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Cave Wang Gogi Masterpieces of Fashionable Painting

Cave Wang Gogi: Masterpieces of Flood Painting

They are not exhibited in the Louvre and never get the Turner Prize or Black Square. The names of the creators are unknown, but the "canvas" – immortal. "My Planet" – about the most prominent rock paintings of the world.

Capital of cave painting

Cave Altamira, Spain
About 15,000 years

This cave is one of the most significant monuments of the Stone Age. And she opened her nine-year-old girl Mary, the daughter of the Spanish archaeologist Mineylino de Sautola. It is she in 1879, when she came here with his father, raised her eyes up and exclaimed: "Dad, see, drawn bulls!"Watching and really was that: animal figures were sustained in one style and twisted with bright colors, a rock relief was used to give them volume.

Lavra, however, did not go to the girl, but her father, and it was not immediately – at first he was considered a deceiver who issued "Novodel" for "antiques". Even the most mastic scientists of the XIX century could not believe that primitive ancestors were able to create such. Recognition of the merits of Soutouris, as usual, has come only after his death. It was then that the drawings were dating, and it turned out that they were about 15,000 years. Outcome – Restoration of the good name and 1500 tourists every day.

Alas, the popularity turned out to be destroying: gradually the cave ceiling began to be covered with mold: humidity and carbon dioxide from the breath of visitors did their job, fragile natural paints, which were drawn by animals – coal and ocked -. The cave was closed for visits, and so that it was not offended, the exact copy was opened nearby – a museum where the panels were placed. In fairness I must say that some lucky people can still get into the original cave, but their number is calculated a couple of dozens per year.

Newspaper stone

Newspieper Rock, USA (Utah)
500 – 10,000 years

This attraction is really similar to the newspaper, only rocky. Instead of letters, animal figures, signs and symbols, concentration and a variety of which are 1 m² simply off. Because of the rock of newspieper-rock and resembles a newspaper strip. And "printed" her, apparently, Indians – ancient and not very. The last "strips" were probably decorated after the indigenous Americans met with Europeans (we recall that Christopher Columbus opened America in 1492), because there are images of the wheel, which the Indians, despite the common myth, knew, but or Almost did not use it in everyday life, or this knowledge was available only to a certain circle of individuals (ancient Indian toys were found on monolithic wheels, more – in the article "My Planet" "One day from the life of the ancient Indian"). But the oldest drawings on the "newsstand" depict mammoths, which, as you know, have died out about 10,000 years ago. Therefore, drawings are made, probably no later than this date.

On the border of humanity

Cave Shaw, France
Not less than 32,000 years

But this is a truly antiquity. Did the French speleologist Jean Maria Shahov thought, when in 1994 he descended into the Pont-d’Art gorge in southern France, which is about to make a discovery that will be called one of the most significant for the entire XX century? I could not even imagine!

As usual, Jean Maria simply examined the archives of the next cave until she stumbled upon a red-brown spot. Looking more attentively, the man realized that he was not a blossom, but made of hoorage and coal Mammoth drawing. And behind him also: horses, bridges, bears, wolves, rhinos. And all this is intertwined in some chaotic dance. Obviously, the ancient master tried to portray the movement and grace of animals. And it turned out. But the most impressive became the age of finds.

After conducting a radiocarbon analysis, scientists found that the earliest drawings in the cave from 28,000 to 32,000 years and even more – 37,000. And this, no matter how cool, almost the border of the occurrence of the person of our species – Homo Sapiens, which appeared about 40,000 years ago. Alas, the cave was waiting for the same fate as Altamira – in order not to destroy the legacy of ancestors, it was closed. Today you can visit the nearby museum with copies of drawings.

Cave Wang Gogi Masterpieces of Fashionable Painting

Hand Cave

Cueva de Las Manos, Argentina
9500 – 13,000 years

Drawings here are simple as all ingenious. Cave vaults decorate the prints of the set of palms. Although animal images also have, but not mammoths and bison, and local fauna: Ostrich-Nanda, Guanako, representatives of the Feline family. And Petroglyphs meet. But mostly – hands. Scientists found out that prints were made with the help of a bone tube (it was found here), in which the artist blown out paint of mineral origin. Hand brush at the same time he applied to the cave wall – a palm imprint. Just and tastefully. And most importantly – in accordance with the divine purpose: on the walls of the cave, prints of left palms are imprinted, and they belong to, as the researchers installed, teenage boys. This suggests that the rite was part of the initiation.

Neanderthal creators

Caves La Pasiega, Maltravieso, Ardales, Spain
64 800 – 66,700 years

Until recently, it was believed that our "cousins" brothers – Neanderthals were not that the Homo Sapiens is stupid (this myth still managed to dispel), but certainly less talented (about the genome of Neanderthals, we wrote here). This is understandable. All Neanderthal art came down to jewelry from the Claws of Orlana Belochlost, found in the Croatian city of Krapina and other places, painted seashells, scratches on the wall of the Morama cave wall (southeastern Gibraltar) and some more similar examples. Agree, Nehost. And about the visual art and there is nothing to say. The rock paintings belonging to the Neanderthal brush were not found at all. Before the International Group of Scientists in February 2018 has not published dating drawings in three Spanish caves: La Pacige, Maltraviaso and Ardales.

In the first, a red geometric symbol was found, in the second – just a red pigment, and in the third – an imprint of a hand made with a red okra. Their age is impressive – 64 800, 65,000, 66,700 years, respectively. At this time, our ancestors were still sitting in Africa, and Neanderthals just lived in Europe. So painting is probably the case of nonadendal hands. It seems that our extinct relatives are completely rehabilitated: they were not only not more stupid of our ancestors, but also knew how to create. Famous anthropologist Stanislav Drobyshevsky in his article "Neanderthal Creative" on the site "Anthropogenesis.RU "already called this discovery" the greatest opening of the beginning of the XXI century ".

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