Nepal "Lingam" In the temples dedicated to God Shiv. And in Bhutan, the image of a native body originates in the Buddhist monastery near Punakhi, the former capital of the country.

Saint Bestnik

The monastery is called Chimi Lhahang and is dedicated to the Bhutaneous Saint Schedule Lame Drupka Kinley.

Drupka Kinley, famous for unusual and often scandalous methods of teacher, is called the Divine Madness.

Stories about drunkenness and love adventures, which he indulged with passion throughout the kingdom, attracts pilgrims to his temple from different parts of the country.

Thaiphu’s trip to Chimi Lhahang takes three hours.

Built in 1499, the monastery is a square building with a pointed golden roof. It stands on top of a hill in a 20-minute walk from the nearest road.

Near the wind fluttering almost a hundred korugway – mostly white, but some of them are colored.

Button believes that when these flags touches the wind, he takes their prayers with him and blesses every person and any thing that concerns.

According to the legend, the Druplip Kinley found out the demons confused from the path and beat them on their heads with his membe, subordinating them and turning them into guardian angels.

Several wooden membees are stored in the monastery and today.

The longest, stupid of brown wood, with a silver handle, is the most important of all: it is considered a religious relic and are used for blessing devout.

The eldest monk tells me that Druppet Kinley brought him with him when he came to Bhutan from Tibet about 500 years ago. It is this monk that puts on the heads of three girls who came here to pray: it is believed that prayer in this temple helps childlessly.


To come here, you need to mute the village of Jovakha and many houses of which are decorated with phallic images.

On one of these houses – the house of 80-year-old Farmers Demos – the Red Penis is banging next to the wooden window frames painted in traditional local colors.

Dema says that this specially hired a professional artist.

"It is to protect those who live in the house – she explains. – And so that there was no quarrel in the house".

Fallos protect Button from the evil

Her son of Yehi and niece Doria deputies according to nod.

And next door lives 42-year-old Kinley.

He has a simple drawing of a phallus. He says that he painted him last year when he repaired the house.

"To guard the house from an evil eye. When people envy me or say something bad about me or my family, he assigns the evil eye", – Says Kinley.

Now he is going to erase the picture and draw a new one, even better.

"This is not very good. I drew her in a hurry", – He explains – and calls his wife and children to set on the background of his art for the camera.

But these drawings do not like all.

In the village of Misina, I saw a house on which someone clearly tried to smell a phallus dirt.

Mina lives here, she is 21 years old, and she shy his huge pictures: the membe stands on the testicles, as if on wheels.

"Just disgusting, – Mina says. – Somehow it is too male. I am ashamed when father and brother come. I want to get rid of her".

Fallos protect Button from the evil

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