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Essay about Egypt

Essay about Egypt

And even better bring home not easy bauble, but a thing that has a story.That is how I got.What I liked most in the Egyptian trip?

My vacation

Not only sunny beach. Everything was me: and I got acquainted with the desert, and I met the water element, the first time in life dressed aqualang. Once with friends decided to go into the sea for fishing.I, like my buddy, I love to go fishing. I am a friend and says, why should we need someone, let’s go, without rescuers.

Fishing in Egypt

But as soon as we moved away from the shore, as we see other fishermen in a panic return. It was strange to observe this, the weather was wonderful, not a cloud in the sky.I’m sitting on the side, the twisted legs, the driver’s affectionately. And suddenly!Very sharp wind, such a sharp weather I have not seen in life.Turputovka in this oasis of the sun, the sea and good mood I ordered on the site for the sale of batch tours.

  • Storm at sea

Our boat in one moment rested the nose into the sky, then suddenly collapsed down and got on the stern.So do ten.We miraculously managed to return to the shore, the fishing naturally failed. And how I survived, I still do not understand.

Essay about Egypt
  • Excursions to the desert

There were excursions to the desert.My wife and I decided to ride quad bikes in the desert.Dressed beautiful and smart.The desert turns out, it is not only sand, and some kind of brown dust, very eaten.

And it’s not possible to wash this dust.I still have a staring T-shirt, which after races in the desert has become similar to the designer item bizarre color.Egypt, it is not only the sea and the beach, but also many other impressions!

And in my opinion, in Egypt, as in general in Arab countries, it is better to isolate from local residents. I have nothing against Arabs and Egyptians in particular, all of them are cute and beautiful people, very sociable and welcoming.

  • My hotel

Simply, I want to relax calmly, and they did not require constantly Bakshish and did not pull the dollar pocket. But hotel staff in our hotel, Sinbad Aqua Hotel, turned out to be wonderful and unobtrusive. One of the local me even surprised me, in the hotel’s restaurant, Egyptian played the guitar, very virtuoso.I tell him, would you go somewhere in Europe, made a career.

He answered me that he was good here. Enough enough, the sea is, warm, enough for life, what else is needed for happiness to man?

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