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Expats about Russia and Russians Algerian Rada Kerbush

Expats about Russia and ours: Algeria Rada Kerbush

Why Russia? Probably so happened. In 2008, after graduating from the lyceum in my hometown of Batna, that in the northeast of Algeria, I was looking for a country where students pay a monthly scholarship. Found two: Russia and Australia. I decided to go to the one that answers my request faster. So it was in St. Petersburg.

I have been in Russia as a child when he traveled with his parents. And the second time I already thought that I know something about the country. For some reason, it believed that everyone owns English. Considered as many foreigners that weapons are sold here at every turn. And I was afraid of learning problems, because I heard that the education system in Russia is one of the most complex in the world. Everything turned out not so. But to see so many visitors from Central Asia did not expect.

I often have to dispel myths about Algeria. When it was arranged for the work last time, a black African was waiting for the interview and did not immediately realize that the white guy at the passage is me.

ours often think that in my native country only sand and desert with camels, Although in fact for me these animals were also exotic. Still everyone loves to say that Algeria is an eastern country, although it is West Russia and many other countries. Some are sure that there is hard Islam, my father has ten wives, and I have almost 50 brothers and sisters. It’s also not so. Like the fact that the war is constantly in Algeria and is very dangerous.

When I taught our, I often gave out phrases like "No and there is no" and "I was so surfaced". Now I know our well, but funny stories happen. For example, recently spouse said: "You like the moon". I thought for a long time what this character is such – the rigid, I was looking for an Internet – to no avail. In the end, I could not stand and asked her. Then laughed long.

Another time was not lucky with the police. I heard that the police in Russia call the cops, and somehow, deciding to panta, used the word "menthol" in the meaning of the "policeman". The interlocutor did not understand me, and I added: "Mint". It also did not help. As a result, I had to describe it for a long time what kind of mint is so in a cap. But how do you like MINT and "MENT"!

I didn’t understand for a long time why the ours call girls sneakers, and even regretted them a little. Over time, I realized that this is not a "sneakers", but "beauty". However, I also did not suspect the word "girl". The first year in the store, cafe and on the street addressed all female representatives: "Girl". And did not understand why I look so strange.

Photo: From the personal archive of Rada Kerbusha

our became the sixth language that I know. I still own Arabic, Shavian (this is one of the Berber languages), French, English and Dargea (all North Africa speaks on it).

Once I was asked if I was in VKontakte. I did not know about this network and answered: "Yes, I’m with you now in contact". The girl explained: "You do not understand, I mean "In contact with"". So lasted ten minutes. As a result, I decided that she was some kind of strange.

When I told my parents that we and my wife and I live in a studio apartment with an area of ​​35 m², they joked that we look like the Japanese. We have our own apartment in Kudrov, not far from St. Petersburg, but much less than is customary to have in Algeria. In Russia, a family is considered a family that has only three children, and for us have two-three children – the norm. Therefore, tiny apartments do not need anyone. Moreover, Algerians prefer at home, mostly three-story, approximately 1500 m² – and this is not a typo! Often three generations of the family live in such a house. For example, on the first floor – grandfather with a grandmother, on the second – parents, there is also a terrace, on the third – Son with family. My family also has such a house.

In Russia, people are attracted to each other as magnets, and I do not understand why. It happens everywhere: on the street, in transport, office, any queue, when you stand at the checkout and you are pushing the cart behind the cart. Even if there is a lot of free space around, for some reason, you should practically cuddle to another person. I love my personal space, and in Russia there is no. These habits changed only coronavirus.

Amazed doctors, which they say that I have chronic disease, Although I never sick. For example, chronic tonsillitis. But now I know what it is.

Photo: Nate Hovee

Algeria is a Muslim country, but in Batna I could safely walk on the main street and keep a girl by hand. In more conservative areas of the country, they try to meet where fewer people – for example, outside the city. All families are different, but in the north of freedom more. Although no one will kiss in the street, because it is indecent. And here – quite normal.

We can give flowers to the girl, but that she put them at home or in the garden. And in Russia give already cut. In Algeria, it is also accepted to give sweets sweets, brides – gold, and in restaurants or cafes pay for them. The girl, in turn, can give a man’s sweets that cooked herself.

In Algeria, it seems to me that women are more conspiring. For example, you will never smoke with them, swear, even ashamed to watch clips with frank scenes. At a minimum will always ask permission.

My mom never covered the face or hair, and I don’t demand this from my wife. In a bar, about 60% of women cover head with a handkerchief, and the face closes about 2%, mostly those who passed 70. Approximately so many women with closed persons I saw in St. Petersburg.

My wife met in the first year of the university, We studied in the same group. Tanya works as a financier, and in his free time he leads Instagram, where he tells about Algeria and relations with Algerians. We have no child yet, but when it appears, we will choose a name that is in both countries. For example, Nadia, Sofia, Ilya, Adam, Alexander and T. D.

Wedding played in Russia in the circle of our families. I was categorically against the ransom, so we did not have it. Like witnesses. But I was a loaf. My mom kept him on the tower. I did not know what to do, and trampled a small piece so that I did not have much. It turned out that, according to the our tradition, the main thing in our family is now a wife. We also lit a family hearth. And according to Algerian custom, my father gave Thane a set of jewelry.

I was lucky. When we argue with Tanya, she almost always takes my side. Remembers that I, like a Muslim, do not eat pork, and tries to always have a chicken or turkey. Although I never insist on it and do not want to be worried about me. Despite the fact that I am another faith, can cross in when we go somewhere, and fits my name in the notes "On Zeravia". The parents of his wife first experienced that we were with her different religions, but I believe that religion should not act a barrier between people. My family also does not see the problems.

our cuisine has become a great opening for me. You have so many soups! And such juicy chebureks! Like dumplings and a herd under the fur coat, but I can’t watch. True, if it is offered to me at a party, eat not offend the owners. Favorite New Year’s delicacy – Heat with mustard. Once my wife and I had ate his all January holidays, since I myself prepared a lot of cold and mother-in-law. Olivier do not eat, because for me it is a dish – a mixture of absolutely incompatible products. Yes also mayonnaise, brr! I miss the strongest in the Sardin: we have them fry and eat like seeds.

I work as a kitchen group manager in IKEA. In addition, I am engaged in Wikimedia – this is a non-profit charitable organization that supports infrastructure for the work of a number of multilingual wiki-projects. I am often invited to other countries at the conference. For example, with colleagues made a free course on how to work in Wikipedia, which passed 20,000 Arabic users. Tanya is now also working on one of Wikimedi’s projects – Lingua LiBr, a platform where languages ​​are recorded.

Photo: From the personal archive of Rada Kerbusha

Expats about Russia and Russians Algerian Rada Kerbush

One of the most pleasant work traditions in RussiaThis is the 13th salary. In Algeria about such no one knows.

I also like that it was accepted by the whole team to go to corporate, celebrate birthdays and other holidays. If an employee is born in Algeria, a child is born or he marries, it brings a cake or other treats, but the colleagues are not at all obliged to give him.

But we have, in addition to vacation, you can easily save for a month and go somewhere. Here I can not imagine! As I do not imagine that ours do not work among the day. In Algeria in the summer, when it is especially hot, about 13 to 15, many shops are closed, and office workers are diverted at home to sleep. After work, Algerian men often gather in a cafe to chat for a cup of coffee or tea, and their wives walk with girlfriends or sit with children.

Everyone has it Region Russia has its own highlight. In Moscow, beautiful metro stations, but people constantly hurry somewhere. In Krasnodar a lot of private sector, almost like in Algeria. In the meadow, almost to any point of the city can be reached by taxi for 100 rubles, and the chanson must be listened to every car. Pskov and Novgorod are very calm, quiet, low. In Karelia, I liked Nature: Stony Landscape with Forest and Ponds. Very nice! In Kazan, I almost did not walk, but it seemed to me that this city is a bit like Moscow. Surprised that in stores everything is signed in our and Tatar.

Photo: Solodov Aleksei

My salvation in winterscarf. If the neck is warm, then everything is fine. I like it when there is a small frost, there is no wind and there is snow, but the trouble is that in St. Petersburg the weather is changing quickly. And constant dampness is hard. All the fact that in winter a short light day is: go to work – even dark, come back home – already dark. So I try at least to leave somewhere to raise the mood. For example, I love Estonia. In the Peter in the cold walk rarely. It seems to me that much more pleasant to sit in warm and drink a glass-other mulled wine.

I feel like an algerian, but I feel that some character traits over the years of life have changed in Russia. First time I easily started a fight when I was robbed. I can now ignore rudeness or answer. Algerians are carefully choosing words, first think, and then they say.

When my wife and I flew to Algeria, felt like a VIP person: We were allowed in many museums after the closure, they conducted individual excursions, and the taxi driver even moved his prayer to take place in an interesting place. And no one took extra money for it! On the contrary, they could even give something else.

In Algeria, foreigners are infrequently, so guests are happy. ours who live in big cities, more closed as Europeans. You have the hospitality to express in relation to relatives and friends, and to foreigners treat a little wary. Maybe because you do not know what to expect from a person?

Photo: From the personal archive of Rada Kerbusha

When Russia played against Algeria at the World Cup in 2014, I was an enemy number one. In both countries. Algerians believed that I was sick for Russia, as I live here, and the ours were confident in the opposite because of my nationality. The account was then 1: 1, but Algeria passed on, and Russia is not. And many ours wrote me later messages like: "They made us," hinting that I still "my". I watch only major international football matches or those who will call friends. If you go out on the field, I’ll probably start throwing rivals over the shoulder. Joke, of course. I just did Judo all my life.

I like Russia, but I would like to live in the city less than St. Petersburg. Although I understand that in this case and work will have to be more difficult. In Algeria, it is better to live because of good climate, low prices and abundance of my favorite products. True, I would not want to go back to the Batna, since it is partially "scrubby". Do not mind moving to the third country, but everything rests on to work. If I offer a good place and salary, I think we will risk.

Expats about Russia and Russians Algerian Rada Kerbush

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