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Cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute

Cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute

A few dozen meters from Cape Dogana (customs) towers the dome of the Majestic Cathedral Santa Maria della Salute , decorated with statues, stucco and columns. From him just for the mile of pissing pompousness and serious, solemnity and significance.

Almost 400 years This cathedral meets Venetians and guests of the city at the entrance to the Grande Channel. Grand and strict, it is close on the narrow space of the embankment, along the high steps, people rise to the entrance, which resembles a triumphal arch.

In this cathedral, sorrow, and the greatness, the joy of beauty and the rigor of forms, aspiration of the upstream and solid support. Basilica Santa Maria della-Salute – This is called this cathedral, standing in all guidebooks and tourist directories in Venice as an object, Mandatory to visit .

Translate the name is adequately difficult: everything is clear with Saint Maria, but with the word "salute" there are difficulties. "Salute" means "health". But hardly in our we will find such a combination – the Church of the Virgin Mary Health. Rather, Virgin Mary Healing. So, perhaps, it will be more accurate and more correct. Because the dedication of the cathedral, and the history of its creation is unusual and important.

In fact, all his decoration, interior design, the unusual forms, aspiration towards the sky speaks of a special meaning of this church for Venice. The location of the cathedral is also no coincidence. It is built As a sign of gratitude to the Virgin Mary for getting rid of the monstrous plague , The age of a third of the urban population, and stands as an eternal memory mark and a special relationship to the Virgin at the very beginning of the main water avenue of Venice.

How to get to Santa Maria della Salute

Right at the cathedral Stopping Vaporetto №1 , she is called Santa Maria Della Salute .

Cathedral on the map

View of the Cathedral

Or you can charge Routes Nos. 5.15.2, 6.16.2 before the "Zattere" stop . From this stop, turn right and walk directly along the embankment, including the embankment of the inexpressible (you will read about it in the article "Venice Joseph Brodsky" ). On the way, by the way, there will be another stopping of the Vaporretto "Spirito Santo", stop there Routes Nos. 6.16.2 .

Having reached the cape where there is a white dogan building (customs), turn left and step again on the embankment. In the stairs of the church Santa Maria della Salute You just ride a minute after three or four after turning from Cape.

Working hours: from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00 daily.

November 21 The church is open without interruptions until 23:00 . Why, explain in the section on the history of the cathedral.

Entrance to the basil in visits hours free. And for visiting the belt will have to pay 4 Euro . But it is worth it: you will have the opportunity to look near Works Titiana , Tintoretto and other Venetian masters, see the statues of the saints, fought with Chuma, choir and organ.

Santa Maria della Salute Basilica Website: Basilicasalutevenezia.IT .

What to see in the cathedral

Cathedral of Santa Maria della Salute

At first , The cathedral itself is quite unusual from an architectural point of view. It is built in the form of an octahedron with a hemisphere dome who crowns him. The entrance to the cathedral, as I already mentioned, was made in the form of a triumphal arch, on which the statues of Archangel Mikhail, John the Forerunner and the Virgin Mary itself. Inside the cathedral, it is formed by octave, surrounded by arcade, the columns go to the pilasters on which the dome is resting. Cathedral height – 60 meters. Marble floor is posted with concentric circles.

The central altar of the temple, like almost all Chapels, is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The altar is decorated with its sculptural images telling about the deliverance of the city of the city from the plague. In the center of the altar – brought from Crete icon "Santa Maria Della Salute" ; "Virgo Maria Healer". In Chapels of the Cathedral, the paintings of Titian, Tintoretto, Luke Jordano, Pietro Liberi. For altar You will find the entrance to the sacristy. Having passed on the narrow corridor, you will fall into a small space where you can enjoy the masterpieces of Venetian painting, sculptures and wood threads.

Cathedral both outside and inside strict and solemn, because the cause of his construction is more than tragic, what I will tell you in the next section.

History of Santa Maria della Salute

1630-1631 years inscribed in the history of Venice itself of the black paint. In the city of rampant terrible plague , which claimed the life of one thousand people, it Third of the population of Venice that time. The legend says that the rulers of the city decided: if the Holy Virgin Mary will assign a terrible attack from Venice, in honor of the Mother of God, the temple will be. Venetians are hot prayed, the plague retreated. Authorities had to fulfill the promise. A contest was announced, who won the young then Architect Baltass Longen .

Construction began immediately. But it lasted a little more than half a century. The creator of the cathedral of his child completed and did not see. Builders faced great difficulties. Before this place was closed by that time the Church of the Holy Trinity, which was decided to demolish. For the foundation of the new cathedral in the bottom of the lagoon, the order of a million wooden piles was knubled, the soil was given, to achieve monolithization site for construction was not easy. But still fifty years later, namely November 9, 1687 the cathedral Santa Maria della Salute , which his eight-marched form symbolizes the crown and the power of the Virgin Mary, and therefore, and its defense, was consecrated and open to parishioners .

Annually November 21 Venice celebrate Holiday Healing La Festa Della Salute). Through the Grande Channel from the Palace, the pontoon bridge is built, according to which the procession from the palace in the Cathedral. Then follows total prayer. All this day celebrations and festivities are held in the city. Traditional Venetian dishes are preparing, one of which is Castradard . This is a complex manner cooked rogue.

Like I Holiday relantor (Deliverance) that passes Every third Sunday of July , Holiday Healing Ends Grand Fireworks . The source from both holidays is one – salvation from the plague. Both of them are historical holidays, both especially loved and revered by Venetians still.

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