Chatuchak Market in Bangkok – Description, how to get, for sale, prices Bangkoku travel guide

Chatuchak Market in Bangkok

Bangkok is not just the capital of Thailand, but also the capital of the shopping. Huge shopping centers, megamollas, hipster fairs and floating markets – everyone will find shopping. Visiting evening markets – Favorite entertainment for Thai. And if you started super shopping, it is worth going to Chatuchak, the largest market in Thailand.

What is Chatuchak?

In Bangkok, like in all Thailand, Chatuchak – all markets market. Previously, he was Mecca wholesalers and a shuttle, and now popular and among tourists. Most souvenirs on the beaches of Phuket were bought on Chatchak. It is worth come here on weekends, the market works on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00 to 18:00. On weekdays are open only separate sections, such as plants and dishes. From Wednesday to Sunday It is worth a visit JJ Green – a hipster fair that opens with sunset. She is very close to Chatchak.

How to get to the market?

The easiest way will be to the city transport BTS or MRT. SkyTrene stop is called Mo Chit (yield 1), underground metro – Chatuchak Park (yield 1). From the area of ​​Kaosan Street to the market, you can reach the buses 3 and 524. Check at the reception of the hotel where the stop is. Calculate by taxi will be convenient from any Bangkok district. Taxista worth saying "Told Suan Chatuchak" or show in Thai ตลาด สวน จตุจักร.

What is sold in the Chatuchak market?

Everything! From souvenirs and clothes to furniture, animals, ceramics, dishes and antiques. Here is a real town with streets and division by districts. From the clothes on Chatchak, they sell as ordinary tourist goods, like colorful pants, tops with elephants and t-shirts in the style of Tai-Dai and products of famous Bangkok brands that are distinguished by their quality and design. Their shops you will find in some shopping centers of the capital. I come to Chatuchak to buy t-shirts and tunics with prints of world artists, they have only one store all over Thailand. In addition, there are massage salons with air conditioning, "Conditions" Rows, restaurants and coffee shops.

What are the prices in the market?

Prices in the low, sellers are trading reluctantly. If you buy many products at once, ask about the discount. It can be 10-15%. But it’s not worth bargaining at 50%. Prices for Chatchak Wholesale, calculated on Thais. For example, T-shirts from 50-100 baht, shorts and jeans from 100-150 baht, decorations from 15-20 baht, bags from 200 baht, souvenirs from 20 baht.

Tips for shopping and visiting the Chatuchak market

I made a list of tips for you to help you focus on Chatchak, so that shopping is comfortable and with benefit.

    Chatuchak Market in Bangkok - Description, how to get, for sale, prices Bangkoku travel guide
  • Come to the market to the discovery, when even more or less cool and few people. Crowds will appear closer to dinner.
  • Decide with exemplary shopping, otherwise climb in the goods of the first row. What would you like? Not just some kind of souvenirs, and lamps and lamps with clips from coconut or acknowledged statuettes of elephants from a tree. Not abstract clothing, but pants with battle or technique chibori, t-shirts funny drawings or light sundresses.
  • There are no rooms in the market for fitting. Some things are not allowed to measure, and jeans or skirts are trying to wrapped in Sarong. Chatchak sell clothes for Europeans and Thai sizes when XXL is actually m. Sellers usually have a measuring tape.
  • Dress for shopping easy, the market is quite hot. From the shoes it is worth to give preference to rubber slaps. During the rain on the market there are big puddles.
  • Now there are more appliances shops. For comparison 5-8 years ago, they were almost never. Most of the ranks covered, sunlight can not be afraid.
  • On the market categorically impossible to smoke. Only beyond it, going away from the entrance to several meters.
  • It is not worth buying cosmetics and medicines on Chatchak, with the exception of goods that do not spoil at the heat: aromatic sticks, diffusers, curly soaps and other. Exception – several cosmetic stores of the famous Phtawan brand, which are parted in a room with air conditioning.
  • Men leave in the massage salon (with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi) or a coffee shop, buy them a shawarma or famous Palela or send to children’s events starting with 13:00. Then be sure to drink their crafting beer in the hipster bar and feed the dinner. Be sure to remember the section of the section where they left the husband, he will come in handy.
  • Do not try to get around all shops and kiosks, in the market there are many unnecessary products to you, such as dishes, garden accessories, animals or plants.
  • Take a free market map or download a mobile phone application. The appendix describes the best stores, kiosks with food, there is a detailed card on which your location is seen.
  • Do not take with you valuable things and wear jewels. In the market there are pockets, so we carry money in a backpack in front of yourself or in another safe place. In the kiosks very rarely accept payment by cards, it is better to take more cash with you.
  • If you come to Chatuchak in front of the airport or departure to another region of Thailand, luggage and extra things Leave in storage chambers. They are near the underground metro MRT Chatuchak Park, yield 1 and 3. The cost of the hour of storage begins from 20 baht, at least 40 baht. The payment process is very easy.

Where to eat on Chatchak?

In the market many points with food. You can choose a simple cafe with Thai dishes, restaurants with seafood, coffee shops or hipster bars with craft beer. On the streets sell snacks, drinks and famous coconut ice cream. Drinking water can not be taken with you, it is sold on every corner.

Following my advice, shopping on Chatuchak will be easy and prime. Pleasant shopping!

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