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Exhibitions and Museums in Romania

Exhibitions and Museums in Romania

Gloomy and terrible castle of Count Dracula, borrowed by Bremaker in his legendary novel "Dracula", became one of the most significant attractions of Romania. A lot of romance entertained and numerous novel adaptation, especially Oskarone Ribbon Francis Ford Coppola "Dracula", Shot in 1992, where the Dracula Castle is made in the best traditions of Grotesque. Gloomy boulders sticking out of the walls of beams and turrets. The main character, Jonathan (Keanu Rivz), crosses through the castle threshold. And the viewer immediately sees the inner atmosphere of the terrible home of the graph – the shadow, as if lively by the director, the walls that move, tremble the flame from hundreds of candle, sisters of the graph, thirsty of the guest blood. But this is a movie.

And in reality the castle is seriously different from the legends. Bran Castle was built in 1382 by the inhabitants of Brasov as an important strategic point, for which they were released from paying taxes in the state treasury for several centuries. In 1622-1625 two protective towers were completed. From his booties could be monitored by trading paths, since the border between the areas of Valahia and Transylvania passed nearby. First, the castle belonged to the ruler of Transylvania worldly senior, and then residents of Brasov and the Habsburg Empire. According to the legend, the famous Voivode Vlad Charesh, the famous ledge here during his campaigns, and the locality surrounding the castle of Bran, was a favorite place of hunting and recreation chain. Bran Castle is known as the Castle of Dracula, although never belonged to the prince of Vlad Terene, a real historical person who inspired Bram Stoker to create an image of a terrible vampire.

Currently, the question of the fate of the Castle of Bran – the most popular attractions of the country. According to changes in the legislation, the legal owners of the Dracula castle – the Gaentsolenn family – in 3 years they can prohibit excursions in their possessions. Local residents are concerned, because 1 million tourists visits every year. Most likely, the problem will be solved, as in most such cases – the owner will hand out the castle for rent. At the same time, the museum will continue and will still attract tourists.

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Branch Castle, Romania – Rooms and Halls

Huge crowds of tourists spoil all the mood of staying in the castle. Photographing almost impossible, people everywhere. Al either, too, not everywhere good and photos are lubricated. Read more →

Tht55 | Spring 2016

What a village looked in Romania. Bran – open-air museum

All small houses in the village. Neat, with white walls. Everything is supported in good condition. The flow of tourists is large enough. Read more →

Tht55 | Spring 2016

Exhibitions and Museums in Romania

Sibiu, Museum of Natural History

There are several expositions in the museum: Dinosaur Park, Minerals Department, Paleontology Sector, Ecosystems and Living Peace. All the halls are small but interesting. Read more →

Tht55 | Spring 2016

Dragon Castle in Bran, Romania

Overview I want to enable the appearance of the castle and the courtyard. And in the rest of the reviews, I will show the room and the castle halls. The castle is one of the main attractions of Romania. Read more →

Tht55 | Autumn 2015

One of many but no less interesting

Pretty many historical places are preserved in transylvania. Citadel Tartulau and the Church of the Holy Cross, the fortress pretermor, located 15 km east of Brasov and beautifully preserved to the present day, one of them. Read more →

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