China or Caribbean; What country to visit in 2019

China or Caribbean ; What country to visit in 2019?

I think most people have already managed to visit countries such as Turkey, hotels and beaches for every taste and wallet.

Rest in China 2019 ; Visiting provinces

In China, about twenty provinces differ quite strongly in terms of economic and social development. For example, the city of Zhowojuang, which is located near Shanghai, is a kind of Chinese Venice , surrounded by channels where all tracks are paved by stone tiles.

Why it is worth going to China already this season? There are several reasons:

  • Because of the abundance of sights ; One Great Wall of China is worth seeing to see it, and there are no interesting objects in the country, but hundreds;
  • To enjoy a wonderful beach holiday and try exotic fruits ; In China, they are no worse than in other Asian countries;
  • For treatment, wellness procedures, because Chinese medicine is able to work wonders, returning youth and giving beauty;
  • great service ; China does not stand still, constantly developing and improving, and for guests invent all new amenities;
  • To visit the parks of attractions, which in this country there are a lot, they are built with a scope, impressive with the number of interesting and dizzying places;
  • as prices here are low ; You can buy goods or snacks inexpensively, however, it is worth pretty, having received a discount that sometimes reaches 10 times the size.

What interesting in China? A lot of small shops and shops offer their goods: products of folk craftsmen, vintage figurines and, like everywhere in China, many cafes and eateries, where you will prepare wonderful and most importantly, the most important, healthy dishes of Chinese national cuisine.

China or Caribbean; What country to visit in 2019

What to see in Hong Kong?

It is also necessary if it is possible to visit Hong Kong ; This is a shopping center and nightclubs, where fun and beats the key, starting at six evenings and up to seven in the morning. There is in the city where you can relax from the worldly bustle. It is worth:

  • Peak Victoria ; The highest point of the province, where the observation deck for tourists is equipped. Ticket price ; 6 dollars;
  • Oshung Park ; Themed entertainment place with hundreds of attractions, exciting spirit. A ticket here will cost $ 50 for a whole day of fun;
  • Huge statue of Buddha ; Located on the island of Lantau, you can get here on the cable car, spending 20 dollars to it;
  • Alley Star ; This is a unique place, as in Hollywood, where the names of world celebrities are located, visiting free, and in the evening ; at 20:00 there are incendiary shows here;
  • Skyscrapers of Hong Kong ; impressive height and scale, in many of these there are free viewing platforms;
  • Monastery 10,000 Buddhas ; It was famous for a huge number of Buddha statuettes located on the territory, you can get here for free.

Visit stands and the famous Botanical Garden, built by the British in the 18th century ; A beautiful place where it will be possible to enjoy the flavor of the local nature. I hope you have already formed your opinion on holiday in China, come, and you will open a completely new and unknown country.

Holidays in the Cariba ; Prices and features

Where else is our tourist is an infrequent guest, but naturally really wants to visit? This, of course, Cuba or Dominican Republic, in the Caribbean, received by pirated legends of treasures, beautiful beauties and military battles ; These countries are mounted to them all year round.

By the way, soon ; Already in April-May Begins the peak of the tourist season on the Caribbean, it’s time to book tickets and hotels! This is a paradise for tourists, beautiful white sand beaches, virgin nature, wonderful ecology. What to do in the caribbean? You are waiting for a sea of ​​adventure:

  • Diving lovers will find everything here, what they dreamed of all their lives ; Multiflower underwater world and, quite possibly, some treasures;
  • You can organize excursions to the jungle and merge with nature ; She is surprisingly beautiful here;
  • Be sure to try local cuisine, I assure you, you will not find this anywhere, give preference to exotic fruits and seafood;
  • Just relax on the beaches in style Bounty , like in advertising ; there are hundreds of them here, the sand is clean, the ocean is calm ; Real fairy tale;
  • Visit the island of St. John and Virgin Islands ; You are waiting for a cruise on a ferry, inspection of stone ruins and a picturesque coast in the National Park.

Naturally, everyone heard about the famous Cuban rum, so, I will say to you honestly, drank himself ; Excellent thing, especially with local seafood cooked on the grill.

The best resorts of the Caribbean for tourists

Caribbean ; These are a lot of resorts, combined nature and amazing exotic magic. In 2019, travelers prefer to visit:

  1. Cuba ; visa is not needed here, The season continues all year round, although in May and November usually rainy;
  2. Dominican Republic ; It is expensive here, but the level of service is appropriate, the visa is not required, resting better in winter;
  3. Bahamas ; You can come here at any time, but tourists call the high season winter ; From September to May;
  4. Jamaica ; Relatively budget leisure direction, visa when traveling is placed on the border, you can go to any season;
  5. Barbados ; Pirate pier, where to relax comfortably all year round, and rains go only in July.

You can visit the Cayman Islands, and Costa Rica ; These resorts will enjoy the most demanding travelers who have already been in many countries, want to diversify their vacation.

I hope today in this small article I interested you for tourist destinations as China, its provinces, including Hong Kong, as well as the islands of the Caribbean Archipelago. These areas are very popular in 2019 with tourists who prefer exotic, they want to try something new while unknown and interesting. Pleasant rest!

China or Caribbean; What country to visit in 2019

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