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Cause. Affordable stranger

Cause. Affordable stranger

Mountains in Slovenia resemble Italian, the order is similar to the Austrian, and the language is in our. But there are no such prices anywhere in the world. I am sure that Slovenia will love each. Yes, and as you can stay indifferent to the country, which on the one hand surround the Alps, with another Adriatic, and the capital is affectionately called Ljubljana.

When you are traveling from the airport, you can’t tear away from the thoughtful pastor of local species. In each village – church. In the summer, the windows of two-storey rural houses for the tradition remaining from Austro-Hungary are decorated with geranium. In Slovenia, the real cult of colors. Around "Toy" Slovenian houses no fences. Only elegant barrooms or a green live fence. And the line of the horizon is magnitude closed mountains.

Slovenia is interesting precisely because of the geographical position. On the territory, which is two times less than the Moscow region, the mountain, continental and marine climate are combined. In May, in one day, you can go skiing, and swim in the sea. Romantic Tourists Manyat Lubrynye Ljubljana and Vintage Castles. Inquisitive – the famous Slovenian caves, which are in the territory of the Karst region, which occupies a third of the country, more than seven thousand. And the revealed adventurers storming the mountains and rivers, of which the most beautiful – turquoise.

To Lake Bled, in the midst of which is miraculously placed the island with a traditional church, tourists go for adventures. Agatha herself Christie rested in these places. The famous Bled Castle towers over the Ghost Lake. Recently, it has become fashionable to cope here weddings with participation "Count" The owner of the castle. On the local custom of young shivel rice so that there were many children in the family.

In well-known Slovenian hospitals and resorts come from all over Europe. There are also thermal waters of various properties and temperatures from 32 to 73 degrees Celsius, and mineral, such as, "Radedsk Three hearts" and "Donat MD". Doctors say that the healing effect of sources is effective in the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract, kidneys, respiratory organs, musculoskeletal system. Sources are no worse here than in Karlovy Vary or Baden Baden.

The coast of the Adriatic Sea (Slovenia got 32 kilometers) is slightly different from the rest of the country. All sorts of restaurants and entertainment institutions work far over midnight. From the Slovenian coast, you can go to Venice by Adriatic. The road will take two hours on the big catamaran. One-day excursion will cost $ 70.

What they differ from us

I will say right away – our compatriots in Slovenia cozy. Slovenians hospitable and friendly. They do not belong to the our dismissive, as if, alas, it happens in some former Sotcasts. In addition, the sovereign Slovenian language is related our. And it simplifies communication. After a while you start to understand something from what the owners say. In addition, Slovenians necessarily know one of the three languages ​​English, German or Italian. Locals are a bit like their neighbors-Austrians, rational, some closed. Do not like to have fun so openly like their neighbors on the former socialist community of Serbs and Montenegrin. Conservative, respect the family and clearly share life for personal and public. The average Slovenian is energetic, formed, has a wonderful sense of humor, loves to eat and drink. Buying goods, he never reads instructions because it is sure that he "the cleverest" And in everything will understand.

For Slovenian, it is important that he has everything better than a neighbor. The car is prestigious and more beautiful, and in the port of the yacht. And if it is not needed, once a year you can boast it before friends. Slovenics are more independent and practical than men. 90 percent of Slovenian women work. our lady hardly wishes re-meet with a man who did not take on expenses during the romantic courtship period. And Slovenian will find a humiliating if she is offered. When a young man goes with a girl in a restaurant or bar, then pays for himself. But here is a paradox. In family life, the usual our woman submoldly tolerates the presence of a broken, drinking husband, forgives him all. And the Slovenian woman with such a spouse immediately breaks. In Slovenia, it is the ladies mostly become initiators of divorces.

Recently in the first place for Slovenik Career. They know several foreign languages, be sure to cast the car, but for them, unlike our, it doesn’t matter how they look. Slovenics dress with a light loss of negligence, do not always use cosmetics. But in this – your style and charm. And yet the main difference from us, ours, is that Slovenians "Zhavoron". That is, the working day they start at 7-8 am. And therefore, they finish work at 3-4 hours and have a large margin of free time. After 22 hours in the house should be quiet. At this time, the phone call can afford only the closest friends, and even then by prior arrangement.

Tell me you eat .

Slovenians, how they themselves say, a big drink culture. Main highlight feast Miscellaneous Moonshine under the romantic name "Williamovka". In a bottle with classic "Williamovka" Must swim pears. Serve this drink with ice, in the best traditions – and with a piece of pear. As for more delicate drinks, it is worth noting the famous ruby ​​wine "Teran". Neighborhood with Austrians and proximity to the sea affected the national cuisine. There are almost all European dishes present in it. At the same time, food is very rational and healthy. Even after the satisfying Slovenian dinner, the severity in the stomach is not felt. A convenient case will be given, be sure to taste a sweet casserole with apples. And in the eastern part of Slovenia, it is simply necessary to try the Premurry Hibanitsa – sweetness prepared "with" Izyuma, cottage cheese, apples and poppy.

Ironizing over yourself, Slovenians say that the most greedy people in the Alpine part of the country. It is explained by the fact that here is very short summer, and the inhabitants of the food prepared for winter. Typical mountainous dishes: potatoes, sauerkraut and "Kranjska" Sausage, named so on the ancient name of Slovenia. She reminds our "Kyivskaya". So bored by native food the ours will not forget her. However, it is no more than a joke. Over the local table you will be offered and juicy roast, and all sorts of vegetables. Separate song – seaside kitchen. Those who love fish, there is nothing. Just do not forget to order a white wine. And at the beginning of the lunch you will be served with an original hot snack, a kind of Slovenian pilaf, rice with all sorts of mussels, crabs and shrimps.

by the way! Food in Slovenia is cheaper than in neighboring resort countries. The restaurant has a full dinner with various research will cost $ 30. Even spoiled Italians often run into the cross-border Slovenian towns to eat and have fun. Their special popularity is used close to the Italian border of the town of Kobarid and "Slovenian Las Vegas" – Nova Goritsa.

Better Mountains can only be mountains. In Slovenia .

Usually the Alps are associated in our consciousness with Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland. And few people comes to head to go skiing in Slovenia. And in vain. Bleda, Boweza, Bhukhin and Kranto-Mountains have long been called alpine pearls. The highest local mountains are located in the Julian Alps. The famous triglav rises above everyone (2863 m.). According to the famous English traveler Longstafa, this mountain is the owner of the world of dreams. And the famous resort Maribor-Poorbier is famous for the ski lighted track of two kilometers long. Here often undergo large competitions from the World Cup in Ski Sports to the Competition "Gold foxes", the main prize of which, as you understand, valuable "gold" fur.

Cause. Affordable stranger

Knowing people appreciated local hotels. In five-star "Khabakuka", For example, the average number of rooms – $ 130- $ 140 per day. In three-star "Arena" Prices are much lower. Meanwhile, class of hotels having three stars in Slovenia is higher than in Austria, although the cost of the room in them is the same. By the way, in the winter weekly package, accommodation at the hotel with half board, skiing, romantic evening dating, a variety of excursions, night skiing, shuttle service "Hotel – Airport", Medical insurance, as well as air tickets. The average price of weekly holidays in a four-star hotel from $ 650 to $ 800 in a double room, and from $ 700 to $ 900 in a single. The three-star stay of stay is from $ 600 to $ 800 in a double and from $ 700 to $ 900 in a single issue.

For two weeks you need to prepare $ 850 and $ 1030. The price, as a rule, includes the use of the pool, sports halls, in some places the sauna and gym. Add to this extra charge for full board and ski rental. Ticket for lifts on Slovenian resorts will be on average at $ 20

$ 25. Subscription for a week from $ 100 to $ 154. Just do not forget to take a photo with you. One-time ski rental $ 6

$ 9. Ski boots $ 5, ski sticks $ 4. You can rent and comfortable apartments. True, it will be prepared independently, but, for example, in Chalet (Stone Alpine House) "Triglav" One week in a 2-seater apartment will cost any number of $ 245 living in a 3-seat – $ 322, 4-bed from $ 385 to $ 448. But at the same time will have to pay extra, transfer and insurance. In general, everyone chooses for themselves.

By the way, about life. In Slovenia, perhaps, there is no such a hotel in which there will be no phone and satellite television. And you can diversify your leisure at the sports halls, on tennis courts, in open and closed pools. For lovely ladies act beauty salons.

Resort on note

Cercno Ski Center in the transition band between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea coast. There are tracks for beginners and experienced skiers. Snow cannons guarantee the presence of snow, and therefore there is an opportunity to go skiing and spring. For fans of specifics in the resort there is a cake of a four-crestive lift with protective domes, two two-currency lifts, 4 buckels, 1550-meter circular track for ski racing.

The ski center Rova lies at an altitude of 1517 meters, in the heart of the mountain range. Prauds, not far from the city of Zrech. There are two- and four-meter lifts, 30 kilometers of well-maintained ski slopes and a special slope for riding a sleigh and snowboarding. Winter Bohin know even our inexperienced tourists. The whole territory of the resort is included in the National Reserve Triglavsky Park. The ski center was famous for the fact that it is snowing there even when it’s not in the vicinity. The riding area is located at the heights of 570-1800 meters. The length of seventeen existing routes of 36 kilometers, and the number of lifts 8. Pleasant news – this year a new funicular operates here. And a few years ago, tourists had the opportunity to choose the slopes for riding in Wogel or in the ski resort Koblob.

Krantsk-Mountain – a popular fashionable resort with perfect ski slopes, which are 23. Their length – 30 kilometers. Raise the desired heights of 19 lifts. In the Crane-Mount, there are competitions in skiing at the World Cup, and on the neighborhood plank on jumping from springboard. Bovets Real Alpine Center. Located here the Kanin ski resort is the highest-rooting and only in Slovenia, where ski slopes rise above 2,000 meters. Distinctive feature of the canine – fantastic views of the Alps and Adriatic. To the services of holidaymakers – 17 tracks with a length of 12 kilometers and b lifts. Trails of any complexity. Here prices for ski equipment and lift tickets are lower than on other Slovenian ski resorts.

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