Cheese and Wine Festival

Cheese and Wine Festival

Lviv from October 21 to October 23, the cheese and wine festival will be held. Culmination of the holiday will be the manufacture of a giant cheese.

The festival will allow residents and guests of the city more to learn about the culture of the dampness and tradition of winemaking in Lviv, consider in the Lviv city council. "Wine for Lviv is of great importance. If the beer and coffee are the late symbols of the city, then it is on winemaking and winkers our city rich in the XV-XVII centuries, "said the historian-Lviv science Ilko Lemko. According to him, the symbol of the city – the Tower of the Assumption Church – was built on the funds brought by wine.

The main guests at the festival will be winemakers from the south of Ukraine. They will present their products to everyone who will come to the holiday. In the halls of the Palace Potock, experts will hold wine tastings. As part of the festival, cheese and wine fair will also be held.

The second day of the festival will be dedicated to cheese. Famous Ukrainian musician Taras Chuba will hold master classes for the preparation of various cheese dishes. Lviv’s restaurants will be gathering to joint efforts to bake the cheese, who will treat all visitors to.

Cheese and Wine Festival

During the festival, Taras Chuby, Wagabunda Fire Theater, Pikkardian TRACTION. And on October 24, the National Ballet of Georgia Erisioni will be performed in the Lviv Opera. For children, interactive installations from the Polish Theater Wagabunda are promised, and on the stage in the day program, children will be offered entertainment, tricks and contests from clowns and acrobats.

Lviv cheese is also a kind of gastronomic symbol of the city. Cheesecakes are served in all Cafe Lviv. Variations of the Lviv cheese are very much – it is prepared with lemon or orange zest, coke chips, poppy seeds or apples.

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