Chechnya. 14 Soviets from Andrei Ponkratova

Chechnya. 14 Soviets from Andrei Ponkratova

"Spout Mosque" – Mosque "Chechnya Heart" named after Ahmat Kadyrov. Because of all noise it seemed to me that she was like a saint Sophia’s cathedral in Istanbul, and in fact she was not so big.

Grozny City from several skyscrapers. Opposite it will be a formidable city 2, it will be even higher, with some incredible pool, which will be built over the river Suna.

In Grozny – Restaurant Paradise and Cafe "Underground" on the second floor of a local TsUM. In general, prices surprised in Chechnya – everywhere and all. In a restaurant for 300 rubles. You can eat very well.

Argun Gorge and Argun Waterfalls, Chihali Waterfalls – In Chechnya A huge amount of waterfalls.

Alpine Lake Kesenaam. I was completely told about everything, and despite the fact that it was aside from our route, we went and really remained impressed.

Cyclopeous Towers: Watchdog, Combat, Signal, Residential – Huge Ancient Stone Towers of Miscellaneous. Some are renovated, some are destroyed by the war, but you can go inward there. Chechens are very reverent.

Those who, like me, do not eat meat, I advise you to try fish – sturgeon, Sazan is carrying from Dagestan, from Caspiana.

Zhizhik Galnash – the most running dish. This is meat with dough dough, hot meat broth is served to them, and a smaller garlic sauce in a cup. Lower the gallushka in this sauce and drink a bulral. Try Chepalgash with a filling of cottage cheese and Hinggal with a filling of sweet pumpkin.

Women there are very beautiful. But with women everything is very strict.

Dancers from the ensemble "Vainakh"

In Grozny, it is interesting absolutely all. Here you go on the street – and on the street purely. Underground transitions surprised – before, they say, they were not at all. Surprised that in provincial cities there are traffic lights. Surprised flat roads renovated at home – they are facing them with natural stones (five-story buildings, nine-story buildings look amazing)

Ethnographic Museum "Dondi-Yurt" in Urus-Martan. One magnificent man created it for 13 years on his own funds. In one of the built towers, he lives in the summer.

Chechnya. 14 Soviets from Andrei Ponkratova

Surprised me what everyone learned me there, even grannies in some remote aulh. This is because they are watching any nonsense, but National Geographic, Animal Planet, "My Planet", "Science 2.0 »

It is impossible to steal brides – fine 1 million rubles. and blood revenge. And blood revenge, and there is still kunomas, but some part of traditions leaves.

– In 2001, during the next business trip to Chechnya, I had. However, it is not even a story, and so – the memory. In general, I flew along with a cargo of some kind of humanitarian aid from the northern military base in Grozny to the Border Introduction of Itum Cali (it is in the mountains on the border with Georgia). The helicopter flew through the Argun Gorge, about half of its height. That is, the mountains were hung over us, at the bottom of the Argun, the gorge was twisted, and inside the "cow" (so the warriors were called Mi-26) it seemed that all this seems like some hell’s race. Moreover, at once we were flying the pinch of the accompaniment and shooting the thermal rockets – they had to divert the shells who flew from "Shaitan-pipes" from "Zelenk" (so the warriors called mortars and forest, respectively). The feeling of the race personally increased me many times, as I played on a laptop in the game Road Rash (rally on motorcycles). It was as if the game was intertwined with reality. Turn the wheel of a motorcycle – "Cow" throws to the side. Go from the slide – the helicopter will rush down, in the gorge. 12 years passed. I do not really love the word "flashback", but otherwise you won’t call it. In the Argunsky gorge laid quite a decent road. Just at half the height of his mountains. And I again traveled from Terrible to Itum Cali, only this time on the road, on a large, good motorcycle. And again felt in the game. And I still caught the idea that then, 12 years ago, I could not even assume such a motor footage. And another, even more important thought: It is very good that they are no longer shooting on the flutter and passing by.

Maybe next time I will go with the owner of the ethnographic museum in Valerik village – there, on the Valerik River ("Death River" – Chechensk.) During the Caucasian War, the battle took place in which M.NS. Lermontov.

Going to a football match on "Ahmat-Arena" (lawn is a second time recognized as the best in Russia) and visit the "Ramzan" football academy.

If you are interested in weightlifting, visit the School of Heavy Athletics in Shada. The current world champion in weightlifting is a graduate of this school.

Chechnya. 14 Soviets from Andrei Ponkratova

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