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Caution, Bobby!

Caution, Bobby!

God forbes you to get in London in the hands of a road policeman, especially if he is Irish! It will happen to you – you will not forget! Leaving the first time on the car from the London Airport "Heathrow", I got confused in the signs and turned out the wrong way. I realized that I was not going there, and began to look for a place to turn. And it’s not all and no. On the road to the very horizon of anyone, there is no police and in risen. I decided – and in the blink of an eye with a turn of 180 degrees crossed the axial line. No more than three seconds left the maneuver, and I rushed to meet my works and friends to the British capital.

In the evening, he shared his vastness with his friends, for which one of them noticed: "You really risked!". And the next day on the banks of the Thames stopped me a hefty red policeman.

– Do not argue with him! – managed to warn sitting next to London friend. – This is Irishman!

A policeman, coming to the car, rotated his finger, which meant: "Lower glass!". Then I breathed a little and said politely:
– Mr. Yesterday, ten kilometers from Heathrow, you violated the rules of British traffic!
– not? – I just asked.
– Get out of the car! – Rumped Irishman.

And at the same second, the second dilda with red mustes appeared from the police officer, and, threateningly wondering the battle, headed for us. In a second, I stood in a classic mad violator position: the legs are much wider shoulders, hands on the roof of the car, the head is omitted. I was searched, folding a wallet on the hood, a laptop computer, lighter, cigarettes and other. Then they allowed to turn around, and I met with the eyes of a booth – faded and very dangerous.

– Yesterday, – said Polismen, looking into the bridge, – you, Mr., crossed the axial line in an unlawful place, it happened at 17 o’clock, – the Break looked at the notebook – 23 minutes. You have questions? Maybe it’s not your car?
– My car, no questions.
– Maybe you have some complaints? – Break still, apparently, did not lose hope of stealing the tumba-humbu on my spread on the asphalt body.
– No complaints.

Widewriting Dilda wrote me a penalty receipt by 50 pounds and explicitly allowed to fault.

– I found someone to first! – My friend crushed. – if the Irish Bobby stopped, then no one argues with him – neither the ambassador of the Great Power, nor the royal special!
– And why are they so evil? – I asked me. – And why exactly the Irish?!
– Such a people, – the long-time resident of London replied, and added: "They are very diligent, never mistaken and tolerate, when someone may doubt their professionalism. My illegal reversal was traced and filmed on the film using a traffic chamber, and then transferred to a common database. So sooner or later I still caught the hands of Bobby, called the name of the founder of the British police Sir Robert (Bob) Saw.

Big brother observes

Soon in the UK will be recorded by the movement of all vehicles on all roads throughout the country. Thousands of TV cameras are already standing on highways and in cities, while they are planned to be upgraded: a special program will immediately bring the car number and data about it in a closed police computer network (year of release, the name of the owner, was it sold, was it hijacked if it was in the accident). All over Britain, it is supposed to track up to 100 million cars per day, and then store these constantly multiplying data for several years.

Another idea of ​​police inventors is the ability to stop any car by simply pressing the button on the remote. The details of this invention are still unknown, but its introduction is no longer around the corner.

In the British media immediately spoke about the next strengthening "Big Brother" – all-seeing eye and railway authorities. In justification, the police promises that the implemented systems will greatly complicate the life of criminals – not only hijackers, but also by other criminal personalities who cannot but use motor vehicles during their criminal acts.

The leadership of the British police have more global plans. For example, enter a system of biometric scanning of the face and the iris, and embed this data in identity cards. As a result, with the help of universed cameras (on the whole country, four million are required for them), it will be possible to track all residents of the country and its guests. It will be enough to place a photo of a specific person in a nationwide database, and it will issue information about where this person has been and what has been done over the past two years.

To search for offenders, this is definitely useful. But how to deal with personal rights? According to human rights organizations and ordinary citizens, it greatly violates the human right to the mystery of personal life.

Self-defense without weapons

Recently, the British government allocated additional financing in the amount of 400 thousand pounds of sterling on new technical developments for police needs. In essence, we are talking about creating a weapon that would fill a niche between completely safe and deadly weapons. For example, brass guns shooting bags filled with a sticky substance that dumps clothes and moves movement – in one word, knocks down to active resistance. Or firing networks that have long used a Hollywood spiderman. Devices shooting balls for large tennis have not passed testing due to low sightivity – innocent and not involved. Waterings of two modifications were also proposed – firing water and continuous jet portions, but they were also rejected: the strength of the jet was such that she was picked up with the legs of not only the troubles of calm, but also those who hold the hose.

No number with foxes. British Aristocracy’s favorite game wanted to use for overclocking demonstrators – it was assumed that foxes, sneaking between people, will sow panic. However, panic began among the police who foxed the foxes during the training.

During all tests, it is especially emphasized: any weapon taken into operation will be used in the best traditions of the British police, that is, with the smallest harm to people.

Animal rights

Caution, Bobby!

In the British police have long been serve specially trained Dobermans. It is believed that these are the best police dogs. Now they are equipped with miniature video cameras, which are attached on the animal head with special belts. Dogs can conduct intelligence in the building where the criminal barricaded, and on the receiving device, the cynologist will see all the movement of his four-legged assistant. Cameras are equipped with infrared sensors, so "See" Even in the dark. In addition, Doberman easily delivers a mobile phone to the right place and will see it under the door, followed by an observer or negotiator. Dogs are taught incomprehensible to outsiders – including for the criminal – the language of special gestures. Animals for such work are selected taking into account the special psychological qualities and stress resistance.

The British police not only uses dogs in his service, she is still obliged to follow the attitude of people to animals and the behavior of animals in public places. Soon for these purposes a special police police will be created. In order not to be punished with this police, it is necessary to provide five to the four-legged households "Basic freight": The appropriate diet, suitable housing conditions, a company or privacy – if necessary, or optionally, monitoring the rejection of behavior and protection against pain, suffering, injuries and diseases. It is unacceptable that the animal misses, so the owners are obliged to provide them with the company in games. It is forbidden to give animals to persons under the age of 16. Separately stipulate possible conflicts between cats and dogs, as well as their owners. For violation of the rights of animals, a person may undergo a fine of up to five thousand pounds.

And the girls are opposed!

Of course, the inhabitants of Misty Albion have complaints about the work of the police and to expand its powers. From January 1 of this year, the British police received the right to delay people who in one way or another violate public order. And immediately arose precedents. One bobby did not like that the girl driving, pulling the apple. She was stopped and discharged fine – 60 pounds. British broken policemen "Stubborn nerds" And left. Bobby began to pursue her, closed near the fish market and selected the keys to the car. Then "Vioratian", swearing violently, my knee broke on the knee, and the other knocked the backpack on the head. This was already enough for arrest! Police won the trial, but at the same time spent ten thousand pounds on the evidence base "Crime": I had to use helicopters and aerolarming. Now there is a proceedings about the unjustified police costs on evidence over a trifling incident.

Gruzdev called himself get in the body!

The first meeting with British Bobby I remember to me for a long time. And the last one is forever!

The name of the author of this article will agree, albeit relatively rare, but well known in the world, thanks to a certain odious disease. Having live with this name for 40 years, I never thought it could turn into trouble for me.

In the famous University of Cambridge several years ago, a seminar was held dedicated to the Anglo-Afghan Wars of the XIX century. I was invited with a little report. At the entrance to the university town, a strange thing is to present documents. Bobby opened my passport and, as I then understood, I managed to read only the name: Shamil. At first, it led a policeman into confusion, then before his eyes, apparently, appeared the picture of the award of his person the highest awards of the kingdom for the capture of the criminal wanted by Interpol … This is at least, because the enthusiasm with whom he clung to his powerful paw in my shoulder, by other motives Explain difficult. Hiding my passport to his pocket, Bobby searched me, shoved into the car, having crumbling sharply at the same time (as in the movie!), and gave your partner a team to rush to the sideways. There I was once again searched for a metal detector and picked up to the British monkey. The whole area threw very interested glances on me in the cell. I waited for the boss: my kidnapper wanted to divide his great joy with him. He entered a fried elderly officer, listened to my bobby, I watched the passport, then I glanced at me and quite loudly said one word: "Stupid!" (Tupitsa!). Bobby immediately disappeared.

I apologized to rescue me out of captivity, but did not hurry to let. Dali understand that something very significant should happen. I waited for about half an hour, during which the officer treated me coffee, allowed smoking and even showed a photo of my wife with two kids. Finally appeared Bobby. He came up to me and in general tense silence said approximately the following: – Oh, Mr! There is no limit of my grief on the occasion of this ridiculous and terrible error! On behalf of the entire British police, I apologize to you for what happened and express the hope that you will enter my position and will not write to me complaint. I would like to present you a memorable sign of our police station. Now you are forever entered the list of honorary police officers of Cambridge and have the right to contact us for any help.

Under the applause, I was handed a wooden plate in the form of a medieval shield with a copy of a police badge attached on it, as well as a diploma confirming that I have a lifetime right to a privileged attitude from the staff of the London Police. These trophies are now decorated with my office, but I never answered myself one question: is it really apologized in front of me from good motivations or nevertheless frightened proceedings – because my report in Cambridge did not take place.

Caution, Bobby!

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