Chaplin in Los Angeles

Chaplin in Los Angeles

Hollywood beginning of the twentieth century – almost the village. According to the then Los Angeles standards, distant outskirts of the city – on cheap land, there and built studios. "Cities" – It is strongly said: this is not there now. High hills are not allowed to fight together the topics of the towns, from which there is a large Los Angeles, where about 10 million people live 1200 square kilometers. Los Angeles must be crushed into parts by choosing the eminent guide, which there is enough. What is glorified? Right – Cinema, Hollywood. Who is the most historically famous Hollywood? Right – Charlie Chaplin.

He came here in December 1913 and went to tram on a film studio "Kistone". Chaplinna was 24, he had already achieved something in England, and in Hollywood under the contract dated January 2, 1914 he put $ 150 a week – by thirty more than the proxicated elephant EDNE MEYM. Two years later, the earnings were 13 thousand per week. This, in February 14th, Chaplin found his visual image that did not change thirty years: a bowler, antennae, a cane, pants with a wide waters, three-sized shoes. It happened in the film "Children’s auto racing in Venice".

Venice Beach – And now is a good place: one of the pleasant beaches of Santa Monica, the most western part of Los Angeles. Some old-fashionedness has been preserved here, and for the promenade, some kind of muddy Charlie in the bowler.

Ryrogogate, in the 22nd Chaplin began to master Beverly Hills. In souvenir shops Los Angeles, you can buy a map with marked stars. There is there and Chaplin Villa on Summit Drive 1085. The building was Nuvorish – eclectic and tasteless, but at forty-room, with a cinema and organ. And that say: Beverly Hills and now the most expensive area (or, as classified in the States, Postal Code).

Chaplin in Los Angeles

But the main thing happened in Hollywood. At the corner of Avenue La Brea and the Sunset Boulevard (in our is longer, from Elellier – the incoming Sun Boulevard) Chaplin in 1917 built a studio where everything was removed: "Golden fever", "Lights of the big city", "New times", "Great dictator". At the 3rd Pavilion and are now visible small (height – 162 cm) Chaplin’s fingerprints on the frozen concrete, which, by the way, served to create the famous fame alley on Hollywood boulevard and other such alleys. Chaplin himself left the studio in the 53rd, but she did not stall. Here in the 85th they recorded the song "We are the world" Bob Dylan, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and other stars. Now settled here "Mappet Show", and on the tower at the gate waves a hat Frog Kermit, dressed, though, in the costume of the vagabond Charlie.

In Los Angeles about Chapline remember. On Avenue Fairfax, not far from the traditional "our" District, there is a cinema of Chaplin films The Silent Movie Theater: only 224 seats, an elegant interior of Ar Deco. There is a silent movie, for which Chaplin kept. The first sound film appeared in the 27th ("Singer Jazza"), and he is up to the 40th, to "Great dictator", All silent. But he was a gifted writer and performer of melodies and songs, but did not succumb to the temptation of easy success. Defended the originality of a movie language.

That he received only one Oscar (second in the 73rd – for a general contribution). It happened in the 29th in the hotel "Roosevelt" On Hollywood Boulevard. Oscar Dali "for versatile gifts in the game, writing scenario, director and production" in film "The circus": That is, rather for the focus, it seems like a human orchestra. But the statue at the entrance to the hotel, where anyone has ever been and that only happened, – His, Charlie.

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