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European motifs are the second film; 4 series – Lake Maggiore

"European motifs – film second" 4 series – Lake Maggiore

From Milan to Strast, just an hour of the road on a regional train. Before us – the most beautiful of the coastal resorts on Lago Maggiore. Here were often the Queen of Victoria, the members of the Savoy family, the princes of Orlov and Trubetsky. She admired Dostoevsky, Bernard Shaw, Hemingway.
In the city, you can admire the villas built in the XIX-XX century. True, there are estates that have declined. The darkened walls seized by the unchanged ivy are travelers a different brink of beauty.
A small fishing village in the XVI century became domain of Wisconti, and then passed into possession of the family of Italian aristocrats Borromeo. The economic development of the city began after opening Napoleon
Roads that tied Rome with Northern Europe.
The second largest in the country Lake Lago Maggiore is one of 4 Italian lakes. Literal translation of the reservoir name sounds like a "big lake". Located in the upper part of the "boot", Lago-Maggiore is washes by its waters Italian and Swiss lands.
In the form of water, it is very similar to the snake, intricately arguing in water. The parameters of this "snake" are very impressive: the width of the lake – 10 km, length – 66 km.
The outlines of the lake committing unexpected bends, awarded Maggiore a unique feature – the presence of island archipelago. In the Italian waters "inhabit" several island groups. One of them – Borrome Islands.
Five small islands have exposed their rocky backs throughout the many centuries in the Gulf of the West Bank of Maggiore.
Saama Large – Isola Bell, Isola Dei Peparis and Isola Madre
In the XVII century, a noble genus of Milan Wiel, Borromeo, turned a burning out of useless stones whispering in the middle of a blue lake stroy. The islands that make up about 20 hectares of solid water, surrounded by relatively calm waters, was decided to turn into flowering camours.
The first was mastered Isola Bella – "Beautiful Island". In order to give a Rocky Rock, a fabulous beauty took considerable efforts: even a fertile layer of land was brought from the coast.
In 1632, Karl III Borromeo began the construction of the palace, which was going to present as a gift to his wife Isabelle.

European motifs are the second film; 4 series - Lake Maggiore

As a result of the restructuring, the island took the shape of a massive ship standing at anchor in a spacious lake. Palace deserves special attention. He personifies the front deck, and the upper terrace – the captain’s bridge.
In the XVIII-XIX century, such famous persons as Napoleon Bonaparte with his wife and Duchess Carolina Wales were held around the halls of the palace and terraces of the garden.
No less picturesquely, the garden organized in the form of stone steps.
Pescatori Island – "Fishermen Island". Small land plot, about 350 m in length and only 100 m wide. This island fully justifies its name: there is no time for the settlement of fishermen. Despite his miniature, several hotels are comfortable on the island. Couples are often stopped in them and wedding banquets are held.

European motifs are the second film; 4 series - Lake Maggiore

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