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Equipment for the survival of a real man

Equipment for the survival of a real man

Equipment for survival is becoming increasingly popular not only among men who were in his youth expulsion. A huge selection makes carefully planning the necessary equipment during the campaign in the forest.

Survival ; Adventure for steep guys

There are many ways to spend your free time. Some like lying on the sofa in front of the TV, lazily jumping from the canal channel. However, there are those who are looking for problems in every free minute. For them, the day without adrenaline definitely spent wasted. If you belong to the second category of men, go to an amazing adventure ; survival.

The art of survival in difficult conditions is not only Strengthens physical form, But, first of all, forms psyche and allows you to train your character. However, no trip to the forest will be successful if there is no equipment enough. Before you get acquainted with the skill of the Mak Gaiver, who could create real wonders from nothing, you may need several gadgets intended for real enthusiasts of strong impressions.

Men’s expedition ; what to take with you?

Going on a trip, women usually take with them most of things that just get into the hands, not always completely thinking about whether they will be helpful. Men’s expedition in the genre "Hide in the woods and live a few days" ; This is the minimum of maximum beneficial gadgets whose task ; slightly relieve survival in difficult conditions. In this case, men are betting primarily on versatility, reliability and extensive functionality. Multitules, pocket basic items, useful in any circumstances, are very popular. What else should be in a backpack?

Backpack ; Comfortable and durable

Before we cross the equipment required for every walk in the fresh air, it is worth staying on the equipment in which this equipment should be packaged. Go on a trip to the unknown with a tourist suitcase on wheels ; hardly option. The foundation ; Good Rubbzak. It must be spacious enough to fit all the necessary equipment inside. However, with a liter capacity to rearrange. There is a danger that With the capacity of a 90 liter backpack it will be packed under the notorious crane, and excess things instead of help can be a real curse. The size of the backpack should be selected for individual needs, but For short trips, one volume of 45-65 liters is enough.

clothing ; Comfort above all

Another important thing in the case of an expedition to survival ; Appropriate clothing. Well, if it is in neutral tones that facilitate the disguise in the field. It is also important that it was durable material. Due to the character of the trip, it is worth having a set of clothes with long sleeves and pants. Regardless of the season in the backpack there should also be a cape.

Equipment for the survival of a real man

Knife ; adapted to your needs

The basis of each expedition to survival ; knife. It is important that she Complied with the needs. In the stores of survival there are many interesting offers, and more demanding people may have a temptation to buy equipment made to order. In this case, the customer indicates not only the size of the blade or handle, but also the knife material.

Lantern ; preferably lag

After the occurrence of darkness, people see much worse than animals, although, of course, over time, vision is adapted even to difficult conditions. However, if you want to see something after sunset, it is worth arming a powerful flashlight that gives the right beam of light. Headlamp ; This is a practical solution ; A convenient way of fastening on the head means that we have loose hands.

Hammock or sleeping bag and rug?

There is another question that must be taken into account, ; it’s how to stay for the night. You can buy a special hammock. It takes little space that is his undoubted advantage. Another decision ; Traditional spacing rug. Obviously, both offers have supporters. And what choose you?

Equipment for the survival of a real man

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